Lotus Botanicals Skin and Hair care Products Review

As the awareness of personal care has grown over the years so has the market for the products related to beauty, skin and hair care.
Altho the shopping sites and offline stores are flooded with beauty and skin care products, it is still hard to find a brand that works on clean and green principles. The first thing I noticed about the brand Lotus Botanicals is that it's products are paraben free, silicone free, sulphate free, mineral oil free and cruelty free.
So much goodness....how could I not try their products!!!! So I got my hands on a few of their products. Let's see how my experience has been using these for a while now.

It comes in a lovely pump packaging. The best thing is that it even locks the pump for any unnecessary spilage. It has a mild fragrance of fresh flowers. The texture of the face wash is somewhere between a cream and a gel and that makes it perfect for all skin types. It made my dry skin so hydrated as if I have applied a light moisturizer after it. It takes of the makeup residue without much effort and makes the face squeaky clean. By all means it is my current favourite face wash.

It comes in a practical and eco friendly glass pump bottle. The face moisturizer has a smooth and creamy formula. It has a mild floral fragrance. It also has SBA 20 PA+++
It claims to be a light weight formula, boosts Radiance, repair and hydrates. It also claims to be good for all skin types but I think dry skin girls like me will need something extra in terms of hydration. The best discovery was that it surprisingly minimised my pores to some extent giving my skin smoother appearance. It is non comedogenic

It comes in a jar packaging. It smells beautifully of jasmine which is very calming. The texture of the youth Radiance cream is buttery smooth. It gets absorbed in the skin easily and moisturizes it. Once you apply it , you will feel the hydration sunk in to your skin. I like how luxurious it feels on skin and my skin totally loves it.

It comes in a see through pump packaging. It's consistency is really thick. Like really really thick. I had to take it in my palm and add some water to it to emulsify it and apply. It made the scalp and hair strands really clean. It did not dry out my hair. I really wish it was not so thick though. All in all its a good shampoo.

My experience so far with Lotus Botanicals has been good. They provide really good products without burning a hole in our pocket.


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  2. Sensitive skin requires gentle, fragrance-free products to avoid irritation.
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