Recreating Anushka Shetty's Devasena Look of Bahubali 2

Hallllooo Bellezas..!!!
 Its been some time that I posted..writer's block..artist's block..blogger's block..or probably looking for something exciting other than the mundane review posting. Having said that,it's not like I don't like writing reviews but I go through passion-shifting phases in life ;) :P
Anyway, while the world is going gaga over Bahubali-2, I couldn't be left behind. It has been on a smashing ride on the box office ever since its release and this brought me to the idea of recreating the look of the female protagonist Devasena (played by Anushka Shetty) A little about the character:
Devasena (Anushka Shetty) is a princess from Kunthala region, a small but prosperous region in the fictional universe of Mahishmati. She is accomplished, a great warrior and archer who is constantly trying to better her art through diligent practice. Bahubali seems to be impressed more by her technique of martial arts than her beauty — he doesn’t just think of her as a beautiful person, but as someone much more than. 
(Source: www.firstpost.com)

Now coming to back to the look that I have created:

Being honest, I've always loved taking part in programmes that required me to dress up in a regional attire..be it dance, skits and stuff at different academic levels. I'm so mesmerized by our country and its resplendent culture that even when I plan a vacation, I try to geographically cover the scattered Indian topographical beauty and foreign lands are still at bay even in my wishlist :)
Given my obsession to our culture and the rave that Bahubali 2 is creating, I thought why not make the most of it and Recreate my version of Devasena. Since Devasena is a princess, the look is a super glam one with heavily kohled eyes and bright attire. Gold jewellery is a characteristic feature of South India and Devasena being a royal couldn't be left behind. 
To start off I searched my wardrobe for similar coloured saree and blouse of a matching hue (though it did not match :P) I found this bright hot pink saree with pearl embroidery that I wore for my engagement and the blue kanjivaram blouse is probably the only blue blouse I have!
The second major concern was the jewellery since makeup I knew I had plenty ;) The maangtika is from my wedding. The nath is Maharashtrian nath and I added my own nath's string to it to match the look. I obviously don't have the piercing to wear a septum ring or mookuthi as they call it in south India, so I wore a clip on ear cuff to do justice with the look. The jhumkaas and neckpiece are from my old ethnic jewellery collection.
Now coming to the makeup:

The feature that caught my attention was the heavy kohled eyes and the artistically painted bindi. But since a makeup base is a first step, after moisturizing my skin I applied Colorbar primer followed by Maybelline Fit Me matte n poreless foundation. I applied the Maybelline Fit Me compact only on the under eyes and the sides of the nose which tend to get oily otherwise. Even though the camera isn't catching,I applied The Balm Bahama Mama bronzer and wet n wild blush in pearlescent pink. For the quintessential kohled eyes, I applied a splash of dark brown eyeshadow and lined my upper lash line with the Lakme felt tip eyeliner. I lined my waterline with Lakme Eyeconic kajal and used the Lakme liquid eyeliner for the lower lash line. I applied a mild layer of Maybelline colossal mascara on the eyelashes thinking to wear the falsies later...which I FORGOT :P
For the lips I mixed Lakme 9to5 Rosy Sunday 
 For the bindi I was pretty purplexed. I searched everything in the house from liquid kumkum to poster colours and I had none.. after searching high and low (yes a BUDGET belleza won't buy stuff for a look..she would just work around what she has :P) 
I landed on a liquid lipstick which was way too dark..I mixed some red lipstick (L'oreal Decked in Red) and painted the bindi with a triple 0 paint brush!
That's All folks!!! Hope you will like what I came up with :)
Pray to God I stay motivated to do more stuff :P
I'm praying too :D



Oriflame Lip sensation Matte Mousse in Red Velvet: Review, Price, Swatches and LOTD

With the matte lip trend ruling the beauty and fashion industry, it's no brainer that every brand is trying to come up with with their version of matte liquid lip colours. But like individual differences exist everywhere, MATTE is seen differently by every brand and range. From super drying, parchy matte lip products to the comfortable powdery mattes, we've seen them all. Oriflame Lip Sensation Matte Mousse belongs to the third category..Read On!!

Price/ Quantity: INR 699/5ml
The Packaging of the  Oriflame Lip Sensation Matte Mousse in Red Velvet looks classy in a birds view. But as you go on using it you come across the cons. The base being smaller than the top makes it difficult for the tube to stand (if you store your lipstick upright in the stash) 
The shade name at the bottom of the tube on a sticker is so tiny to trace that you'll need your glasses if you wear one (I took out mine)
The ingredient list is not on the tube.
Even though I like how small the tube opening is which allows just the right amount of product to be extracted, I found the wand tip to be too straight and absolutely non-flexible (now I know the term 'rigid' guys but 'non-flexible' has a pertinent feel to it :P) thus not allowing a precise application.
The shade Red Velvet is a beautiful,bright warm red with pink undertones. The shade was the very reason I got it in the first place. It absolutely brightens up the whole look and it will surely look good on a broad spectrum of skin tones.
It photographs really really well.
It is awesomely pigmented and the best thing that I love about this lip colour that it leaves a very pretty reddish pink stain when it wears off. I really dislike it when a product leaves bare lips post its wear time.
The texture of the Lip Mousse is what I was indicating in the introduction to this post. If you are looking for a dry/powdery matte,this is probably not your best bet. the Lip mousse that has a creamy,thick, mousse like consistency dries to a satin/velvet finish and not super matte.
The formula feels very comfortable on the lips. Being creamy ,its very hydrating and leaves the lips moist even when it wears off.
If you're a fan of dry mattes,we've got you covered. Just pat your lips with a tissue and you'll get the non-transferring matte lips without compromising on the intensity of the pigment.
It bleeds and transfers..which is a con. But the lip liner hidden in your stash would probably take care of the bleeding part.
It has a very sweet synthetic smell which isn't too pleasant.
Red Velvet has a wear time of 4-5 hours depending on how much of what you nibble.
If you want to see how it looks on me then see me wearing HERE.
Over All Rating - 3.8



Saree Love Soaring High!! feat. Sareez.Com

Hola Chicas...
Which attire comes to your mind when you think of an occasion..a friend's wedding..a cousin's engagement..or maybe one of own pre bridal function??
Something traditional right? Be it a Lehanga or Saree !!!
The point is no matter how many expensive dresses and trench coats we have hanging pretty in our wardrobe,we end up singling out ethnic wear only for occasions like such. Personally speaking, if you follow me on Instagram (which you should off course :P) you would know that I'm high on ethnic wear and ethnic jewellery lately!! So when I got a chance to quench my Saree thirst from Sareez.com..you know who was happier!!
There was a huge sea of sarees categorized under different fabrics, occasions and by work done on them. Thus picking one was no cake walk. But off late I have been bitten by the saree bug and the love for the six yard got me hooked to various saree groups on facebook. Hence, being crazily inspired I wanted to wear one with checks. And this is what I finally landed upon..
This is not the first time that I'm shopping with Sareez.com
and I'm happy to confess that the experience has always been very satisfying!
I received my shipment in a week's time.Their packaging is best that I've ever had. The product comes nicely packed in a card board box which then is wrapped up really well in a cloth binding. The saree was pretty ready to wear with fall and edging intact. They also offer stitching of blouse and petticoat, but I prefer to get it done by my trusted tailors so I skipped that option. In the pictures I'm pairing it up with one of the blouse of my collection and not the one that came along as it is still unstitched.
And that's how it looks on me!
I appreciate the fact that the saree was true to the colour depicted which always isn't the case. It is bhagalpuri silk and is very manageable. Once draped and tucked it stays intact and isn't much wrinkle prone. Since it is multi-hued, it can be paired up with a number of blouses that would impart a whole new look to the same attire every time it is worn!!
I paired it up with ethnic neckpiece and jhumkis, although I believe in one statement jewellery...its either a statement necklace or big beautiful earrings!!

Makeup wise I played around peachy/rose gold shades in my Makeup Revolution palette and wore bright pinkish red lipstick :)
Hope you guys like it and if you expect an ethnic wear shopping ahead, then don't forget to check out Sareez.com as they are having great sales on right now!!



BBlunt Salon Secret High Shine Creme Hair Colour Review!!

I've been experimenting with hair colours for the longest time now and have tried everything from caramel to honey and burgundy to mahogany. So when I was sent this new kid on the block I got really excited to try specially because it said ammonia free. I have been using L'Oreal for the past few years and let me admit it does no wonders to my hair that others didn't do. Thus finding out about a new range of hair colour at the fraction of its price was
 pleasantly surprising!!!!

Brand Claims:



 My Experience:
 Having tried so many brands and shades I finally stopped at dark brown and although my natural hair colour is light brown, the dark brown seems to have taken over my natural shade a bit too well. So much so that now when I apply even a lighter shade it doesn't show up well. So my choices of the hair colour shade were dominated by this fact. I didn't want to go all dark brown which would make no difference and neither did I felt like going for lighter ones as they just wouldn't show up. Owing to this dilemma,I ended up choosing the shade Deep Burgundy.
 The packaging was very chic and convenient given the price bracket it falls in. It includes the colourant, developer and shine tonic. They also provided a pair of gloves which was cherry on the cake.
I mixed up the contents as per the instructions and applied it. I wanted a global wash off colour thus till more than half of the content. I applied it evenly from root to tip and waited for 30min. And washed it off and applied my conditioner.
The difference in the light is doing a bit of injustice to the image. I wanted to click the before and after picture at the same spot in daylight but the timing made the after one a bit more bright!I really loved the fact that it didn't dry my already dry hair, infact the shine tonic actually made them smooth and shiny. The red tinge is visible only in the sun though but that's nothing to do with the product. It covered grey perfectly well and stood better and longer than its costlier counterparts in the market.
  I'm really happy with the result and would recommend it!!
PR Sample


Nail Paints To Try This Christmas Beyond Red: Peacock Blue and Royal Purple: Review, Swatches, NOTD

When everyone is going gaga about dilli ki sardi, let me confess I don't really like winter. Winter was good when I was in college and the food department was mom's job. Winter back then meant studying in warm quilts, having coffee and hot snacks sitting in the sun in college, all covered going for evening walk with my bestie and mom serving delicious hot food right infront me.Now I'm a mom..leave alone work, these days getting out of the bed in the morning seems like a warfare preparation.
Thus, no big winter chill fan, I enjoy the weather for it makes us bring out the brightest clothes and the deepest makeup out...WITHOUT hesitation. Lately, I've been going all deep and bold with my lips and nails since I end up wearing so much black in winters somehow or the other that a pop of colour is much needed. Often Christmas is synonymous with Red colour,be it the attire or makeup. But these nail paints from Revlon will make one come out of the box and try blues,greens and purples for the very mentioned pop!!!
 Brand Claims:
Revlon Nail Enamel with Chip Defiant Formula for flawlessly smooth, gorgeous color. Streak-free flawless application.
Special features :
  • Provides a protective fast drying finishing coat to nail enamel.
  • Looks in color, offering superior shine and chip resistance for up to 9 days.
  • Formaldehyde & Toluene free- less irritating.
  • No bubbles, no streaks, no brush marks.
  • Unique double barrel brush for smooth, even and precise application.
  • Gel-like shine
  • Gorgeously smooth, chip-resistant nail color.
How to use product
  • Apply favorite Revlon Base coat.

  • Apply two coats of Revlon nail enamel and let dry.

  • Apply favorite Revlon Top coat
 Price/Quantity: INR 190/8ml

Revlon nail enamel comes in a variety of shades. The shades I picked up are Peacock Blue and Royal Purple
Peacock Blue

I really like the how Revlon names their nail paints. They try to stick to the basics and be true to colour. Peacock Blue is just what the name says,it is a beautiful blend of green and blue though green is somewhat more pronounced than blue. Because it has a blend of two colours ,it goes on really well on an array of colours. It has minuscule blue glitter which gives it a beautiful metallic sheen. The polish is loaded with pigments and two coats of it render a glossy opaque finish. The staying power is good. Chipping of tips starts after four to five days depending on how much work your hand goes through. The gloss remains intact and like other nail varnishes it doesn't go
straight flat soon.
  What I dislike is that it takes a comparatively longer time to dry and being a mom of two I find sitting pretty and drying my nail paint a sheer luxury ;) Secondly, when you try to take it off it bleeds REALLY bad and spreads all over your fingers. So keep tons of remover and cotton handy for the same!!
 Royal Purple 

To begin with , Royal Purple was the shade I was more excited to wear and because I got this, I paired it up with Peacock Blue to get two. The shade in the bottle is what I love more than that on the nails. Its a more pleasant purple..more vibrant even though it is deep. Let me admit, I'm not really pleased with this pick because firstly it is too sheer  and the effect is that in order to pack pigments onto your nail you have to apply several coats of it and thus you go on turning a beautiful purple to a patchy deep purple.  It takes longer to dry than Peacock Blue which is a dud thing. Even multiple coats do not provide a seamless opaque finish and despite  the multiple coats the chipping starts the third day.The glossiness also goes off in two-three days. All in all more  cons than pros!

That's all folks.. :)


Priyanka Chopra INSPIRED makeup look for Fall/Autum

 As a makeup enthusiast and a YouTube addict, my favourite category is either swatch videos or recreating celebrity makeup looks. Oh! hoe I love seeing the transformation of one person into another just by the power of makeup. I really find them highly creative rather than the random haul videos. If I am to name a few of my favourite inspired look videos (which are tons off course) I would pick JLo's inpired makeup tutorial by Huda , Kylie Jenner inspired makeup by Roxette Arisa , Penelope Cruz inspired makeup by Makeup By Ani among the the huge talented lots. 
Now that we are desi , we wouldn't be able to do justice with an international look given our skin tone, eye colour and hair colour. The reason being just mentioned I earlier decided to do an Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's Cannes inspired makeup look earlier which received so much love from you guys and now I came across this image of our very own Priyanka Chopra when she attended the Marrakech International Film Festival and her net saree and lace blouse became the talk of the town! I've always liked Priyanka's style of dressing even though I don't find her experimenting with her makeup much. She always sticks to her matte makeup base and matte lips , generally playing around earthy tones and nudes. But at this paticular event she turned up in smokey eyes , pink lips and very pronounced pink blusher.
Here's my attempt at recreating it:

And Here's how to achieve it:
For the face, I started with Patanjali Aloevera gel as a primer/pre base. I wanted a clean and covered base thus I used Maybelline Matte and Poreless foundation for it. For my NC30ish skin tone I mixed the shades Sun Beige(310) and Natural Buff(230) to get the correct match. I generally use Real Technique Sponge to apply my foundations and did the same for this look as well. For setting the makeup I used Lotus Herbals Pure Radiance Natural compact in Caramel. Since it wasn't a chiseled out look and not harsh contour or highlight was obvious, I used a very light hand at giving dimension to the face using Kat Von d Shade Light palette. Blush was majorly visible on Priyanka so I used Wet n Wild Pearlescent Pink with a rather heavy hand than I usually do. The blusher itself has shimmers so I skipped using a highlighter altogether. 
And this is how it came out!

Priyanka was seen sporting a deep smokey eye for the event and to achieve a similar look I used Bys Eyeshadow mousse as the eye base and then used the shades Custom and Strong from my New Trals Vs Neutrals Palette by Makeup Revolution
For the eyeliner , Maybelline gel liner was put to use and I skipped the falsies and just used Oriflame Giordani Glod masacara to open up the eyes and finish the look.
For the eye brows I used a matte dark brown eyeshadow to fill and shape and brushed it out to avoid too harsh brows.
Priyanka Chopra is a brand ambassador for matte lips. Even when the whole bollywood was wearing creamy , satiny , glossy lips, Priyanka stuck to her matte nudes...much much before the matte lip trend. In the images above too she is seen wearing deep fuchsia with purple undertones. Lakme Absolute Lip Pout in Magenta Magic was quite close to her shade but it required a slight dash of purple for which I mixed a little bit of Huda Beauty Material Girl.
That's pretty much all that was done to achieve the Priyanka Chopra look!!!

Hope you guys like it :D



Lakme Absolute Lip Pout Matte in Magenta Magic : Review , Price , Lip Swatches and FOTD

With fall knocking doors, I'm digging into bold and bright lips all the more...and if you ask me what is THE one most used lipstick of mine is these days..YESSS..it's the Lakme Absolute Lip Pout Matte in Magenta Magic. Well, honestly speaking I was never into fuschias and magentas until the recent past and for this I would give credit to the Incolor Matte Me Liquid Lipstick which actually introduced me to the whole new world of Radiant Orchid. Coming back to today's product...I'm in awe of it..SERIOUSLY!! I can actually write a 350 page book on this Chubby stick but I'm definitely gonna curb my desire to do so and give you reader JUST what you need :D
Heading On.......!!

Price vs Quantity: INR 650 / 3.7gm


Lakme Absolute Lip Pout Matte in Magenta Magic comes in a chubby stick like packaging. The outer body is colour coded with the shades which I really appreciate..makes life a bit easier!! The chubby stick is in retractable form,which means no sharpening and thus no wastage of time..effort..and most importantly product ;)

Shade: Magenta Magic 
Well Well....!!!
I was waiting for this part of the review. The hunt for a purple-toned fuchsia slash cool-toned magenta slash pinkish radiant orchid etc...an on and on... so the hunt was on for sometime until I landed on the Incolor Matte Me Liquid lipstick
It kinda introduced me to a whole new array of colour but the drying texture of it left me wanting for a similar shade in a non-drying yet matte texture. And one fine day while going through the makeup aisles I saw this and wasted no time and grabbed!
So yeah..long story short..I like my fuchsia and magenta to be cool-toned and Magenta Magic is just that!

I have little complaints from Lakme when it comes to their matte lip colours from across their range. I have tried a number of their 9 to 5 lipsticks and loved them truly. With these Lip Pouts,Lakme proved again that they KNOW how to create a comfortable matte formula. Magenta Magic glides really easily without any tugging or patchiness and since its new, the pointed end of the bullet works magic in shaping the lips. It settles to a lovely matte finish in 5 minutes and NO even though it is comfortable, its not creamy matte (I hate to be fooled around in the name of matte..I tell yaa)

Another Yaayyy .. I cannot say about the rest of the shades but this one in particular is well pigmented. Two swipes of it delivered the full intensity of the colour although I still find it buildable.

THIS together with the texture and shade make it a 5/5 product for me!! It stayed almost all the day with meals (around 6-7 hours). I can actually never ask for more. Add to that the pretty pink stain that it left behind.. Awwww!! ;)

Leaving y'all with some picture of how it looks on me!!

I would highly recommend you grab it this festive season and this autumn with sales going on everywhere!!

Rating: 5/5