Festive Update - Navratri / Durga Pooja Look !!

It's finally achche din for us Indians with festivities beginning. The whole aura is such colour, aroma, flavor, laughter and happiness filled. In any case festivities are all the more harbinger of happiness to a makeup enthusiast when you can finally go all bold-gold without fearing being a disco ball.. Oh Yeah...you CAN be a disco ball with a panache!!
I wanted to leave no opportunity to doll-up since I almost never dare to go with both lips and eyes...yesss!! It either has to be a social gathering or a festival for me to have sparkly dark eyes and a red lip.. I've seen as much as I love makeup, I love underplaying too :) But this time like you see, I enjoyed playing with colours and I'm pretty happy with the outcome specially when compared to my previous Navratri Look. 

The product used for the look are as follows:


Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer in Porcelain Party 102 : Review, Price Swatches and NOTD

Now that Fall is just around the corner, I'm trying to use my spring stuff a bit before it gets pushed back in the stash even though I admit that this was perhaps the first year when my spring was too fall inspired (deep lip shades in summers were a strict no-no earlier...but now? Baaaahhhhhh!!!!) This summer I wore everything from bold lips to deep nails, I dunno just craved for all things bold and the consequence was..the summery stuff sat pretty waiting for its turn to be flaunted.
Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer in Porcelain Party was one such summery beachy buy. There's something about white nail paints that reminds me of beaches and washed out denims and just for that cool breeze-feel I got myself a white nail paint after aaaaaaages...!!

What It Is :
With trendy, super stylish shades, these nail colors add oodles of attitude to your overall look. Presenting 40 attractive shades, the Maybelline Color Show Range let’s you mix, match and experiment with color!

Nail colors have a gel-based formula for increased staying power
• Is chip-resistant and comes with an easy-flow brush
• Available in 40 different shades

How To Use/Apply:
Step 1. Apply a clear base coat to help prevent your nails from yellowing and to extend the life of your nail polish color.
Step 2. Brush one coat of lacquer from the center of your nail starting from the base to the tip.
Step 3. For the cleanest look, leave a small space at the base of the nail, then apply polish to the rest of the nail.

Price: INR 110/6ml (initially 75/-)

It comes in a regular round, glass, Color Show bottle with the shade name and number on the cap. The bottle is nice, cute and travel friendly. However, I'm not a big fan of the brush. The brush is responsible for its streaky application (and the formula could be as well). I've noticed its not with every Color Show nail polish. The other shades I own from the same range have a decent brush too (I just love the brush of Lakme Gel Stylist nail paints though,they are fluffy enough to paint your nail in just one coat...aaahh)

The texture is nothing to boast about. I didn't like it at all.You don't get nice, smooth and opaque finish even in 2-3 coats. God knows how I managed to take decent pics in which I have 3 coats plus an additional touch up one finished with a top coat. Though it dries fast, It is very streaky..Period!

THIS was the reason why I gave it a shot. I have been wanting to try a China Glaze White Out/White On White, Sally Hansen White On, O.P.I Alpine Snow/Non-Stop White etc. but when I came across this in a store I though let's try a budget version just to see how white looks on me..I have no problem with the shade though but the Nail polish is disappointing.

Staying Power:
Another disappointment!! Even after putting so much effort to get a clean finish..Porcelain Party gets scratchy and dirty on the very third day. It looks so tacky that you wouldn't have it on even if it doesn't start chipping..and no my hands weren't put to much labour..still!!

My Take:
I would not recommend Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer in Porcelain Party even though the white is a nice white simply because of the its finish and longevity as discussed above.
Sad??? No, I'll give the ones in my wishlist a try now :D

Rating: 2/5




Eyebrow Tutorial : How To Get Beautiful Thick Brows In 6 Easy Steps !!

 You Guessed it right..Its the Eyebrow Tutorial today!! 
And before I start, I would like to thank all of you for the love and support you have shown. All of you who have appreciated my work and came up to clear your thoughts or request a tutorial whether as direct messages on instagram or texts on facebook and even emails.. take this as a personal thank note !!
I have always felt that out of all our facial features, beauty passions, cosmetic buys and makeup discussions EYEBROWS have been the most underrated feature of our face. When we think of dressing up, makeup base (foundation), lip products and eyeshadows are our major concern and we quite at times overlook the fact that eyebrows are a very essential facial feature that needs due recognition. Eyebrows provide a frame to the face and if done properly ,they lift up your whole look. In the absence of neatly and prominently done eyebrows the face looks incomplete even if rest of the makeup is on point. 
And you guys..thick, groomed brows were the latest trend that came across even in the recent New York Fashion Week!!
So beauties...DON'T ignore thy brows!! 
Without further delay..lets get started!!

Things You'll Need (in order of usage) :
  • Tweezers
  • Eyebrow groomer brush (even a toothbrush works)
  • Small angled brush
  • Brow powder/Matte Brown Eyeshadow/ Matte Brown Gel Liner
  • Concealer
  • Flat Concealer Brush
  • Q-tip
  • Brow Gel/Hair Spray with a Spoolie

1. Shaping : First of all you need a clean slate to work on. Any amount of precision would not look beautiful if tiny little hair are sticking out of the brow line. So pick up your tweezers and pluck all the extra hair to get a clean brow area. Also generally when we do things ourselves,we tend to ignore the area above our brows and concentrate mainly on the brow bone zone. Don't do that,take out the extras from below and above your brow.

2. Brushing/Grooming : Now that you have cleaned your brows of any extra hair, brush them with an eyebrow groomer to make them smooth and to expose the areas that need to be filled in the next step. If you have a well-practiced hand then you can even cut any hair that's sticking out of the brows. But leave this step if you don't have a steady hand. In case you don't have an eyebrow groomer brush,you can use a baby brush which serves the purpose just right.

3. Filling : Third step is the main step...Filling your brows. Now there's a plethora of eyebrow filling products from the good old eyebrow pencils to brow powders and wax to even brow mousse with a mascara like (spoolie) wand. Traditionally, we rely on eyebrow pencils to fill our brows but i find them looking too harsh on me. Truly speaking you can use ANY MATTE DARK BROWN EYESHADOW OR BRONZER for a natural looking fuller eyebrows. 
I personally alternate between a slightly dry dark brown gel eyeliner, The Balm Bahama Mama bronzer or even the dark brown eyeshadow from the Maybelline Chai Latte Quad. 
With an angled brush draw a defined line below and above your brow if you have sparse eyebrows (in case you already have thick brows, just draw a line along the brow line). While filling your brows, apply very light strokes on the inner and outer end because it looks really unnatural if you do the beginning and end heavily. You can apply with a little heavy hand on the arch of the brow though. 

4. Clean Up The Mess: This is easy..take a q-tip and clean up any product that has come out of the brows (below and above).

5.  Highlighting: This is an underrated yet very important step. Once you are done with shaping and filling your brows,take a concealer that is one or two shades lighter to your skin tone and highlight just below and above your brow. Blend it well (you can totally use your fingers instead of the concealer brush). This will pop out your brows beautifully and give a nice frame to the face.

 6. Apply Gel and Let It Set: Now that your eyebrow is groomed, filled and highlighted, apply some gel on them and brush with a groomer or spoolie (or again..a baby brush) so that they stay in their place and don't budge. There are various options in the market for brow gels, however I use Patanjali Aloevera Gel and it does its job. A spoolie sprayed with a hair spray is a popular budget hack to replace an expensive brow gel.
TaaaDaaaaa...You're done!!!
Here's the complete look:

I tried incorporating everything that I personally do for my brows though there are much extensive ways of doing it.
Hope you guys liked it :)



NYX Advanced Salon Formula Nail Polish in Purple Glitter: Review, Price, Swatches and NOTD

Though they are calling it Nail Polish..Its a Glitter Top Coat
to begin with..
When Mr.Husband gets you a beautiful purple saree (follow me on Instagram to get a glimpse) and your love for both the saree and the colour in particular is obvious,you just wanna pair it up with a similar nail paint..yeah?
Now I'm not particularly a big fan of having the galaxy on my finger tips (okay nails), I'm just contented with clear top coats (except glittery ones on black nail polish) But I didn't want to stay a glitter-virgin .. so this beauty came to my experience!

NYX Advanced Salon Formula Nail Polish in Purple Glitter comes in a huge, glass, square bottle of 15ml. It has all the necessary details like the shade name, price, manufacturing and ingredients list on the bottle and cap itself. It has a long,thick,synthetic brush that applies PERFECTLY..Love the brush! Love the whole bottle for that matter..!!

NYX Advanced Salon Formula Nail Polish in Purple Glitter 
has an almost transparent purple gel base loaded with pink and purple shimmers. Since the shimmers aren't chunky,you don't really have to look for an occasion to wear it on. In the bottle, 
the product appears quite opaque but it's actually translucent and needs a coloured base. In the swatches, I'm wearing it on a purple nail polish..!
 What I don't like about this is that it takes hours to dry..like half an hour is not gone anywhere!!
 NYX??? Are you kidding me? Today's woman is a goddess of multitasking and you think we have the luxury to sit blowing our nails and fluttering our lashes for half an hour to get it dry and avoid smudging?? Seriously..??
But once it sets,it solidifies your nail polish too..Longevity wise this is the best I've laid my hands on.. The shimmer and shine starts to fade the fifth or sixth day perhaps but the nail polish is good to go for more than a week..easily!!
So guys if you have the patience (AND the luxury to blow your nails and flutter your lashes and) to sit while it dries..
DO NOT miss this..!!

Price: INR 350/ 15ml

 Rating: 4/5

P.S. Now I want a purple lipstick too.
Pour in your suggestions in the comments below and no Tom Ford for a Budget Belleza plz :P :D ;)



Makeup Forever Professional Powder Blush No.130: Review, Price,Swatch and FOTD

How's everyone doin' ? I know its been quite sometime but if you guys follow me on facebook and instagram them I'm sure the distance wouldn't seem so long :)
 Before I begin to talk about the product,I would like to tell you guys about the recent phase that I'm in (yes I do have fashion phases that may/may not comply to the contemporary trends) So right now I'm totally drenched in my so called ethnic phase. I'm loving everything from apparel to accessory to shoes and bags that screams ETHNIC..and and and..not to forget the makeup looks too..!! Now there's one product that goes extremely well with almost all my warm traditional looks and that is the Makeup Forever Professional Powder Blush No.130
 This review, I would call the lonnnnnngest pending review. I've been wanting to talk about this beauty for such a long time now....aaaahhh FINALLY!!
Though none of my makeup look is complete without a blush..lemme admit I'm not a blush hoarder. I somehow feel that adding that rosy glow to your cheeks makes you look vibrant,healthy and happy but at the same time its not something that makes or breaks a look. Also its not even easy to tell a shade from another until and unless they are absolutely contrasting! Nonetheless,I love blushes specially the warm toned ones :)

This MUFE powder blush comes in a beautiful,classy and very sleek packaging. There's a long transparent slit across the black packaging just so that the blush shade is visible..Practical! Though for the price paid I definitely expect a mirror for an easy touch up.
The texture of the MUFE powder blush is a dream to work with.
Its very smooth to touch and this smoothness aids flawless application. It blends really easily. It is neither matte nor glittery. It has very finely milled shimmer (actually just a sheen)
Coming to the shade...yay,the plus point...!!
 Its a muted warm burnt orange kinda shade. Its one shade that would look completely different on different skin tones. On pale/lighter skin tones it could even double up as a bronzer whereas on medium to dark skins it would come up as very warm terracotta. It compliments our Indian skin tones and its warmth very nicely. I like to wear it whenever I wear ethnic clothes. The very minute sheen that it has imparts a beautiful glow and and goes well with the embellishments and zari of my clothes.
Pigmentation wise it rocks..its like insanely pigmented..And that shows a red flag to the paler skin tones...Use a LIGHT hand and either blow or tap your brush after picking up the blush to remove the extra product!!
And not just the pigmentation but its staying power is awesome too. It stayed on me for around 4 hours easily without budging and sheen was intact too.
Nothing left its place and traveled elsewhere :P 
And this is how it looks on me:

 Here, I have used it as a bronzer only and it did justice. Man! I tried the falsies for the first time and how I'm loving the way they change the whole look. On my lips is the much loved Miss Claire Lip Cream !!
Overall, I love the MUFE Powder Blush no.130 but the Budget Belleza in me seriously wishes they provided a mirror if not a brush for $16.

Rating: 4.5/5



Blackbeard And His Treasure Hunt! feat. #colgatemagicalstories

A few days back I received 4packs of Colgate Toothpastes,
each having a series of pictures. My son is great lover of the Under water world and became too excited to create a story with all the characters he had!
Here is his version of the story:

Blackbeard And His Treasure Hunt!
  A pirate called Blackbeard comes to know about an underwater castle in the deep sea.Being a pirate he decides to go and find it hoping to get some treasure in return.

Sadie his friend also decides to accompany him along with her parrot.

They boarded the ship and left for the treasure hunt. On their way they came across a number of sea creatures that they had never seen earlier like Dolphins,crabs,sword fish and star fish.
After sailing for many nights and days,they saw coral reefs. There sat a beautiful mermaid. Blackbeard and Sadie could not believe their eyes and went to her to see if she was real.
They gave the Mermaid a beautiful silver necklace and asked her if the Treasure story was true.
The Mermaid became happy and gave them a Treasure Map which would lead them to the hidden treasures.
They took the map happily and dived deep into the sea. After much swimming,they saw an Underwater castle that was guarded by Puffer Fish,Barracuda and Lion Fish.
Close to the Under water Castle was a Shipwreck where the Treasure was kept.
But reaching near Shipwreck wasn't easy because it was guarded by Shark and Orca Killer Whale.
Blackbeard fed the shark with the poisonous food he had kept for his safety and the shark became unconscious.
Now he had to beat the battle with the killer whale in order to reach the Treasure. When the killer whale came to attack Sadie,Blackbeard slit her with his little sword. Frightened the whale backed off and Blackbeard and Sadie reached the Treasure...
They carried all that they could and came back happy :D 

Note: This story is written by my son (edited by me) for the indiblogger #colgatemagicalstories contest.



MIA Alert!!


Hope you all are doing great !!!
Off late things have been a bit topsy turvy on personal front.. 
Don't worry..we're fine and doing great but there are people around you who matter a lot and they need to be good for your perfect functioning as well. That's precisely where I need to concentrate right at the moment!
Though I can manage to continue blogging but doing something half-heartedly is a mammoth task for me. 
So I thought it's best to take a SHORT break and see things getting settled a bit before I bounce back.
Meanwhile, I'll try to keep in touch through social media because all you readers are an extended family and families can't stay apart for long :)
So cya soon.. keep doing good!!
Stay Gorgeous!!

 P.S. The image has been taken from google and has been watermarked by the owner.


Makeup Revolution Professional Eyeshadow Palette NEW-TRALS vs NEUTRALS : Review,Price,Swatches and FOTD

 Hey eye-makeup enthusiasts..and the ones who want to try their hands on it..!!! Today's review is gonna excite you much :D
I haven't reviewed eyeshadow palettes much on the blog. You can read my last review of a palette here.
There's loads to tell..so heading on straight to the palette..!!

Price: INR 1350/- (available here

Makeup Revolution London is a UK drugstore brand and has received a lot of love from budget makeup lovers.Their eye and face palettes, known to be dupes of higher end makeup palettes like Urban Decay Naked series and Lorac Pro are a huge hit!!
I wanted to own one from the brand and after having a look at the collection I zeroed in on this beauty..
  The packaging is practical n neat. I like the matte black case. The mirror provided is big enough to assist a full face makeup. Along with it comes a double-ended (fluffy/flat) brush which isn't actually bad, specially the fluffy/blending side!
It houses 16 eyeshadows of different finishes: matte,satin, shimmer and foil!

 The 16 shadows are divided into two rows:
Top Row: Has everything from Spring to Autumn!
Bottom Row: Has more neutral and shimmery shades!
The good thing is that all the shades have names..
The bad thing...they are not printed on the case,rather on a plastic sheet :/

Top Row:
  • BIAS - Champagne/satin finish (used as a highlighter in the pic below)
  • NEUTRAL - Taupe/matte finish
  • PERSONAL - Rosegold/shimmery (BEAUTIFUL..LOVE it)
  • VOGUE - Coral/satin finish
  • TREND - Warm Terracotta/matte finish
  • NEW-TRAL - Cranberry/satin finish (lovely sheen)
  • TONE - Burgundy/matte finish 
  • CUSTOM -  Deep Brown/matte
 Bottom Row:
  • COOL - Off-white/matte (chalky,less pigmented)
  • STYLE - Soft pink/shimmery/foil-like finish (beautiful date-night kinda pink)
  • PARTIAL - Mauvy pink/shimmery/foil-like finish
  • MODE - Warm rusty gold/shimmery/foil-like finish
  • ADAPT - Deeper Taupe/matte finish
  • BUFF - Gunmetal with pink undertones/satin-pearly finish
  • SUIT- Deep grey/matte finish
  • STRONG - Duo-chrome/gliterry black with loads of pink shimmers (LOVE!)
And here's my little tryst with it!

I'm in total love with this palette,be it the quality,the packaging or the shade selection. With this one can create different looks from spring to autumn and glam to neutral :)

Rating: 5/5