Blue Heaven Cookie and Soufflé Chocolate Flavoured Air Whipped Lip Cream

22.2.24 1 Comments


To begin with, I’m absolutely delighted with the way the Indian make-up brands are elevating their game in the beauty market. This product is an excellent example of the same. from the packaging to the formula, it’s a sure short winner.


The outer wrapper gives full on chocolate vibes. Inside it is housed the lipstick in a chocolate printed cardboard box. https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1dxhrFe69qpxTt2yAgXmw33gn6sAM1UGB
The tube comes in a classy glass look packaging with markings in gold. The drop shaped applicator with cavity in the centre to deposit. The product is very practical.
The lipstick formula is magical. Like they described it. It is an air whipped lip cream. It feels like ‘nothing’ on the lips but leaves a deep pigmentation in a single swipe. It is buildable and gets deeper with each swipe till it attains its maximum saturation. It doesn’t dry out the lips at all even after long hours of where the plant claims it is infused with cocoa butter and rose oil. 

The fragrance does full justice to the whole chocolate theme. It has a strong caramel chocolate scent to it which might annoy sensitive nose.


The shade range is what the brand needs to work on. Currently it is launched in 12 shades ranging from browns to nudes with peach and pink undertones. We definitely wish to see a wide range of colours. 

This particular particular shade is Cocoa addict. It is a medium brown that would work as a perfect nude lipstick for deeper skin tones and a deeper nude for light to medium skintones. It is a very close match to NYX liquid Suede in the shade Soft-Spoken which was my go to lipstick for a very long time .

I’d just say go grab one shade of your choice. from this range. It is at least try worthy.

Mrp: 499, but available at discount on different ecom sites. I got mine for 249/- Do your math before purchasing


TBS Fuji Green Tea Eau De Cologne: Review

27.10.23 2 Comments
The weather is changing and with the change of weather our choices change. This is what keeps life rolling in an interesting way. Just like my lighter fabrics are making way for my warmer ones, my summery fragrances too are taking a back seat for woodier ones. But before I stack away my summer perfumes, I wanna wear this one favourite of mine a bit more. We’re talking about The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Eau De Cologne. The best things in life don’t last forever nor does this fragrance. It’s one of the much loved and raved scents by TBS and only God knows why they decided to discontinue it. 

Brand Description:
Awaken and revive the senses with the sophisticated aroma of our citrus fresh scent of fuji green tea eau de cologne. It’s the perfect blend of green tea, bergamot, lemon and mandarin top notes with a floral heart of camellia, jasmine and violet. Refreshingly light and crisp, it’s a classic scent for daytime sophistication. Discover more about the green tea ceremony.

My thoughts:


I can absolutely not get over this refreshing and long lasting fragrance. It is the “Helloo !!! Wake up!!” at the first spritz kinda scent. Green tea is loved as a summer scent and the added citrusy notes make it a perfect daytime perfume. It is a fairly long-lasting fragrance. I can feel it on me even after a whole day although it is very noticeable for the first 4 to 5 hours after that it starts fading beautifully.   The middle notes are floral and that makes it settle down beautifully because a lot of times I have fallen for the top notes and my love for it is lost after the first few sniffs but this one is love till eternity. 

Pro Tip: if You Are in love with a fragrance, try layering it up with the same range of products. In this case, I layer it on the Fuji green tea shower gel and the results are fabulous.

Pro Tip 2: by back ups of products, you love, because you never know when they’re gone :D



Revlon Colorstay Satin Ink Lipstick: Review

4.7.23 3 Comments

Before jumping on the review, lemme tell you beauties I’m a convert. Drying mattes was never my thing even when they was in trend. But now I don’t even enjoy comfy mattes. 

I’m all about juicy, shiny lips… :D
Let’s head over to the product of the day today…


We’re talking about the Revlon Colorstay Satin Ink Lipstick. Back in the day, Revlon and L’Oréal were THE brands for the makeup lovers… that is if anyone gravitated beyond the household Lakmé!

Heading in to the lipstick…


  • It comes in a smart colour coded tube with a perfect pointy drop shaped applicator with a cavity in the centre to deposit the product.
  • The formula is thin and comfortable on the lips.
  • By and large it is odourless. Just  has a faint vanilla smell in the tube but it’s almost negligible once applied.
  • It is pretty pigmented.


  • The finish is somewhere between a demi-matte and glossy. It looks like a creamy matte bullet lipstick on my lips.
  • Unlike other demi matte or glossy liquid lipsticks, Revlon Satin Ink is absolutely non-sticky.
  • The shade 006 Eyes on You is tough to describe. Most of the nude shades I have are either peachy or pinky browns. But this has a hint of both. Pictures would do a better justice than words.
     It is one shade for all skin tones, all occasions and all outfits.

Price: ₹ 999/ 5ml
Currently on a 25% discount 

Get your hands on this if you’re all about juicilicious lips like me :D 


Pure Sense Grapefruit Body Cleansing Gel : Review

17.6.23 0 Comments

Body cleansers or shower gels were introduced in the market as a luxury product many years ago. Sitting in swanky bathroom shelves they used to mesmerise me back then. The concept of using a liquid soap instead of our good old sabun (soap cake) was a whole new bathing experience. Times changed and luxuries were made affordable so that they're not left to be experienced by only the selected few. Now every bathroom has a creme/gel cleanser and we all have had the experience of using quite a few. 

Recently I tried Pure Sense Grapefruit Body Cleansing Gel and here’s my experience of it:

Brand claims:A 2-in-1 unique cleansing oil that cleanses your skin gently as well as restores your skin’s natural moisture.
This cleansing oil has a nourishing formula and pampers your skin by satiating its quench of thirst.
The cleansing oil is formulated with pure ingredients sourced from nature to nourish your skin and soothe your senses.
This pure cleansing oil is recommended for all skin types.

My Experience:https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1PtDnDpLkSz3I8jA7QYfuXK4-A51n5HJ6


  • The body cleanser comes in a pump bottle with a spillage stopper.
  • It is safe to be carried around without worrying about the mess.
  • The product is in a transparent gel form and has the slightest peach colour to it.
  • The consistency is neither thick, nor runny
  • It has a refreshing fragrance of grapefruit that makes it a perfect summer shower gel
  • It lathers really well and gives a luxurious bathing experience
  • It is really gentle on skin
  • It doesn’t dry out even though I have a dry skin
  • It makes the skin clean and gives a hygienic shower experience
    The body cleanser is priced at ₹350/200 ml and Pure Sense is currently running discounts in most of its products. You can surely give it a try and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed :)


This is Kra Shopping Experience : Website review

3.1.23 2 Comments
It's on very rare occasions that I talk about products that are on the outer periphery of my personal choice of beauty, makeup and home decor and perhaps never about Men's fashion and styling. So I heard about this brand This is Kra, men's clothing website that has as trendy a collection as its name and got to try a few clothes from them.

To begin with the whole website has such a youthful and fresh vibe to it. The collection is predominantly street style and chic and I'm sure guys are going to love it.

About This is Kra:
Krá has been operating under the radar and now it’s finally coming out of the shadows to make fashion unrestricted and unabashed, globally.

Operating as a 'Speakeasy' (exclusive & underground), it quickly became a symbol of disruption and individuality among subcultures that represent the STREET.

Shopping Categories at This is Kra:

Their collection is broadly categorised into Topwear, Bottomwear and Outerwear which is further classified into Hoodies, shirts, jackets, tshirts, singlets, joggers, shackets, shorts etc.
Their collection showcases their passion towards emerging subcultures which include gaming, hip-hop, street-football, graffiti & building the community.

My Experience:
I got tshirt and joggers from their website and I'm really happy with the quality they provide at this price point. The fabric is good quality and comfortable to wear. I waited to wash the clothes atleast once before writing this review and I must say the clothes haven't lost their lustre. None of the items bled or shrank. 
My son loved all the pieces and that makes me happy !!

I find This is Kra to be an amazing place for young men to explore and buy trendy clothes with good quality at a very discounted price 
Do go through their returns, refunds, cancellations and shipping policy when you make a purchase :)


My Shopping Experience from WorldofEK

26.12.22 3 Comments
Ever since the internet has made an incremental advancement, the online shopping has become a trendy shopping method. It dramatically saves time as you can buy things of your choice in a couple of clicks. It's 24X7 availability 365 days is such a win win situation for the customers. I for one love to do my shopping in bed after dinner🙈
We can also not undermine the advantage of comparing prices of the products in the comfort of our home. Kitna time aur mehnat lagti hai alag alag shops pe jaakar product check karne me...ufff!!

I recently got a chance to shop from WorldofEK and I was amazed to see their collection. To begin with, I loved their user interface. The website is so easy to operate and at the same time itni mazedaar. 
To know more about my ahhhmaazing shopping experience thoda scroll down karna padega...

About EK
EK is an endeavour to bring the best of India to your homes.
The artistic sensibilities combined with the sublime sensitiveness of India forms the core of the brand. Everything here has a sense of deep rootedness to it. Apart from celebrating the varied handicrafts of India, each product here has been carefully created to fill your space with good vibes.

Ek's bed linens are made of 100% Indian cotton. Their soft and breathable texture makes them a perfect companion for a sound, and peaceful sleep.

At EK, the materials we use, the colours we choose, the designs and artifacts we curate have a sense of purpose.

Ayurveda inspired brass and copperware collection includes artifacts and utensils that have a lot of health benefits.

Shopping Categories at EK

They have a beautiful collection of ethnic wear including kurtas, pants and dupattas.

Surround yourself with good energy and outshine like never before with our contemporary spiritual jewellery. EK’s jewellery collection is made with powerful symbols like evil eye, hamsa hand to bring luck, prosperity and good vibes to your life - all in 22K Gold Plating with semi-precious stones!
Hamsa Hand and Evil Eye Jewellery aren’t just ornaments or accessories. They have been created to bring you good health, abundance, and keep negative energy at bay.

You can find a beautiful collection of bedsheets, cushion covers, curtains and table linens at reasonable prices here. The brand says "We wish to enliven and energize your mind, body, and soul with our thoughtfully designed home décor and wellness."

There astonishing serveware is worth a website visit. Falling in love is guaranteed !!

Take your hydration routine one step ahead by choosing bottles, mugs, glasses and jars that are not only aesthetically pleasing and unique but are also made with pure copper that is known to pass on a lot of health benefits like improved digestion, skin health, weight loss etc.
I chose to go for these bottles for the above mentioned benefits plus...they are sooo beautiful ❤️

Shipping and Returns
Shipping information and tracking is shared with you once you order a product.
Product can be returned within 10 days of the order being delivered. To place a return request, login to my account, select order and place return request.

I would highly recommend you guys to get a shopping experience from WorldofEK and enjoy the great products at discounted prices.


Hummel Shoe Review : If You Choose Both Style and Comfort

6.12.22 4 Comments

I recently got a chance to try sport shoes from the brand Hummel. Before making a choice I wanted to research a bit about the brand itself and was amazed at the findings.

Established in 1923, Danish sports brand hummel has a long history within the international sportswear industry. Headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark the hummel mission is to CHANGE THE WORLD THROUGH SPORT based on a unique Company Karma philosophy that strives to balance running a profitable business, while maintaining a high degree of social responsibility. hummel designs, produces and markets high quality clothes and sports equipment, as well as fashion and leisure sportswear for both adults and children. hummel is privately owned and part of the Thornico Group.


Hummel has a good variety of shoes for both men and women. Most of their collection appeared unisex increasing the wearability factor. They come in many colours and designs to suit us all. This particular shoe is a unisex one as well and currently I and my son have a similar shoe size and it works for the both of us.


I'm a fan of white sports shoes. They always look so stylish and go with almost anything you wear...be it denims, dresses or sarees. Thus I chose this white and black chevron shoe and I'm very happy with what I got. I like to wear sports shoes with not just sports wear and western outfits but with my Indian wear too including sarees. Trust you me , it's not even "comfort over style" because with Hummel shoes it's both comfort and style...such a win-win...isn't it!!


Comfort is the reason why heels get overlooked and sports shoes take a front seat. It's THE major factor before choosing your kinda shoe ,if not the only factor. It's a myth that you should wear comfortable shoes only if you're into sports or lead an active lifestyle that includes gyming, running or exercise of some sort. Fact is, one should wear comfortable shoes irrespective of your activity level and lifestyle.

I am super amazed to see how light weight this shoe is. It's like you're wearing nothing in your feet and yet you're comfy. The mesh makes it such a breather...no more sweaty , stinky feet you guys... !!

I am exhilarated with this Hummel Legend Breather Shoe If walking on clouds had been real, the shoe would've been this one.



Favourites From Faces Canada :Foundation, Concealer, Lipstick, Nail polish

5.8.22 0 Comments
I have used Faces Canada products in the past and have always loved them but there were a few cult favourites that I always wanted to try and never got my hands on for some reason or the other. This time I made sure to do a little haul and get a look and feel of them.
Let's head on and check what's in my kitty:

If you're someone who likes light weight foundations and if you dig in for a dewy finish and glowy look, you are on the right page...Please read on!!
Faces Canada Ultime Pro Second Skin Foundation has a great packaging. It comes in a frosty glass bottle with a dropper dispenser. I like my tinted products coming in a dropper packaging for the amazing quantity control it gives. Also building up a product becomes easy in this.
It is by and large fragrance free, just a mild powdery scent that is not bothering at all.
It is a very runny foundation and when I say very, I mean VERY. But the good part is, this consistency makes it blendable.
It gives a sheer to medium coverage which actually looks very natural and beautiful. If you're looking for a full coverage foundation, then this is not THE one.
This shade Ivory is the first shade in this foundation and it's lighter on me. It would suit light skintones (not even light to medium)
All in all its a great foundation for people with dry skin and works really nicely in cooler weather days.

It comes in a very classy, black, frost glass bottle with product name in gold. It has a regular sponge applicator which is practical and mess free. The formula is creamy and it blends easily and gives a seamless finish. It is non drying and does not look streaky or patchy. It definitely has high coverage, it conceals dark circles and spot in perfections easily. The shade Sand Beige 01 has light peach undertones to it. I generally use a corrector before a concealer but with this concealer I skip the corrector for its undertones and coverage. 
It's a bomb concealer and I can already see myself re purchasing it.

Faces Canada Comfy Matte Lip Color - Fixed it For You
It is comes in a beautiful gold tube which is see through to make the shade detection easy. The application gives a good control to shape and fill my lips. It is the kind of packaging that looks luxurious when you take it out for touch ups. 
As the name goes it is "comfy matte". The formula is so lightweight that it feels like nothing on the lips, literally nothing. It claims to have natural oils in it which makes it so non drying for a liquid lipstick. It is absolutely transfer proof and the staying power is no where less than 5 hours. 
The shade FIXED IT FOR YOU is a gorgeous mix of berry and plum. Something that goes with any coloured outfit. It is comes opaque in a single swipe. It will suit all skin tones alike whether fair, medium, or light.

This is not something I am trying for the first time. I've already tried and loved multiple shades from this range. They are one of the most long lasting nail paints in my stash. The shades I got are Snow 146 and Marigold 129. Snow as the name goes is a beautiful white with gorgeous shimmer while Marigold is a very sweet and summery coral shade. They apply non streaky give a fabulous finish and go on without chipping for a long time.

Faces Canada is a cruelty free, made in India brand.

Take care


Lotus Botanicals Skin and Hair care Products Review

3.8.22 3 Comments
As the awareness of personal care has grown over the years so has the market for the products related to beauty, skin and hair care.
Altho the shopping sites and offline stores are flooded with beauty and skin care products, it is still hard to find a brand that works on clean and green principles. The first thing I noticed about the brand Lotus Botanicals is that it's products are paraben free, silicone free, sulphate free, mineral oil free and cruelty free.
So much goodness....how could I not try their products!!!! So I got my hands on a few of their products. Let's see how my experience has been using these for a while now.

It comes in a lovely pump packaging. The best thing is that it even locks the pump for any unnecessary spilage. It has a mild fragrance of fresh flowers. The texture of the face wash is somewhere between a cream and a gel and that makes it perfect for all skin types. It made my dry skin so hydrated as if I have applied a light moisturizer after it. It takes of the makeup residue without much effort and makes the face squeaky clean. By all means it is my current favourite face wash.

It comes in a practical and eco friendly glass pump bottle. The face moisturizer has a smooth and creamy formula. It has a mild floral fragrance. It also has SBA 20 PA+++
It claims to be a light weight formula, boosts Radiance, repair and hydrates. It also claims to be good for all skin types but I think dry skin girls like me will need something extra in terms of hydration. The best discovery was that it surprisingly minimised my pores to some extent giving my skin smoother appearance. It is non comedogenic

It comes in a jar packaging. It smells beautifully of jasmine which is very calming. The texture of the youth Radiance cream is buttery smooth. It gets absorbed in the skin easily and moisturizes it. Once you apply it , you will feel the hydration sunk in to your skin. I like how luxurious it feels on skin and my skin totally loves it.

It comes in a see through pump packaging. It's consistency is really thick. Like really really thick. I had to take it in my palm and add some water to it to emulsify it and apply. It made the scalp and hair strands really clean. It did not dry out my hair. I really wish it was not so thick though. All in all its a good shampoo.

My experience so far with Lotus Botanicals has been good. They provide really good products without burning a hole in our pocket.

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