Blackbeard And His Treasure Hunt! feat. #colgatemagicalstories

A few days back I received 4packs of Colgate Toothpastes,
each having a series of pictures. My son is great lover of the Under water world and became too excited to create a story with all the characters he had!
Here is his version of the story:

Blackbeard And His Treasure Hunt!
  A pirate called Blackbeard comes to know about an underwater castle in the deep sea.Being a pirate he decides to go and find it hoping to get some treasure in return.

Sadie his friend also decides to accompany him along with her parrot.

They boarded the ship and left for the treasure hunt. On their way they came across a number of sea creatures that they had never seen earlier like Dolphins,crabs,sword fish and star fish.
After sailing for many nights and days,they saw coral reefs. There sat a beautiful mermaid. Blackbeard and Sadie could not believe their eyes and went to her to see if she was real.
They gave the Mermaid a beautiful silver necklace and asked her if the Treasure story was true.
The Mermaid became happy and gave them a Treasure Map which would lead them to the hidden treasures.
They took the map happily and dived deep into the sea. After much swimming,they saw an Underwater castle that was guarded by Puffer Fish,Barracuda and Lion Fish.
Close to the Under water Castle was a Shipwreck where the Treasure was kept.
But reaching near Shipwreck wasn't easy because it was guarded by Shark and Orca Killer Whale.
Blackbeard fed the shark with the poisonous food he had kept for his safety and the shark became unconscious.
Now he had to beat the battle with the killer whale in order to reach the Treasure. When the killer whale came to attack Sadie,Blackbeard slit her with his little sword. Frightened the whale backed off and Blackbeard and Sadie reached the Treasure...
They carried all that they could and came back happy :D 

Note: This story is written by my son (edited by me) for the indiblogger #colgatemagicalstories contest.



MIA Alert!!


Hope you all are doing great !!!
Off late things have been a bit topsy turvy on personal front.. 
Don't worry..we're fine and doing great but there are people around you who matter a lot and they need to be good for your perfect functioning as well. That's precisely where I need to concentrate right at the moment!
Though I can manage to continue blogging but doing something half-heartedly is a mammoth task for me. 
So I thought it's best to take a SHORT break and see things getting settled a bit before I bounce back.
Meanwhile, I'll try to keep in touch through social media because all you readers are an extended family and families can't stay apart for long :)
So cya soon.. keep doing good!!
Stay Gorgeous!!

 P.S. The image has been taken from google and has been watermarked by the owner.


Makeup Revolution Professional Eyeshadow Palette NEW-TRALS vs NEUTRALS : Review,Price,Swatches and FOTD

 Hey eye-makeup enthusiasts..and the ones who want to try their hands on it..!!! Today's review is gonna excite you much :D
I haven't reviewed eyeshadow palettes much on the blog. You can read my last review of a palette here.
There's loads to tell..so heading on straight to the palette..!!

Price: INR 1350/- (available here

Makeup Revolution London is a UK drugstore brand and has received a lot of love from budget makeup lovers.Their eye and face palettes, known to be dupes of higher end makeup palettes like Urban Decay Naked series and Lorac Pro are a huge hit!!
I wanted to own one from the brand and after having a look at the collection I zeroed in on this beauty..
  The packaging is practical n neat. I like the matte black case. The mirror provided is big enough to assist a full face makeup. Along with it comes a double-ended (fluffy/flat) brush which isn't actually bad, specially the fluffy/blending side!
It houses 16 eyeshadows of different finishes: matte,satin, shimmer and foil!

 The 16 shadows are divided into two rows:
Top Row: Has everything from Spring to Autumn!
Bottom Row: Has more neutral and shimmery shades!
The good thing is that all the shades have names..
The bad thing...they are not printed on the case,rather on a plastic sheet :/

Top Row:
  • BIAS - Champagne/satin finish (used as a highlighter in the pic below)
  • NEUTRAL - Taupe/matte finish
  • PERSONAL - Rosegold/shimmery (BEAUTIFUL..LOVE it)
  • VOGUE - Coral/satin finish
  • TREND - Warm Terracotta/matte finish
  • NEW-TRAL - Cranberry/satin finish (lovely sheen)
  • TONE - Burgundy/matte finish 
  • CUSTOM -  Deep Brown/matte
 Bottom Row:
  • COOL - Off-white/matte (chalky,less pigmented)
  • STYLE - Soft pink/shimmery/foil-like finish (beautiful date-night kinda pink)
  • PARTIAL - Mauvy pink/shimmery/foil-like finish
  • MODE - Warm rusty gold/shimmery/foil-like finish
  • ADAPT - Deeper Taupe/matte finish
  • BUFF - Gunmetal with pink undertones/satin-pearly finish
  • SUIT- Deep grey/matte finish
  • STRONG - Duo-chrome/gliterry black with loads of pink shimmers (LOVE!)
And here's my little tryst with it!

I'm in total love with this palette,be it the quality,the packaging or the shade selection. With this one can create different looks from spring to autumn and glam to neutral :)

Rating: 5/5


Lakme 9 to 5 lip Liner in Red Alert : Price, Review, Swatches, LOTD

To begin with I'm generally not a fan of lip liners..I mean I can do with just a nude lip liner and use a lip brush instead for precision in case of lippies that need some outlining!
So... sheer want of outlining wasn't the case behind this Lakme Lip Liner in Red Alert which you would have seen in my haul recently!

Price: INR 400/-

Red.. is a tricky shade to pull off and the worst  to bleed out of the lips..So if you are not into lip liners just like me..I would suggest you buy just two..
a nude and a red lip liner!
 Coming back to Red Alert, it is a blue-toned red..lovely and gorgeous! I have read it is even compared to MAC's uber famous Ruby Woo,which is a great news for me offcourse :D
It the red for one and all and I'm totally hooked on to it.
It has a satin matte finish, doesn't tug/pull/dry up like the lip liners generally do.
I like its rose gold packaging and colour-coded end!
It is super pigmented and stays for 5 plus hours on me when worn alone as a lippy. Red Alert definitely prolongs the staying power of the lipstick when it is worn as a lip liner. I personally love to wear it as a full lip colour though!
The only con is that it's a bit steep (400/-) for 1.14gm, I mean you could get a matte lipstick from Lakme's very same range at that price! 
Whatever the case, this lip liner has taken over my favourite red lipstick now...Period!

Rating: 4.8/5



L'OREAL PROFESSIONAL Serie Expert Absolut Repair Lipidium : Review, Price

Hair Woes...most of us have!!
And few are blessed with naturally healthy and beautiful hair and concentrate on other worldly affairs ;) :P
I personally have very dull,dry,frizzy and lifeless hair thus rich nourishing serums are oxygen to my mane.
I have tired a few serums and potions earlier so this review would be a comparative one.

Price: 600/50ML

Given my hair texture and condition,I'm usually on a lookout for rich serums to make my hair manageable and boost some life to them and this search brought me here to use L'OREAL PROFESSIONAL Absolut Repair Lipidium.

There's nothing fancy about the packaging..a pump dispenser with a cap. Now I like the twist-lock pump dispensers..minus the cap..MORE. They just make more sense to me because, you don't need to worry about loosing the cap just twist the cap n throw it in your bag...but alas! That's not the case here!

The consistency is nice, its runny enough to spread easily and uniformly in to the hair yet not watery. I need 3 pumps of this on my medium length hair and concentrate more towards ends and work my way up.

Th smell is fresh,floral musky kinds and it is really long staying.I like how amazing my hair smell after I've applied this :)
Now coming to what it does!!! It detangles my dry hair really easily but this is something all my other serums have done :/
 The serum definitely makes my hair,soft,smooth and brings a healthy shine to them which stays until the next wash.
It manages the frizz and leaving the mane open is a lot more comfortable with L'OREAL PROFESSIONAL Absolut Repair Lipidium. 
But do not expect any miraculous repair of your dry/damaged/chemically treated hair with this. 
 It gives temporary results that are somewhat similar to other serums of the similar price range. 

**Do let me know in the comments below if you have used the shampoo and mask from this range,I'm wanting to try !!
Rating: 4/5


Lakme Gel Stylist Nail Polish in Tomato Tango : Review, Price, Swatches and NOTD

Before I begin with my experience of this nail paint, lemme tell you just HOW I wish that all these gel nail paints and 'twist-n-remove' kinda nail polish removers had launched back when I got married. 

Oh boy! Half of my honeymoon was spent in keeping the nail paint looking chip free and fresh..lol 

Getting back to the product in question.. "I don't like a true red nail varnish" said no woman ever!! I've always had one in my kitty..AAAALLLWAAAYYSSSSS..!!!

 I was so intrigued to see the celebrities wearing one on their broad based toes and used to wonder how come everyone has a broad nail bed and not me? Do they get it done going under the knife..haha female mind I tell you!!

Anyway.. long story short..I got this Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist nail paint in Tomato Tango in my recent haul and I love it!!

Price: INR 400/ 15ml (you can get it online here)

Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist nail paint in Tomato Tango is a gorgeous warm red..very classy..very sexy!! It brightens up my hands and hides minor flaws! 
  The brush is broad and fluffy,I can get my nail painted in just one dip, the second one is only for precision.
The formula is thick and pigmented..2 coats and you're done!

 The nail paint imparts a super glossy finish like you have a heavy duty top coat over it. 
The best thing is drying up between coats isn't a hassle. I do my left hand first and then the right and then I return to left for a second coat and it was all dry.. BEAT THAT! It didn't take more than 20sec to dry on me.
The staying power was a lil' bummer! I had high expectations from a GEL nailpaint. Even though the gloss stayed for almost a week, the third day saw tip wear off which went on to chip further :(
 If I add a few more bucks, I can get an OPI...or for that matter why wouldn't I buy a Maybelline Colorshow at the fraction of a price if the staying power is this?




L'oreal Paris Kajal Magique in Supreme Black: Review, Price, Swatch

I generally don't wear kajal/kohl on my waterline unlesss I'm seriously digging into an ethnic mode,so I would be seeing it more as a pencil eyeliner than kajal.

To begin with the supreme black tagline did ring a bell only to be found an exaggeration later on and similar was the claim of 12hr.
It's neither jet black nor THAT long lasting!
I find the maybelline's colossal and lakme iconic ones way better than this.
It does't smudge easily but the pigmentation is so poor that my heavens know how many swipes I needed to get a decent black eyeliner kinda effect..phewww!!!
I won't recommend this specially when there are so many kajals/kohls/pencil eyeliners available in the market in the same price bracket! 



Miss Claire Intense Butter Gloss in Chocolate Crepe : Review, Price, Swatches, LOTD

They say too much of anything is bad..for me too much of anything gets boring!!
To kill the matte lips boredom,I got myself Miss Claire Intense Butter Gloss in my recent haul..check out the pics before I tell you more!!

Price: INR 200/-

 Just like the Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Creams are said to be dupes of Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams, these butter glosses are known to be dupes of Nyx Butter Gloss!
This is the most pigmented and the best smelling lip gloss I have ever used. It smells like you have a scoop of both vanilla and butterscotch in your cone...too edible!!
The applicator,surprisingly,is very flexible unlike their matte lip cream ones and application is a cake walk!
These unlike those have NAMES...a BIG yayyy for that. The shade Chocolate Crepe BG-06 (BG is for Butter Gloss obviously) is somewhat a dupe of Nyx Praline. Its a perfect nude lip gloss for us Indians,brown with pink undertones. The shade below is the closest to the real!
It feels butter smooth and stays for about 3hours. I don't have huge expectations in terms of staying power from glosses or glossy lipsticks anyway plus it doesn't leave lips bare. When its gone,you are left with hydrated/nude tinted lips!
Being a gloss it does transfer,but that's only obvious!

Over All rating: 5/5



Let The Kids Have Fun in Water This Summer!! Kids Time Bubble Bath Review!

Image source: Google

Its summer friends...
and summer bring vacation along with them..
Oh No No!! I don't mean vacation to exotic location with us ladies going bonkers over shopping!!
I'm pointing towards the summer holidays that kids spend athome!
My son is seven and daughter isn't even a pre-schooler and my house looks like tsunami-hit these days :P
Out of all the activities through which I try to keep them occupied,the one they love is their bathing time...because it is a prolonnnnnnged one these days!!
The soaps and shower gels have given their way to the Kids Time Bubble Bath in the Mango Tango variant. Its manufactured in US and you can spot these in dollar stores across the country.They come in different variants and this one smells yummy (mango variants are so summer suited)
This is super cheap,you get 828ml for just 250/-
It is paraben-free (though it does have sodium laureth sulphate,but all that bubbling is pretty unimaginable without the SLS content)
It smells amazing and can be used as a top-to-toe wash (yup hair too) and yup it bubbles well!!
Secret Tip: I used it to wash my makeup brushes and they turn out to be squeaky clean and super soft :) :) :)

That's All folks!!
Happy Summer Vacations :D