Favourites From Faces Canada :Foundation, Concealer, Lipstick, Nail polish

5.8.22 1 Comments
I have used Faces Canada products in the past and have always loved them but there were a few cult favourites that I always wanted to try and never got my hands on for some reason or the other. This time I made sure to do a little haul and get a look and feel of them.
Let's head on and check what's in my kitty:

If you're someone who likes light weight foundations and if you dig in for a dewy finish and glowy look, you are on the right page...Please read on!!
Faces Canada Ultime Pro Second Skin Foundation has a great packaging. It comes in a frosty glass bottle with a dropper dispenser. I like my tinted products coming in a dropper packaging for the amazing quantity control it gives. Also building up a product becomes easy in this.
It is by and large fragrance free, just a mild powdery scent that is not bothering at all.
It is a very runny foundation and when I say very, I mean VERY. But the good part is, this consistency makes it blendable.
It gives a sheer to medium coverage which actually looks very natural and beautiful. If you're looking for a full coverage foundation, then this is not THE one.
This shade Ivory is the first shade in this foundation and it's lighter on me. It would suit light skintones (not even light to medium)
All in all its a great foundation for people with dry skin and works really nicely in cooler weather days.

It comes in a very classy, black, frost glass bottle with product name in gold. It has a regular sponge applicator which is practical and mess free. The formula is creamy and it blends easily and gives a seamless finish. It is non drying and does not look streaky or patchy. It definitely has high coverage, it conceals dark circles and spot in perfections easily. The shade Sand Beige 01 has light peach undertones to it. I generally use a corrector before a concealer but with this concealer I skip the corrector for its undertones and coverage. 
It's a bomb concealer and I can already see myself re purchasing it.

Faces Canada Comfy Matte Lip Color - Fixed it For You
It is comes in a beautiful gold tube which is see through to make the shade detection easy. The application gives a good control to shape and fill my lips. It is the kind of packaging that looks luxurious when you take it out for touch ups. 
As the name goes it is "comfy matte". The formula is so lightweight that it feels like nothing on the lips, literally nothing. It claims to have natural oils in it which makes it so non drying for a liquid lipstick. It is absolutely transfer proof and the staying power is no where less than 5 hours. 
The shade FIXED IT FOR YOU is a gorgeous mix of berry and plum. Something that goes with any coloured outfit. It is comes opaque in a single swipe. It will suit all skin tones alike whether fair, medium, or light.

This is not something I am trying for the first time. I've already tried and loved multiple shades from this range. They are one of the most long lasting nail paints in my stash. The shades I got are Snow 146 and Marigold 129. Snow as the name goes is a beautiful white with gorgeous shimmer while Marigold is a very sweet and summery coral shade. They apply non streaky give a fabulous finish and go on without chipping for a long time.

Faces Canada is a cruelty free, made in India brand.

Take care


Lotus Botanicals Skin and Hair care Products Review

3.8.22 1 Comments
As the awareness of personal care has grown over the years so has the market for the products related to beauty, skin and hair care.
Altho the shopping sites and offline stores are flooded with beauty and skin care products, it is still hard to find a brand that works on clean and green principles. The first thing I noticed about the brand Lotus Botanicals is that it's products are paraben free, silicone free, sulphate free, mineral oil free and cruelty free.
So much goodness....how could I not try their products!!!! So I got my hands on a few of their products. Let's see how my experience has been using these for a while now.

It comes in a lovely pump packaging. The best thing is that it even locks the pump for any unnecessary spilage. It has a mild fragrance of fresh flowers. The texture of the face wash is somewhere between a cream and a gel and that makes it perfect for all skin types. It made my dry skin so hydrated as if I have applied a light moisturizer after it. It takes of the makeup residue without much effort and makes the face squeaky clean. By all means it is my current favourite face wash.

It comes in a practical and eco friendly glass pump bottle. The face moisturizer has a smooth and creamy formula. It has a mild floral fragrance. It also has SBA 20 PA+++
It claims to be a light weight formula, boosts Radiance, repair and hydrates. It also claims to be good for all skin types but I think dry skin girls like me will need something extra in terms of hydration. The best discovery was that it surprisingly minimised my pores to some extent giving my skin smoother appearance. It is non comedogenic

It comes in a jar packaging. It smells beautifully of jasmine which is very calming. The texture of the youth Radiance cream is buttery smooth. It gets absorbed in the skin easily and moisturizes it. Once you apply it , you will feel the hydration sunk in to your skin. I like how luxurious it feels on skin and my skin totally loves it.

It comes in a see through pump packaging. It's consistency is really thick. Like really really thick. I had to take it in my palm and add some water to it to emulsify it and apply. It made the scalp and hair strands really clean. It did not dry out my hair. I really wish it was not so thick though. All in all its a good shampoo.

My experience so far with Lotus Botanicals has been good. They provide really good products without burning a hole in our pocket.


Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach

21.7.22 1 Comments
Makeup is all about hiding our flaws and accentuating our best features. 
In my case, I like to cover the darkness around my eyes and mouth and also a few spots and blemishes on my face. A concealer alone doesn't fully cover the darkness. If used alone, it leaves dark shadows and hinders the brightening up of under eyes. 
Here comes the work of correctors. Peach correctors work nicely in combating the darkness. The one in loving recently is the Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach

It comes in a tub packaging. I personally prefer bullet ones to avoid digging in fingers everytime.

It is very creamy in texture. This makes it very nicely blendable. It hydrates the under eye area that generally gets dry easily. Foundation and concelar sit very smoothly over it.

The shade is peach and it beautifully covers the darkness. It has just the right amount of warmth in it. In case you have intense dark circles, this might not work for you. For very deep dark circles, you need orange corrector.

Over all thoughts
It's a beautiful corrector that is non drying and super blendable. But I find it too pricey for it's goodness. It retails for 3400/- for 1.4 gm of product which is quite expensive.

It is available on Nykaa, Myntra and Bobbi Brown's own website.


R & G Facewash and Face Serum with Vitamin C: Review

11.1.22 29 Comments
Hey Folks,
Hope you are doing well and keeping safe!
In the current covid situation when we are almost heading towards another lockdown one thing that keeps me happy is taking care of my skin. Some time ago I got a chance to try  Rose and Gold skincare products like their face wash and their serum with vitamin c and here is my review of it.
R&G Face Wash:
All skin care routines begin with first cleansing the skin. There are tons of products available in the market termed as a face wash and face cleansers and I have tried a bunch of them during my blogging journey. I have been very particular about my face cleansers given the fact that I have a really dry skin which becomes dry in this cool winter months. The sum always on the lookout for hydrating cleanser which to not dry out my skin further. My experience with Rose and Gold Facewash has been an amazing one. From the packaging to the product there is nothing I can complain about. The packaging looks classy and it's very practical. The formula is neither too thick not too runny. It has a very refreshing mild fragrance of roses. It does its job of cleansing the skin really well without leaving it dry. I would like to sum up my experience in the following points:
⚪ It comes in a beautiful rose gold packaging.
⚪ The tube is convenient to use and travel friendly
⚪Feels like an high end product on skin
⚪Smells of rose water
⚪Lathers up into a dreamy smooth foam
⚪Cleanses well
⚪ Is gentle on skin and doesn't dry out
⚪Gives a luxurious experience
⚪ Suitable for dry to normal skin

R&G Face Serum with Vitamin C
Serums are quite a rage in the skin care routine in today's age. There are a bunch of serums available in the market which cater to different skin care needs. Rose and Gold Serum with Vit C is clearly one of the best and most hydrating vitamin C serum that I have used so far. It's quite runny and thus penetrates easily into the skin. With regular use of it, I noticed the brightness and suppleness in my skin. It cleans to provide an even skin tone and reduce dark spots as well. I'm happy to incorporate R&G Vitamin-C Face Serum in my Skincare routine. I am explaining my experience with the vitamin C serum in the following points for your ease:
⚪ Comes in a glass bottle with dropper
⚪ It is quite runny in consistency
⚪One of the most hydrating serums I've used
⚪Faint rose fragrance
⚪Brightens skin
⚪Visibly healthier looking skin
⚪ Leaves the skin well moisturised
⚪I'm definitely gonna repurchase it

I had an amazing experience with rose and gold products. The products are hydrating brightening and gave a really the luxurious experience. Highly recommend them and will surely repurchase.

Do not forget to follow the brands page on Instagram @roseandgold_india

You can use the code FACECARE10 to avail 10% discount

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Skincare By Do More Always: Face Wash, Sunscreen and Moisturiser: Review and Price

5.10.21 9 Comments
Good skin is the best makeup. I would have never believed in this saying more than I believe in it now. A beautiful healthy skin is all you need to glow and look fabulous. The market these days is flooded with skin care products,a new launch everyday. In a scenario like this, it becomes really difficult to figure out what is really good for your skin and whether the claims made by the skin care brands are actually true. A while ago I was sent a few skincare products by the brand DO MORE ALWAYS to try and share my experience. 

Let's talk about the :
Always cleanse face wash comes in a very convenient pump packaging. Its packaging makes it easy to use and travel friendly to since there are no issues of spillage here. The consistency of the face wash is very runny and almost like water. It doesn't lather too much. It claims to have Neem, aloevera, arabica coffee oil in it, which I must say is really impressive. It cleanses the skin really well. The best thing about the face wash is it doesn't dry out my skin. It has very mild to almost no fragrance. It is paraben free and silicone free.
MRP 400/- 60ml

ALWAYS hydrate moisturiser has Niacinamide, vitamin B5, vitamin e, shea butter and coffee oil. The moisturizer is very lightweight and feels comfortable on the skin. It hydrates the skin really well and the hydration stays on for a long time. I am not really a fan of fragrances in my skin care products and this moisturizer has a very mild fragrance, which almost goes unnoticed. Just like that face wash the moisturizer also comes in a convenient pump packaging which makes it really easy to use and easy to be carried along. It is paraben free silicone free and mineral oil free.
MRP 500/50ml

The Always Protect Sunscreen has spf 50+. It contains vitamin B5. The sunscreen is lightweight and non greasy which was a pleasant surprise. It can be worn as a sunscreen and moisturizer. It can also be worn under makeup. Like all other products this also comes in a convenient pump packaging.
MRP 500/50ml

Overall Experience:
From the product packaging to the ingredient list, I quite liked all the three products. They are travel friendly and they don't have strong fragrance to them. The products are paraben and silicone free and do what they claim to.
Don't forget to visit their website or click on the links mentioned in this post to buy the products at amazing discounts.


My shopping experience with Exclusive lane.com

11.4.21 14 Comments
Apart from being a makeup lover, I'm a huge fan of home decor too. Whenever I get a little time, I like to decorate my nest with beautifully hand crafted pieces. Earlier I used to love going to local markets in search of the hidden gems of home stuff but covid changed everything. With less social interactions and a general behaviour of avoiding crowd, I switched to online shopping for not just makeup and fashion but home decor too.
One such search lead me to exclusivelane.com and there was no looking back...!!!

Their website is a visual treat. It's very user friendly and even the elderlies and people who aren't very techno savvy can easily browse through it. 

The collection of hand crafted products they offer is droolworthy. Have a look at all the categories they cater to:

I ordered this beautiful lamp from them and I'm so happy to see that they deliver what they promise. 
Already a fan of their packaging.. We can't ignore the importance of secured packaging when one's ordering delicate/brittle pieces. Exclusive lane was smart enough to pack the lamp and shade separately and nicely. They made sure it reached me in fine condition.

Shopping with exclusive lane was a pleasurable experience and I can't wait to add more beauty to my house from their classy collection.



91Ayurveda Red Onion Black Seed Hair Oil and Coffee Lip Balm: Review

23.3.21 13 Comments
Onion Black Seed Hair Oil
Hair can be called one of the most defining quality of a person. Healthy, beautiful hair always leaves a lasting impression but having thick, shiny hair need a lot of TLC. 
Your crowning glory needs more than just a celebrity advertised shampoo. 91Ayurveda has come to the rescue to solve multiple hair problems with their Red Onion Black Seed Hair Oil.

It comes in a decent pump bottle making the application easy and mess free. The cap over it and shows that it is travel friendly too.

Price/ Quantity: INR 349/ 100ML

My Experience:
Hair oils were considered as century-old condition ers. They were known to repair weak and damage hair. Consistent application of hair oil is said to improve blood circulation and reduce hair fall.
91Ayurveda Red Onion Black Seed Hair Oil is a blend of 27 more essential oils and extracts. It has an amazing ingredients list that consists of of onion seed oil, black cumin seed oil, sunflower oil, Amla oil, sandalwood oil, almond oil, hibiscus oil etc.
What's even more interesting is that it contains no mineral oil, silicone or synthetic fragrance.
The thing I like most about this hair oil is that it is non sticky and non greasy. Also it does not smell of onions which makes it a Win-Win product.
I love it's cooling effect and the way it nourishes my hair. I highly recommend this Hair Oil blend.

Coffee Lip Balm
The coffee lip balm by 91 Ayurveda is full of good things to keep your dry and chapped lips hydrated and happy. It consists of cow ghee, coffee Oil,shea butter, almond oil, beeswax, coconut oil and other great ingredients. I have dry lips and it helps in keeping them moisturized.

The brand claims to be cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free, sulfate free and made in India.


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