How To Make Your Own Lip Kit At Dirt Cheap Price!!!

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Beauty trends are blinding...and more so, post the Instagram era!!
 One thing that saddens me is that too much of information laid on our platter is actually killing our power to innovate and create our own little DIY ways of following the trends with a happy pocket! I mean why on earth do you want someone else to match a liquid lipstick and a lip liner for you? Isn't that what we all have been doing to keep our creamy/bleeding lipsticks in their place all this while?
I wouldn't call this a cheaper version of Kylie Lip Kit or the Huda ones because you do get good quality when you spend on the bigger brands but this is functional and definitely 

Things You'll Need!!
  • Liquid Lipstick
  • Matching Lip Liner

Liquid Lipstick: Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Creams
Price: INR 165/-
 I went for the Miss Claire Lip Creams in place of the liquid lipsticks. These are clear dupes of the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams. The texture is a dream on your lips. They are buttery soft, smell like vanilla and stay on for a decent amount of time. 
Look at the price..I ask no more!!
I just have one complain from them, although they come in around 60 shades; the shades are pretty much similar with loads of pinks and corals...a few reds and oranges...and just 2-3 nudes and browns!
Having said that, you can opt for any other liquid lipstick since even Indian market has no dearth of it anymore. A few suggestions would be from Lakme, Revlon, Colorbar, Colourpop, Sugar Cosmetics.

 Lip Liner: Miss Claire Glimmersticks for Lips
Price: INR 30/-
After having such a wonderful experience with their Lip Creams, I was dying to give their lip liners a try and finding that they only retailed for 30/- I ordered three. Now these aren't really the creamiest lip liners that I have used. They might not fare well if you would try to apply them all over your lip, but as a lip liner they work okay..and don't forget 30/-
Since they are on the drying side,moistening  of the lips using a lip balm is highly recommended.
(I love their lip creams But I'm surely never repurchasing their lip liners)

The lip combos thus are:
Miss Claire Lip Liner in Romantic Pink (L-20) With Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Cream in 17A

Miss Claire Lip Liner in Pretty Pink (L-15) With Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Cream in 12

Miss Claire Lip Liner in Nude Wine (L-19) With Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Cream in 10

The prices mentioned here may vary from seller to seller and consequently the price of the combo may go up or down. I have mentioned the price at which I got the products.
So let your creative juices flow and create your own lip kits !!
Hope you liked the post..stay tuned for more!



Sleek i-Divine Palette in ALL NIGHT LONG : Review and Swatches

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To begin with,this mini palette was a freebie with the other purchases from Sleek and freebies are pure Love ❤️.

If  I had to choose a mini version of any sleek palette, it probably would have been this..ALL NIGHT LONG palette only. 
Read on to know why..
  The palm - sized palette houses 12 tiny eyeshadow pans. Let's jump to the swatches first:-

  • Belini- silvery-milky pink; shimmery; less pigmented
  • Negroni- deep muddy brown; matte; well pigmented
  • Martini- looks champagne in the pan but comes out as warm-toned silver; shimmery; decently pigmented
  • Prosecco- gold; shimmer,almost foil finish; well pigmented
  • Kir Royale- silver with peach undertones; satin; poor pigmentation
  • Mimosa- Warm brown with terracotta undertones; somehwre between satin and shimmer finish; decent pigmentation
  • Champagne- pale gold; shimmer; pigmentation oisn't impressive
  • Spritz- gun-metal with brown undertones; shimmery; very well pigmented
  • Mai Tai- almost skin tone,this is most disappointing in terms of colour and pigmentation; matte; doen't show up at all
  • Cosmopolitan- A shade deeper than Belini and more pigmented; mauvy rosegold; beautiful shade; satin/shimmer; well pigmented
  • Daiquiri- beautiful but tricky shade;warm medium toned copper-brown; would look amazing on our skintone; well pigmented
  • Manhattan- The BOMB..one of the most beautiful shades I've ever come across; orangey copper; foil finish; fiery pigmentation..one swipe and done!LOVE
I did not experience any fall out from this palette. Pigmentation of the shadow varies but there's no dud pan other than Mai Tai. I love the fact this has all day to night shades and being in the neutral zone, the shades would go on equally well on any attire or look.
 It is basically a shimmery palette and would be great for travels. 
I love its combination of warm tones and cool tones and that it compliments our Indian skins superbly well.


Garnier Cleansing Micellar Water: Review, Price and Demo

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Out of all the good habits I've ever had, removing makeup before sleeping should be awarded as the best one. Back in the college, when makeup just meant "fair and lovely" tube (gosh that pink and white tube is so vivid in my memories), I always returned home to wash off my face first most probably with the bathing soap.
(maybe second,first I washed hands :P) 
Times passed.. makeup no more meant the humble pink-white tube, soaps were cutely replaced by cleansers and cleansing milks and now Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water!!!
The importance of removing every trace of makeup calls for an altogether dedicated post but to keep things short and sweet, below are the pointers telling why makeup removal should be holy grail for anybody who applies any cosmetic product on their face:
  • Makeup overnight blocks pores thus causing acne/pimple.
  • Clogged pores become larger as the skin looses it's elasticity since it is dry,thus cannot produce collagen and repair itself.
  • Not being able to repair skin means aging of the skin earlier.
  • The skin becomes dull and wrinkly.
  • Overnight makeup may result into infection and rash.
Bottom line...Never leave makeup on !!
Heading over to the Product of the day:
 Price vs Quantity: INR 175/125ml



Garnier Micellar Water comes in a see-through plastic bottle with a bright pink flip-open cap. The packaging is clear,practical and girly!

My Experience:
Garnier Miscellar Water is said to be a dupe of the much raved Bioderma Micelle Solution which is a French pharmacy product and much pricier than it's Garnier counterpart. 
Garnier Miscellar Water works on the principle of micelles which are tiny oil particles suspended in soft water. Micelles are attracted to dirt, grime and oil and they draw out impurities without making your skin dry. Garnier Micellar Water claims to clean all your makeup and that "no rinse is required" after that. The brand also promises 200 uses from the bottle.
To test it, I used it on a full face of makeup with foundation,eyemakeup and lipstick. 
My findings are:
  • It is easy to control the quantity required on your cotton pad.
  • It is colourless and fragrance-free.
  • You'll need to take some Micellar water on a cotton pad and apply on the makeup area and keep the pad on for sometime for the makeup to break.
  • It did not sting my eyes. (Hello! Contact wearers)
  • It took me 2 cotton pads to remove my makeup but I did take a third one for the stubborn waterproof mascara and total satisfaction.
  • It worked great!!!
  • It is very economical.
Now my makeup removing routine has been the most infancy one you'll ever come across (definitely not from a beauty blogger) primarily because:
1. I don't wear makeup on a regular basis.
2. I've been blessed with a fairly good skin (thanks dad!). So the lazy me never tried to better it up.
3. I'm a mom of two.. Brushing my teeth and Washing my face off before bedtime itself is a luxury for me.

Still being a fan of double cleansing, I usually wipe my makeup off with coconut oil and then wash my face with cleanser and water.
But since the brand claimed "no rinse", I tried it and honestly \I didn't feel the need to double cleanse. Now that I have very dry skin,I can only assume it fares well and does not dry the normal/combination/oily skin. In my case following it up with a facial oil or moisturizer is extremely important.

Garnier Miscellar Water has definitely made life easier and you are left with NO EXCUSE to skip the makeup removing schedule,whether at home or travelling. 

But Oh Yes!!! Don't forget to buy cotton balls/pads..it's of no use without those :P 
Rating: 4.5/5 

Much Love!!


Maybelline Colorshow Bright Sparks in Molten Maroon: Review, Price, NOTD

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A quick review of the nail polish that I totally digged in all through the winter...Maybelline Colorshow Bright Sparks in Molten Maroon.
Maybelline Colorshow nail paints was one of the best budget launches ever. They packaging is cute... the quantity just fine to finish in your lifetime... the shade range is pretty okay too!!
Comes in the regular color show round bottle with the shade name engraved on the bottle cap. I like this idea better than the details on the sticker thing.
It retails for 120/- rupees and is mostly on discount.
The shade Molten Maroon is a gorgeous deep wine/burgundy. After 2-3 coats, it becomes almost ox-blood...true love!!
I love to pair this nail paint with the Maybelline Creamy Matte liptick in Burgundy Blush
The picture is taken on the third day post application. You can see the edges getting slightly faded but definitely no chipping.
This is one of my favourite winter look combo..
Hope you guys like it :)
Much Love


Sugar Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick in Wine And Shine (08): Review, Price, Swatch, Dupe and FOTD

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Heyaaaa Bellezas..
How are you all doing?
I know I know..I have been posting much about the brand Sugar lately and I'm not promising this is the last one :D
What to do, I love it when Indian brands come up with good quality makeup and we don't have to sit swooning over foreign cosmetic brands for their quality and variety. Although Sugar products can't be categorized as cheap drugstore makeup as per Indian standards (price wise), the quality they provide justifies the mid-range they are offered at.
 Up today is the review of one of their most talked about shade from their Smudge Me Not line..WINE AND SHINE
 I would probably be the last one to own this shade but then guys I owned it way before posting this review :P

Price: INR 499/ 4.5ml

Sugar Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick in Wine And Shine comes in a peppy-quirky cardboard box that has all the details. How I wish the ingredient list and expiry date were mentioned on the tube itself! Do you save the outer cartons of your makeup products? 
Anyway, the product comes in a see through tube and interestingly the product itself is visible in a lipstick bullet shape.The applicator is flexible and allows easy movement along the lips. Small wand size is always good to be precise with your application and this just does that!

Shade: Wine And Shine

The shade is described as Sangria by the brand itself. It the most beautiful deep berry with purple undertones. Its definitely one of the most beautiful liquid lipstick in my stash. I can guarantee that this stunning lipcolour will make heads turn when you wear it. I have been asked about the shade every single time I've worn it. Itadds beauty to your complexion no matter what skin colour you have. Infact, if you want one colour from this range..pick this one up!

Texture,Pigmentation and Longevity
It is really smooth to apply. It's neither too runny nor anything mousse-like. It settles to a super-matte finish. Since it is on the drying side, it is highly recommended to exfoliate and moisturize the lips well to avoid flaky application. 
Wine and Sine is superbly pigmented. You get an opaque colour payoff in a single swipe. Although I usually don't use lip liners with all my lipsticks,with this it becomes indispensable because with such good pigmentation you cannot take the risk of going out of your boundaries.
Now who doesn't wish for a longstaying liquid lipstick? Add to that drugstore liquid lipstick! This is just that!! It stayed on me throughout the day with light meals and coffee...Daaayum it's Smudge Proof..to the extent that you cannot wash it off with a regular cleanser. I have to use coconut oil to get rid of this rigid beauty.

Here's how Wine and Shine looks on yours truly:

Dupe Alert
My love for fuschia-purple liquid lipstick has brought me to the stage where I have dupes of my own buys in my stash. So,cutting it short,if you want to try this but not shell 500 bucks then you can get Incolor Matte Me 405 at the half price. They are very similar in colour,texture and staying power just that Wine and Shine is a little deeper than Incolor 405.
Check the swatches below:

Incolor 405 is a dupe of Sugar Wine and Shine
Until we meet again..


Yami Organic Homemade Herbal Face Pack

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Good skin is a priority! Since our skin plays such an important role in protecting our body, we should keep it as healthy as we can. Fresh and vibrant skin signifies that you take good care of your health internally and externally.
Aestheticians and beauticians world world believe that face masks don't just offer results that improve the overall appearance of the skin, they can also be quite therapeutic.This led me try out the very homemade Yami Herbal Face Pack.

It comes in powder form in a plastic bag housed in a huge tub.

The ingredient list of the product is pretty impressive comprising of almonds,pistachios,orange peel potato starch and the likes. All these ingredients are not new to us in terms of skin care.
I like the fact that unlike its other homemade counterparts, it needs to be applied only for 10 minutes. I have generally used herbal face packs that mentioned a wear-time of 15-20 minutes.
It says it is suitable for all skin-types but I would recommend preparing it in milk if you have dry skin whereas people who have oily skin can mix the powder in curd to form a paste.

Unlike the ready to apply face packs in the market, this one has to be prepared and that makes it a little less convenient and less travel friendly.
Like most natural organic products, it doesn't smell pleasant. Moreover, the smell doesn't go even after washing it off. I would suggest using a nice smelling moisturizer after this to not get perturbed.
Since I have dry skin, I mixed the powder with some milk to form a paste and applied it on my face and neck for 10 minutes (although I clicked the picture after just applying on my face only). Then I scrubbed it off and washed my face with lukewarm water. 
It made the face really clear and bright and scrubbing it off worked as exfoliation. The skin was soft and supple. I followed it up with a moisturizer (had to ward off the smell)!
If you follow me on instagram,I posted a picture of this face pack quite a while ago. But since skin care products take a lot of time to show up ( more so if they are organic/ayurvedic) the post is coming up now after few uses of it.
If you are ready to deal with the mess of making an all herbal paste for a clearer,brighter skin..dive in!


P.S. The product was sent to me but my review is honest.Read Disclaimer


Sugar Contour De Force Face Palette in Subtle Summit 01: Review, Swatches and Price

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Sugar Cosmetics is making waves in the Indian cosmetic industry with their new launches every now and then. Their range of lip products is also impressive ;from matte to cream lipsticks and from lip crayons to liquid lipsticks you can find it all under the Sugar umbrella. I have tried their lip crayons Rose Dawson and Voila 
and I can say, I like how smoothly they apply and yet how matte they end up in a matter of few minutes. Another major like about these is that pigmentation isn't an issue with them nomatter how light the shade is and so is the case with their staying power too. Off late I've become a sucker for staying power. I can gladly skip a lip product even if I like a particular shade to death, if it doesn't stay put for a considerable amount of time...not a reapplying girl :/
Coming back to today's product...Sugar Contour De Force Palette. 
The brand launched two variants of their bronzer-highlighter-blush trios: 01 Subtle Summit and 02 Vivid Victory.
I chose 01 Subtle Summit basically because I fell for the shades of bronzer and highlighter...I'm not much of a blush person anyway!

Price vs Quantity: INR 799/12gm


The trio comes housed in a cardboard box with a magnetic closure and a mirror. The purple box looks sassy till it is closed. On opening the packaging isn't anything luxe. I'm not a fan of cardboard packaging anyway but since it is sturdy I guess it will be more travel-friendly than it's plastic counterpart. I've always been a big fan of palettes rather than singles. They are easy to carry around when you are travelling and even if you are not moving around just carrying one palette in your hand that suffices the work of three different products makes it worth.

The con with this palette is that all the details (ingredients,manufacturing date,shelf life etc.) are given on the outer black case and not on the trio palette itself.
Secondly, what irked me was that if the contents of the trio had their own names when they come in singles,why weren't the same printed on the palette too?
Correct me if I'm missing out on something!!
Tip: Write the major details like expiry and stuff at the back of the palette with a thin permanent marker! Atleast I'll do that!

01 Subtle Summit
 01 Subtle Summit 
Bronzer- Taupe Topper
The bronzer and highlighter like I said was the major reason I delved into this palette rather than 02. It is a cool toned,muddy brown and I like my bronzers like that. Even though we are warm toned, I somehow feel that warm bronzers end up looking orangey and fake. Whereas,this creates a perfect shadow like contour. The texture is smooth and that assists nice blending.
Highlighter- Champagne Champion
The highlighter of this trio is a gorgeous champagne..rightly named! It is what a highlighter should be. It is intensely pigmented and would look beautiful on a spectrum of skintones. Given the bomb it is, it's highly recommended that initially a lighter hand is used to apply and don't forget to dust off the extra product that your brush picks up to avoid looking like a ball of shimmer.
Blush- Peach Peak 
In the pan, it looked like dusty mauvy pink and I was wondering why the hell it's named Peach Peak. But on applying it didn't come off as cool-toned as it appeared in the pan. It does have a peach undertone to it..but basically it is a muted dusky pink. I like that it is absolutely matte and a nice daytime blush.
As I mentioned,palettes are my thing and if all the contents of the palette are more than satisfactory then it's a win-win situation. Both the contour and highlighter are my favourite out of this palette (only because i don't use blush much). The staying power was great when I applied these directly over my foundation, whereas the effect wasn't that long lasting when applied over pressed powder for obvious reasons.
I do find 800/- bucks a bit steep for drugstore but then sugar isn't a cheap drugstore brand anyway so....
I'm skipping FOTD this time..lemme know if you want to see how it looks on me!

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