Sugar Contour De Force Face Palette in Subtle Summit 01: Review, Swatches and Price

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Sugar Cosmetics is making waves in the Indian cosmetic industry with their new launches every now and then. Their range of lip products is also impressive ;from matte to cream lipsticks and from lip crayons to liquid lipsticks you can find it all under the Sugar umbrella. I have tried their lip crayons Rose Dawson and Voila 
and I can say, I like how smoothly they apply and yet how matte they end up in a matter of few minutes. Another major like about these is that pigmentation isn't an issue with them nomatter how light the shade is and so is the case with their staying power too. Off late I've become a sucker for staying power. I can gladly skip a lip product even if I like a particular shade to death, if it doesn't stay put for a considerable amount of time...not a reapplying girl :/
Coming back to today's product...Sugar Contour De Force Palette. 
The brand launched two variants of their bronzer-highlighter-blush trios: 01 Subtle Summit and 02 Vivid Victory.
I chose 01 Subtle Summit basically because I fell for the shades of bronzer and highlighter...I'm not much of a blush person anyway!

Price vs Quantity: INR 799/12gm


The trio comes housed in a cardboard box with a magnetic closure and a mirror. The purple box looks sassy till it is closed. On opening the packaging isn't anything luxe. I'm not a fan of cardboard packaging anyway but since it is sturdy I guess it will be more travel-friendly than it's plastic counterpart. I've always been a big fan of palettes rather than singles. They are easy to carry around when you are travelling and even if you are not moving around just carrying one palette in your hand that suffices the work of three different products makes it worth.

The con with this palette is that all the details (ingredients,manufacturing date,shelf life etc.) are given on the outer black case and not on the trio palette itself.
Secondly, what irked me was that if the contents of the trio had their own names when they come in singles,why weren't the same printed on the palette too?
Correct me if I'm missing out on something!!
Tip: Write the major details like expiry and stuff at the back of the palette with a thin permanent marker! Atleast I'll do that!

01 Subtle Summit
 01 Subtle Summit 
Bronzer- Taupe Topper
The bronzer and highlighter like I said was the major reason I delved into this palette rather than 02. It is a cool toned,muddy brown and I like my bronzers like that. Even though we are warm toned, I somehow feel that warm bronzers end up looking orangey and fake. Whereas,this creates a perfect shadow like contour. The texture is smooth and that assists nice blending.
Highlighter- Champagne Champion
The highlighter of this trio is a gorgeous champagne..rightly named! It is what a highlighter should be. It is intensely pigmented and would look beautiful on a spectrum of skintones. Given the bomb it is, it's highly recommended that initially a lighter hand is used to apply and don't forget to dust off the extra product that your brush picks up to avoid looking like a ball of shimmer.
Blush- Peach Peak 
In the pan, it looked like dusty mauvy pink and I was wondering why the hell it's named Peach Peak. But on applying it didn't come off as cool-toned as it appeared in the pan. It does have a peach undertone to it..but basically it is a muted dusky pink. I like that it is absolutely matte and a nice daytime blush.
As I mentioned,palettes are my thing and if all the contents of the palette are more than satisfactory then it's a win-win situation. Both the contour and highlighter are my favourite out of this palette (only because i don't use blush much). The staying power was great when I applied these directly over my foundation, whereas the effect wasn't that long lasting when applied over pressed powder for obvious reasons.
I do find 800/- bucks a bit steep for drugstore but then sugar isn't a cheap drugstore brand anyway so....
I'm skipping FOTD this time..lemme know if you want to see how it looks on me!


Sugar Matte As hell Lip Crayon in Voila: Review, Price, Swatch and FOTD

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Helloooo Ladies..!!
  Haven't been much into the makeup scenes lately although Mauka bhi tha Dastoor bhi (I had opportunity and practice/ritual both)
I was out of town for a week and had taken a few new purchases along oh-so-excitedly. I wanted to try them all in the serenity of my hotel room while enjoying the poolside view and the city outside. But life isn't sweet enough all the time to turn your plans into reality. My younger one had some medical issues and the priorities obviously shifted.
Anyway long story short the planned detailed reviews and pics with elaborate makeup gave way to shorter and sweeter ones in lesser glam avatar :P

Few days back when the world was celebrating (read hauling) Black Friday Sales, your's truly wasn't left behind. today's product was picked up during that blissful period only. we are talking about the Sugar Matte As Hell lip crayon in Voila.
It retails for 799/- but during the Black Friday sale it was on offer at 499/- plus I got 10% off for my first purchase from the Sugar Cosmetics site..amounting it to INR 449/- 
Amazing naaa...?

This is a second purchase from the same range of Sugar Cosmetics. Rose Dawson , the first purchase made me like its formula and staying power although being a light shade. 
Voila is a beaauuutiful mauvy nude..very my kind!! Its a perfect MLBB shade, though I think it might wash out beauties above NC40 skin tone.

Caution Alert: Swatch before you buy!! 

The range and formula isn't new to me. I like how it glides like melted butter on lips and then settles to ultra matte finish...a bit toooo matte though. 
Matte enough to accentuate every line on your lips.
Although its a my-lips-but-better shade..its welll-pigmented and  stays on for 5+ hours and survives a meal too....LOVE that <3

Much love to all of you..!!
Start decorating your Christmas Trees if you haven't already..!!



Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipstick in Burgundy Blush : Review, Swatch, Price and FOTD

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Heeeyyyyyaaa lovelies..
Here's hoping everyone's doing well and with the chill in the air, the bolder makeup is seeing the broad day light out of the stash.
Seriously speaking, deep dark shades and not worrying about the melting foundation are the only reasons why I love winters. Otherwise, I'm not a big fan of layering up. Even the smallest task seems huge when it's cold outside. Winter would be the favourite season of the homo sapiens who have the luxury of cuddling in a bed with their favourite book and coffee by their side. For a mom of two.. it's simply not!!! So what ends up being most pleasurable is not feeling overboard at the thought of deep rich colours.
Speaking of choice of colours, I have my own pantone colour of the year every season that might remotely have nothing to do with its official counterpart. 

This year it's ox blood...slash..deepest wine... slash...dark burgundy...slash...deep maroon with a black undertone. I was getting intrigued by so many brands for this particular shade from lime crime to ABH to much pocket friendly nyx..but since I knew I wouldn't wear this every now and then I didn't wanna spend so much on it. So after searching high and low I landed to our good old Maybelline. 
( If you are looking for a gorgeous purple lipstick from the drugstore..a la Mac Heroine..Click Here)
The lipstick in question is Maybelline Creamy Matte in the shade Burgundy Blush.

Price: INR 575 /-


I have nothing great to reveal in the packaging department because:
A) Maybelline Creamy Lipsticks aren't new in the market and there is a possibility you already own one of its variant.
B) Maybelline hasn't explored any new territory in the packaging department.
Comes in the regular Maybelline colour sensational tube with a cool brown matte translucent cap.
The sticker having the shade name is colour coded.


 THE reason why I bought this lipstick is its ultra gorgeous dark chocolate with a hint of deep burgundy (ox-blood) shade. This is EXACTLY what I was hunting for. Burgundy Blush is a pretty close dupe of Lime Crime Wicked and Anastasia Beverly Hills Heathers. I can even trace its similarity with Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Transylvania which is a cult favourite fall lippy. It is clearly the deepest shade in my stash and I can see myself wearing it hell lot this winter. 
Oh yes!! It makes teeth appear much whiter!

If I had two hearts I would give one to this shade and another to its texture. It is very smooth to apply and it right away settles to a matte finish. The formula is very comfortable and non-drying. Its very light weight and feels like nothing on the lips. 
Absolutely non-sticky...Absolute love!

BOMB!! Need I say more.. One swipe is all you need baby!! 

Staying Power:
If you follow me on instagram, I posted a pic of me wearing this  and it looked pretty presentable even after 9 longs hours. It doesn't stain but it doesn't move either.

How it looks on me..!

If you ever wished to have a deeeeeep lipstick for fall..BUY THIS asap!!

Rating: 5/5



Lakme 9 To 5 Lipstick in Coffee Command : Review, Price and Swatches

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I have been been a nude lips lover all my life. Even being a makeup enthusiast, I can't imagine myself wearing a bold lip colour every single day.Also, nude lips compliment a bold eye look very well. So basic neutral MLBB kinda shades are a win-win in any scenario!!
My love for Lakme 9 to 5 Lipsticks isn't hidden. They are most comfortable and lasting mattes I've come across in the this price bracket. Hence,another addition to the family is Coffee Command!

Price/ Quantity : INR 450/ 3.6ml

 Coffee Command comes in Lakme 9 to 5's quintessential rose gold tube housed in a cardboard box. Their packaging is another reason apart from their formula and longevity that makes me want them more.

Coffee Command is reeeelly reeeelly close to my natural lip colour. I mean there's nothing in my collection that matches my natural lips more than this particular shade.
Though the camera made it look more mauvy pink in the image above,I find it more on the peachy side. So, if you are looking for a peachy nude lipstick ,look no further. Also,since it comes out pretty pale on my NC 30ish skin tone, I can see it washing out complexions above NC 40. 

Lakme 9 to 5, I repeat are the most comfortable matte lipsticks in this price range. It is velvet to apply and sets matte. It has no fragrance to bother our sensitive noses.

Talking about the pigmentation of pale nudes is a tricky thing to attempt. But like its other counterparts, Coffee Command even being a pale peachy nude is well pigmented..just that the shade is light enough and might ask for a reapplication after 4hours of wear time.

My Take:

If you like peachy nude lipsticks or if you are an eye makeup enthusiast then this is the shade and formula for you since I often like pairing up smokey eye with a peachy nude lip. It might wash you out if you are on the duskier and warmer shade of the spectrum.

Rating: 4.5/5



UK Drugstore Beauty Haul

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THIS is a long pending post guys and given certain health issues,its been dragging for the longest now!!
So here's a quick one about what The Husband Man could lay his hands on, on his recent trip to the UK. He was given a long list of vanity and majority of the contents hailed from the drugstore only. Although he is reasonably good in finding products,THIS time he couldn't prove his mettle. I still won't blame, he worked hard but some of the stuff was OOS at boots and some brands were missing from superdrug. So here's all that I could get :

Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold Ultra Blush Palette- I’ve been excited about this for long and since Makeup Revolution is a UK brand and everything is available at half the price than here, I made sure to get few stuff. 
• Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette in Dia de los Muertos – This palette had the perfect mix of neutrals and brights. I also like the varied textures of the eyeshadows in a single pallette. Can't wait to swatch these on!!! 
  • Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Fixing Spray- Not in the picture!! This is a first time purchase and I have no clue how the product fares. I will surely update on this!
  •  Makeup Revolution Amazing Volume Mascara- Again a first timer with this one and excited to try it on!

Sleek Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette in Light373 – Who doesn't like a multitasking product? It is such a bliss to carry one product while traveling that takes care of your contour, highlight and blush…TOTAL LOVE ❤️❤️ 
• Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Vamp - I actually asked for a much deeper shade of lipstick,something on the lines of ox-blood but men being men....meh!! But anyway,this is a gorgeous burgundy with terracotta undertones,just that it's not the one I asked for.
Freebies included:

  • Sleek i-divine Eyeshadow Palette in All Night Long - I got a sample size of this and trust me I'm loving the bonsai version.
  • Sleek Lip VIP lipstick in Show Off - A full size lipstick as a freebie is what a makeup lover loves. Already reviewed this gorgeousness....GO check it out if you haven't already.
  • Sleek Dip It Eyeliner in Black -  The basic black liquid eyeliner with that hard tip instead of an otherwise much loved brush.
  •  Real Techniques Sponge - A third time purchase..this is my staple, can't do without this!
 That's All you guys!!
Have fun-filled festivities ahead!


Sleek Lip VIP Lipstick in SHOW OFF: Review, Price, Swatch and FOTD

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Up with another lipstick and this time its the Sleek Lip VIP lipstick in the shade Show Off. Sleek is a well known UK brand that makes awesome products at affordable prices. Their eyeshadows and blushes are to die for. So if you like the lipstick shade in the picture above and want to know more about it..Read On!!!

Price/ Quantity: £5.49/3.6gm

Sleek Lip VIP range of lipsticks come in a matte black square packaging with shiny Sleek written on it. The bottom end displays the colour..simple and practical. I find this and Faces Canada Moisture Rich lipsticks pretty identical in packaging. The sticker on the cap has the ingredient details.


Before you read on, let me clear that the shade in the hand swatch is exactly what it looks like on me and somehow it looks a little faded in my pictures.
Show off is a a cool-toned deep brown with mauve/plum undertones (I know too many slashes,it's a difficult shade to explain). It's a beeeeaauuuuttiiifuul shade.Very classy..goes on a wide spectrum of skintones (probably on everyone)..and can be worn over any colour you're wearing.
And NO,it does not make you look older!!  
These days when I'm puzzled about which lip colour to wear, I gladly apply this on :)

 Sleek Lip VIP lipstick in the shade  glides onto the lips like a dream given their creamy formula. It soon settles to a semi-matte finish though with a sheen.Since I'm so over the drying mattes phase,I find this a refreshing change.
It is hydrating owing to the presence of ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil and vitamin E.
Since it is creamy it's not surprising that it transfers to cups and spoons but that doesn't much affect its colour pay off.
I assume it might not able to survive the Indian heat thus refrigeration would be a good option.

 Show Off is well pigmented and takes care of any pigmentation that you have on your lips in one or two swipes.

My Take:

If you have read my earlier post on  my favourite purple lipstick you would know that I am already in the fall mood regarding the lip colours. Show Off only helps me stay in that deep shade mood a little longer. I love the mix of chocolate, plum and a hint of lavender in this shade and as much as the description sounds edible,the smell reconfirms it. It is densely pigmented and stays put for 4-5 hours depending what you eat.
 It smells of coconut and vanilla which to be honest is a bit over whelming initially to my sensitive nose but gradually fades away. I'm enjoying hydrated lips lately.



Maybelline Color Sensational Loaded Bolds In Fearless Purple 16: Review, Price and FOTD

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Maybelline is one drugstore beauty brand that I totally love. It never fails to experiment and always remembers to fall in budget and to me these are two hugest clap-worthy qualities of a brand. 
While taking a stroll of my blog I realized that even though I love and use Maybelline products a lot, I haven't reviewed them much. So, here I am with a much loved Maybelline Loaded Bolds Lipstick in Fearless Purple..!! 
Brand Claims:

What it is

Achieve high-impact color in one saturated stroke with Maybelline's The Loaded Bolds lipstick. Hypercolor pigments and an opaque, creamy clay base deliver one-stroke intensity. The Loaded Bolds is available in a range of pigment-loaded shades from deep plums and electric blues to vibrant reds and natural nudes.


1. Delivers high-impact color in one saturated stroke.
2. An opaque, creamy clay base deliver one-stroke intensity.
3. Dermatologist and allergy tested.

How to use/apply

STEP 1: Apply lipstick in the center of your upper lip and follow the contours of your mouth.
STEP 2: Glide the lipstick across the entire bottom lip
 Price/ Quantity: INR 575/3.9gm

Shades Available: 
  • Wickedly White
  • Berry Boss
  • Chocoholic
  • Dynamite Red
  • Fearless Purple (the one I have)
  • Fierce Fuchsia
  • Midnight Date
  • Raspberry Rendezvous
  • Smoking Red
  • Sunny Coral
  • Baby Pink
  • Audacious Blue
  • Black
  (There are other shades available at Amazon that haven't been launched in India and give MAC a run for its cost :P)

No ground-breaking is happening here. Maybelline Color Sensational Loaded Bolds come in a regular color sensational range packaging. Just that the bullet cap coordinates to the colour family of the shade (they could have atleast properly colour-coded it i.e. the exact shade and not the colour-family)
Also, the bullet in my case is totally detached from the very base. Nooo..not broken..just that the whole bullet comes out clean from the base....which indicates..its weak!

Shade: Fearless Purple

Well the shade is what it says "Fearless Purple".
The sad part is that the camera isn't picking up the exact colour. Its deeper, more cool toned and less bright than what it appears here. The shade is a true purple. I didn't notice any undertones,it is pretty no-nonsense beautiful purple. 
I would go on to say that it is hard to find this shade in drugstore brands. I did look for it earlier but all in vain!
The hush-hush beauty information is that Fearless Purple is a close dupe of Mac Heroine,since I don't own Heroine I can't claim it to be true!
Anyway, it will go well with all skintones equally.
SUPER LOVE the shade!!!

It is creamy to apply and feel..a dream..I know..!!
It settles to a matte finish but not the drying, stretchy,dehydrated matte but a rather luscious matte.
It transfers slightly initially but that doesn't hamper its intensity and finish. Even after settling to a matte finish, it does not accentuate the fine lies which is pretty uncommon for the matte lipsticks.

This is hell of a pigmented lipstick. LOADED and BOLD both. Loaded and jam packed with pigment. It is truly a one-swipe lipstick and takes care of any amount of pigmentation you have on the lips.

Staying Power:
Hell Yeahhhh..I was waiting for this. It stayed on me WHOLE DAY.. and saw me through breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oh yess!! It just won't go.
Now if you hate lipsticks that stain..switch tab..this isn't for you!!!
Even after 9+ hours, Fearless Purple didn't wear off, infact I was still pretty presentable lips-wise :P
It stains really badly and you'll need help of removers and oils to get rid of it.

 Here's how it looks on me (though actually it comes out darker)

Over All Thoughts:
In love with the shade, texture and staying power!!
If you want to buy just one shade from the Maybelline Color Sensational Loaded Bolds range of lipsticks..buy FEARLESS PURPLE!


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