Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Poliosh in Daisy Blue: Review, Price and NOTD

13.5.19 1 Comments
Totally in the blue phase these days.. so much so that I even bought blue curtains for the summer.  Wherever I go these days, my eyes are just looking for hues from navy blue to powder blue to even periwinkles. Anyway...jumping straight into the review...
Following my heart I bought this DAISY BLUE nail paint from Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist range although I noticed later I had same shade from another brand already in my nail polish collection. Meh!

  Price/Quantity : 300/ 15 ml

 My Quick 2 Cents:
  • The shade is a beautiful sky blue..perfect for summer! 
  • Brush is broad and fluffy.
  • Quite a lot of quantity.
  • Dries up fast thus saving the smudge.
  • Gives a glossy finish.
  • Stayed chip free for more than a week.
  • Is available at 20-30% discount on some or the other online shopping portal all the time.
Over All Thoughts
It gets a 5 on 5 from me!



Heng Fang Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow: Review, Price, FOTD and where to buy from!

11.5.19 3 Comments
To begin with, I've been wanting to try shimmery liquid eye shadows for the longest time now. Like everyone else, even I was eyeing the gorgeous Stila glitter and glow liquid eyeshadows but then while browsing on Instagram I chanced upon these beauties on some random makeup seller's page. The swatches were so endearing that I couldn't help but look for it. I checked on Amazon and it was being sold for 720/- a piece. Then I checked it on Ali Express and it was being sold for 125/- bucks mann!! 
(is their any other business that has a bigger margin?)
I bought just one shade of it to see it's quality and pigmentation and let's see what I found out.


The packaging is to die for. It's definitely inspired by Stila. The eyeshadow bottle is square, clean, rosegold and classy. The applicator is designed in such a way that applying it over a cut crease isn't difficult. It has its shade number at the bottom of it. All the details are given on the outer carton in their native language
 (made in China offcourse) which was of no use to me unfortunately.

Heng Fang Liquid eyeshadows come in a bunch of shades. They don't have names but numbers. The one I have is Shade no. #05. They market it as gold but it's actually a champagne colour as it doesn't have much yellow to it. I totally love the shade. It is very versatility and looks gorgeous as a topper over any colour of eyeshadow. 

My Take:

  • Dupe of Sleek Glitter and Glow liquid eyeshadows.
  • Classy Packaging
  • Good pigmentation
  • The shade 05 is very versatile and wearable at the same time.
  • Super affordable
  • Doesn't need an eyeshadow underneath.
  • Non- gritty
  • Avoid rubbing eyelids, it will come off.
  • Wait for it to dry before batting eyelids.
  • All the product details are written in Mandarin, so if you're someone who doesn't want to risk it before personally knowing the ingredient list and other deets...skip it!
  • Comes in many other shades and I am looking forward to trying the rest too.
Those were my two cents on the Heng Fang Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow. Hope you guys liked it. 



Focallure Limited Edition Twilight Eyeshadow Palette: Review, Swatches, Price and FOTD

10.4.19 3 Comments

After getting my hands on the Beauty Glazed Mars Palette which was last reviewed on my blog, I was excited to try more such palettes. So I did a bit of research on the gram and google offcourse and landed on this Focallure Twilight Palette which is a limited edition. This is my first purchase from this brand although I had heard about it earlier.

Price : INR 574/- (from Ali Express)
The same is being sold anywhere from 1000 - 1600 by instagram sellers!

Ingredient List: 

The packaging is sturdy with a huge mirror. It houses 18 square pans of matte and foil eyeshadows. It has a magnetic closure and is very travel friendly.


  • Naked- Cool-toned off white/ matte/ not pigmented
  • Camel- Warm-toned beige/ matte/ not pigmented
  • Tangerine- Terracotta/ matte/ pigmentation is okay
  • Amber- Deep terracotta with brown undertones/ matte/ well-pigmented
  • Needfire- Warm toned copper/ foil finish/ well pigmented
  • Tiramisu- Warm-toned deep brown / matte/ well pigmentation
  • The Palace- BEAUTIFUL Gold with lemon undertones/ foil finish/ well pigmentation
  • Sun Ray- Bronze/ foil finish/ good pigmentation
  • Summon- Duo-chrome,it appears green on the pan but comes out as brown with purple glitter on the swatch/ foil finish/ good pigmentation.
  • Byzantine- It is a UNIQUE shade,a periwinkle with purple glitters/ beautiful shimmer finish/ decent pigmentation.
  • Twilight Lavender- Purplish maroon/ satin finish/ Most pigmented in the whole palette
  • Magic- Dark brown/ matte/ Okayish pigmentation
  • Copper Rose- It appears brownish grey in the pan but comes out as warm toned chocolate/ satin finish/ well pigmented.
  • Sunrise- Trues warm-toned copper shade/ foil finish/ bomb pigmentation
  • Party- Brown with gold specks/ foil finish/ good pigmentation
  • Ruby- Coralish Red/ satin finish/ good pigmentation
  • Rose Vale- Berry-toned rose/ matte/ okay pigmentation
  • Chili- Dark grey almost leaning to black/ matte/ bad pigmentation
Looks Created Using Focallure Twilight Palette
Rather than one, I've tried to create three different looks from this palette to give a better idea to you lovelies. While one is an everyday warm toned matte eyelook, the other two are shimmery party eyelooks.
Hope you all will like them!

 My Take
  • The palette shows ingredient list.
  • It is cruelty free.
  • The foil shadows are nicely pigmented.
  • Few matte shades are packed with pigments too.
  • Matte shadows have fall-out issues. 
  • Periwinkle, one of the most beautiful and unique eyeshadow of this palette just refuses to pack o the lid easily.
  • The two dark shades (Magic and Chili) are poorly pigmented. These kind of shadows are importatnt in any palette for intensifying an eyelook or for the smokey eye. But they are dud here.
  • Although the palette has 18 eyeshadows, it majorly lacks a good highlighting shade for the brow bone and the inner corners.
Over All Thoughts
Focallure Twilight 18 eyeshadow palette was another ali express makeup find after the Beauty Glazed Mars palette. Honestly speaking I was a little skeptical about Ali express beauty products and how would they fair on my skin. But having seen them so much on the instagram and reading reviews of them nationally and internationally, I gathered courage to dive in. So far both the palettes have faired well, they have provided ingredient list
Given the price of the palette and the fabulous packaging, one can really not complain much. It has a beautiful amalgamation of matte, satin and foil shadows. The palette has it's own hits and misses. While few eyeshadows are bomb and instant love, the one's required to smoke out are pretty dud.
All in all, this is a good palette for beginners and for foil shadow enthusiasts. You might need a good matte black and a highlighting eyeshadow separately to create or complete your looks.



Beauty Glazed Mars Palette - A Dupe of Huda Beauty Ruby Obsessions Palette: Review Price Swatches EOTD

3.4.19 2 Comments
Hey My Loves..
Here's hoping you all are doing absolutely fine. I'm really excited about today's review. Few years back eyeshadows were overshadowed by lipsticks and other colour cosmetics and those who liked to do eye-makeup restricted themselves from using bold/wild colours. Earthy tones were then everyone's best friend. But times certainly have changed. While we still love subtle tones ans smokey eyes, we aren't afraid of turning heads with bright colours. There are truckloads of bright and colourful palettes available in the market today from high end to the drugstore ones, one of my favourite being the Juvias Place Masquerade Palette
Off late the instagram is flooded with so many brands that are affordable, come in good packaging, provide their ingredient list and have great quality too.
While browsing through Youtube, I chanced upon Tammi Clarke's (owwhhhh I love her) video in which she compared HUDA beauty Ruby Obsessions Palette to a dirt cheap Beauty Glazed Mars Palette and man!!! I was hooked to this little beauty!
I searched high and low on the internet and below are my findings:

I generally just write the price of the product and leave it at that but this palette needs special mention. While it is being sold anywhere between 850/- 1000/ in the name of a Huda Beauty dupe. I purchased it for $3.8 (270/- approx) with free shipping from AliExpress.


The packaging of the palette very chic. I like the size of the palette. It fits into my travel makeup case easily. Its a perfect square with 9 matte and shimmery eyeshadows. The palette lid has magnetic closure. It has all the details and ingredient list printed at the back of it. It would have been convenient if it housed a mirror too but at this price...Absolutely No Complaints!!

Shades and Finish:

Since Beauty Glazed Mars Palette is a dupe of Huda Beauty Ruby Obsessions, the palette basically revolves around the shades of red. Let's dig into it one by one:
  • 1. Flesh - matte/ medium pigmentation
  • 2. Berry - berry with red undertones and has pink and gold flecks/ well-pigmented
  • 3. Bronze - foil finish/ bomb pigmentation
  • 4. Deep Burgundy - matte/well pigmented
  • 5. Berry - foil finish/bomb pigmented
  • 6. Deep Khakhi - khakhi with brown undertones/satin to foil finish/superb pigmentation
  • 7. Deep Coral - matte/well pigmented
  • 8. Peach - matte/well pigmented
  • 9. Cherry Red - matte/okayish pigmented
My Take in a Jiffy!
  • Super affordable.
  • No fallout.
  • No patchiness
  • No staining.
  • Superb pigmentation. 
  • Mix of matte and shimmer shades.
  • Has options for transition shade, lid and smokey options.
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free.
  • Cute size.
  • Sturdy packaging.

The brand has come out with 5 palettes in this series. Each palette denotes a planet and revolves around a particular colour. As of now I'm in love with this palette and I do plan to buy more of these ;)


Be Stylish and Organized with Urby Passport Holder : Review!

8.3.19 2 Comments

"I don't want to see new places"
said no one ever!!
Everyone has their own reason to travel to different places on the globe. I, to begin with have more places within the boundaries of our country that I'd like to explore than outside it. Off course the world is beautiful and waiting to be explored but i'd first tick off all that India has to offer.  The reason why I would like to travel would be getting an exposure of the different lifestyles and cultures of the place being visited. The way they make/decorate their houses, the clothes they wear, the festivals they celebrate and off course the food they relish is all too engaging and enticing for me at the same time.
With traveling comes along my habit of staying organized whether at home or on a wanderlust. From separate zipper pouches for different belongings to listing what I have and what I need to buy, I  like them planned. Recently I chanced upon the website URBY 
that manufactures personalized lifestyle products like bags, wallets, watch organizers, passport holders and stuff and I was pleasantly surprised. They have given a dashing name to the passport holder-Parker!

About Parker-Passport Holder

Parker is an elegant travel case to organize your most important documents through the moments of your journey. Passport, boarding pass, most important ID & airline cards are neatly organized within the Parker. Its sumptuous leather makes it a pleasure to hold it in your hand, as well its small size makes it really convenient to carry it in your pocket.

Add personalisation to make your Parker truly unique

 The passport cover arrived in a jute pouch with drawstrings housed in a classy and sturdy black cardboard box. The box has the brand name URBY written in gold and looks quite exquisite. Infact both the pouch and the box can be used to store your little pieces of jewellery later.

About The Passport Holder

Parker Passport Holder is an elegant travel case to organize your most important documents through the moments of your journey. Passport, boarding pass, most important ID & airline cards are neatly organized within the Parker. Its sumptuous leather makes it a pleasure to hold it in your hand, as well its small size makes it really convenient to carry it in your pocket.

Add personalisation to make your Parker truly unique!!

  • Easy slide in sleeve for passport 
  • Fits both 36 page and 60 page passport
  • 4 quick access card slots
  • Open inside pocket for quick cash and other documents
  • Back pocket for receipts, foreign currency and more.
  • Rich poly interior for slim finish.
  • Handmade by skilled craftsmen
  • Comes incased in drawstring bag for protection
  • Dimensions: 14cm x 10cm
  • Material: Premium quality real leather.

My Take & Final Thoughts

 Being an organization freak, I totally loved the Urby Parker Passport Holder. It retails for INR 990/-
 It looks chic and stylish and what really adds exclusivity to it is the chance to get it personalized with your initials. It could be a perfect gift for your loved ones too who I'm sure would be exhilarated to see their initials on it. I chose the colour black but it has various other colour options too to suit your fancy. The brand also offers Wallets for men and women which are an absolute must to be checked. You never know your wallet hunt stops right over here.

Disclaimer: This post is written in collaboration with Urby, however the opinion expressed here is our own.


Best Neutral Colourpop Liquid Lipsticks for All Indian Skin tones!! Review , Swaches and FOTD

12.2.19 1 Comments
We all love the concept of a perfect nude lip but a good neutral/nude lipstick is really hard to come by. 
Some are too dark to be called natural looking while few are so light that they wash us out and then there are those which match our lips SO PERFECTLY that they make us look as if our lips just don't exist.

Since we all either love colourpop lipsticks or want to try one, I though why not dig through and find out one colourpop for each Indian skintone be it light, medium, deep or deeper.

These retail for $6.5 on the colourpop website. Colourpop offers free international shipping on orders above $50. You can also get these from few online/instagram sellers
(though offcourse at a higher price)

Here are the 4 colourpop liquid lipsticks that I'm gonna talk about:


Let's jump right in to the review: 
Dopey is from the Ultra Satin range. It doesn't dry out the lips too much like the Ultra Matte ones. It dries down to a satin-matte finish.The shade is a cool-toned pinky-nude. It will suit lighter to light-medium skin tones (NC 30 or below). Deeper skintoned beauties, stay away from this because it will wash you out. It transfers slightly.

Beeper is my everyday nude lipstick. It is a medium brown with mauve undertones. It has that stoney-grey kinda tint. It is from the ultra matte range and is completely transfer proof. It is one of the longest staying nude lipstick I have. It lasts me a whole day with meals. You will need an oil based remover to get this off. It will suit light to medium skin tones (NC35 or below).

 Barracuda is from the ultra satin range and doesn't dry matte. Although it transfers a bit, it is a very comfortable formula. It is two shades darker and a bit warmer than Beeper. Baracuda is described as deepened rose on the colourpop website but on me it appears to be a medium brown with slight burgundy undertones. 
This is one shade and formula that people of all skin tones can apply blindly.
Love Love Love!

 Softii is a cool toned maroonish brown. It is again a very beautiful shade but it goes a little darker on me. It comes out gorgeous on deeper skin tones. If you are NC44 and above...babe, this is for you!
It is ultra matte and super long lasting.

That was all ladies!
Hope its is helpful and hope you like it.



Juvias Place Masquerade Palette: Review, Swatches, FOTD

6.2.19 0 Comments
Juvias Place has made a special place for itself in the beauty world of colour cosmetics. All it's products including eyeshadows, highlighters, blushes and lip products are quite popular among the beauty enthusiasts. but the one product that the brand is actually raved so much about is it's eyeshadows. The brand is owned by a beautiful lady of colour and that could be a reason for it selection of fearless and bright shades. The palette that I'm going to talk about today is The Masquerade Palette.

Price: $25

 Just like shade selection, the outer packaging of this palette is bright and beautiful. The 16 pans of gorgeous eyeshadows are housed in a shocking pink outer case and a bright yellow inner one. The packaging is quite sturdy but I do miss a mirror considering it is a huge palette and could have incorporated a decent size mirror easily. The eyeshadow pan size is pretty huge and hitting pan is nowhere in the scene.

Eye shadows 
The Masquerade boasts of an amazing amalgamation of warm and cool toned eyeshadows. It has everything from bright greens,blues,purples and pinks to muted and deep warm neutral tones. Having said all the nice things,there's one shade that i absolutely miss in this paltte and that is a matte black eyeshadow.
Let's get down to the shades breakup:
  •  CHI- Royal Blue / Satin finish / Very pigmented
  •  MALI- Sea Green / Satin finish / Very pigmented
  •  DALIA- Deep Turquoise / Satin finish / Bomb pigmentation
  •  ZOLA- Mid tone turquoise with green undertones/ Satin finish / Bomb pigmentation
  •  MAKEDA- Bright purple / Satin finish / Very pigmented
  •  ZOBO- Deep Magenta / Matte finish / Very pigmented
  •  CALABAR- Cranberry with red undertones / Satin to foil finish / Super pigmented
  •  BORI- Hot pink with fine gold flecks / Matte / Very pigmented
  •  GIZA- Shimmery Cream,great for highlight / pressed pigment kinda bomb finish
  •  BURKINA- Mid tone muddy brown / Matte / Less pigmented
  •  CAIRO- Burnt orange with gold flecks / Matte / Very pigmented
  •  ADA- Deep Terracotta / Matte / Decent pigmentation
  •  DAHIA- Warm Champagne / Satin -foil finish / Very pigmented and is a beautiful highlighter
  •  ZULU- Mid tone warm brown / Matte / Okayish pigmentation
  •  CASABLANCA- Coppery gold / Foil finish / Bomb pigmentation
  •  FULANI- Deep brown / Matte / Very pigmented
My Take:
Juvias Masquerade Palette is my all time favourite eyeshadow palette. It is very reasonably priced for the quality and quantity that it offers and can come under the umbrella of drugstore eye shadows.

I personally love the versatility of the palette. It can easily be divided in to a warm neutral palette and a cool-toned colourful one. While the top two rows have bright  and bold colours which give so much opportunity to let the creative juices flow and come out with innovative eye looks, the bottom two rows have beautiful warm toned shades to create everyday eye looks without much schbang.
The two highlighters are good enough to give that blinding glow and I love reaching out for them not just for the brow bone but also as a general face highlighter.
The texture of the eyeshadows is buttery soft. In the pigmentation department they are unbeatable. 
Now coming to the cons of the palette, I really miss a mirror in it. Given its size, it could have easily housed a mirror and that would have made it so travel friendly.
Secondly, it is totally lacking a matte black eyeshadow which is so much needed to intensify the look. I have to reach out to another palette just to smoke out my outer corners.
Thirdly, the shade Bori which is a bright hot pink stains a bit but somehow I've noticed that with all my pink eyeshadows.
Lastly and unfortunately, it's not available in India. You can buy directly from its website or through Instagram sellers ( who obviously charge much extra than its actual price..but...)
So yeah keep your eyes open when some friend/ relative/ or you yourself visit abroad next time :P
Final Word:
 Get it if you can...it all you need!!
LOVE it!



Haul Post: Wet n Wild teeny weeny haul and First Impressions

23.1.19 2 Comments
To begin with, I'm sitting with my fingers crossed that no more sales and discounts appear on my phone screen now..
BUDGET Belleza is hauling like there's no tomorrow!!

 Although I was in a minimalism kinda phase in my life where I decided to shop from my stash and finish what I have before piling up on other stuff, all my plans doomed during the past week. 
From home decor to kitchen needs to footwear to offcourse makeup, I shopped pretty extensively( BUT not to forget I got amazing deals).

Anyway..so if you're following me on Instagram (which you should coz I'm pretty active there :P) you'd know that 2 days back I posted in my stories about the ongoing flipkart sale on beauty brands and how you can benefit from it.That's when I bought Wet N Wild products.
So let's head right on to the products and my first impressions about them:

Wet N Wild Photofocus Face Primer:
I love trying new primers but I'm not a big fan of mattifying face products since I have a really dry skin. To my surprise it's a creamy primer but I don't think it does the job as good as the silicone based primers in blurring the imperfections.

Wet N Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette in Rose' in the Air
This is such a hyped and raved eyeshadow palette. It seemed to be everyone's favourite over the social media. The shade selection allows both neutral and bold eyelooks. I just can't wait to work with this one!

Wet N Wild Megalast Lipstick in 
Sandstorm and Mocha-liscious:

This is my first time purchase and to be honest the packaging is too flimsy. I hate that some part of the bullet stays exposed even after fully twisting it back. It will definitely be prone to breakage.
 The shade Sandstorm is an adorable peachy nude that would look flattering on light to medium skin tones.
Mocha-liscious is a beautiful cool-toned brown with mauve/grey undertones.
The formula seems comfortable.

Wet N Wild Megalast Catsuit Liquid Lipstick in 
Give Me Mocha
Where do I begin with...???
As of today, this is my favourite nude/neutral/natural/mlbb lipstick. It is a mid-tone brown that would look beautiful on all skin tones alike. It has the best doe-foot applicator ever. It doesn't seem to be super duper pigmented also I'm yet to test it's longevity.

Wet N Wild Color Icon Kohl Eyeliner in 
Calling Your Buff/ Rose Naturel
It's a kohl pencil that is beige/flesh like in colour. It is to be applied on the water-line and it opens up the eyes. It seems very creamy and pigmented, although I'm yet to apply it in my eyes. Also flesh toned kohls always look way better than the white ones. So yeah!

Wet N Wild Retractable Brow Pencil in Ash Brown
THIS is a BOMB purchase guys. It comes in the packaging that is identical to the ones from Sugar and many other brands with the product on one side and the spooly kinda brush on the other. The shade Ash Brown looks very natural. It is very pigmented. 
Highly recommend!!

Wet N Wild Proline Felt Tip Eyeliner in Black Noir
I already own a brown shade of this.This one is very black. It applies nicely and dries really quickly. It leaves a slightly glossy finish. The con is that it is not water proof, infact if you smudge it with your finger a few times and it'll 
disappear :(

That All Folks!!
Hope you liked the haul and let me know in the comments below what would you like to purchase out of these..if any :)


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