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It's on very rare occasions that I talk about products that are on the outer periphery of my personal choice of beauty, makeup and home decor and perhaps never about Men's fashion and styling. So I heard about this brand This is Kra, men's clothing website that has as trendy a collection as its name and got to try a few clothes from them.

To begin with the whole website has such a youthful and fresh vibe to it. The collection is predominantly street style and chic and I'm sure guys are going to love it.

About This is Kra:
Krá has been operating under the radar and now it’s finally coming out of the shadows to make fashion unrestricted and unabashed, globally.

Operating as a 'Speakeasy' (exclusive & underground), it quickly became a symbol of disruption and individuality among subcultures that represent the STREET.

Shopping Categories at This is Kra:

Their collection is broadly categorised into Topwear, Bottomwear and Outerwear which is further classified into Hoodies, shirts, jackets, tshirts, singlets, joggers, shackets, shorts etc.
Their collection showcases their passion towards emerging subcultures which include gaming, hip-hop, street-football, graffiti & building the community.

My Experience:
I got tshirt and joggers from their website and I'm really happy with the quality they provide at this price point. The fabric is good quality and comfortable to wear. I waited to wash the clothes atleast once before writing this review and I must say the clothes haven't lost their lustre. None of the items bled or shrank. 
My son loved all the pieces and that makes me happy !!

I find This is Kra to be an amazing place for young men to explore and buy trendy clothes with good quality at a very discounted price 
Do go through their returns, refunds, cancellations and shipping policy when you make a purchase :)

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  1. KRA is short for KRA-ppy, judging by their customer service. Goodluck getting your product on time or returning someting and getting your money back. Their customer service numbers doesnt work and the only option you have is to write an email for which you will get generic replies. Dont trust me? just try calling their customer service once before making a purchase...you will see what i mean. Once you pay them, the money is as good as gone.


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