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Hummel Shoe Review : If You Choose Both Style and Comfort

I recently got a chance to try sport shoes from the brand Hummel. Before making a choice I wanted to research a bit about the brand itself and was amazed at the findings.

Established in 1923, Danish sports brand hummel has a long history within the international sportswear industry. Headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark the hummel mission is to CHANGE THE WORLD THROUGH SPORT based on a unique Company Karma philosophy that strives to balance running a profitable business, while maintaining a high degree of social responsibility. hummel designs, produces and markets high quality clothes and sports equipment, as well as fashion and leisure sportswear for both adults and children. hummel is privately owned and part of the Thornico Group.


Hummel has a good variety of shoes for both men and women. Most of their collection appeared unisex increasing the wearability factor. They come in many colours and designs to suit us all. This particular shoe is a unisex one as well and currently I and my son have a similar shoe size and it works for the both of us.


I'm a fan of white sports shoes. They always look so stylish and go with almost anything you wear...be it denims, dresses or sarees. Thus I chose this white and black chevron shoe and I'm very happy with what I got. I like to wear sports shoes with not just sports wear and western outfits but with my Indian wear too including sarees. Trust you me , it's not even "comfort over style" because with Hummel shoes it's both comfort and style...such a win-win...isn't it!!


Comfort is the reason why heels get overlooked and sports shoes take a front seat. It's THE major factor before choosing your kinda shoe ,if not the only factor. It's a myth that you should wear comfortable shoes only if you're into sports or lead an active lifestyle that includes gyming, running or exercise of some sort. Fact is, one should wear comfortable shoes irrespective of your activity level and lifestyle.

I am super amazed to see how light weight this shoe is. It's like you're wearing nothing in your feet and yet you're comfy. The mesh makes it such a breather...no more sweaty , stinky feet you guys... !!

I am exhilarated with this Hummel Legend Breather Shoe If walking on clouds had been real, the shoe would've been this one.



  1. Hi, i just ordered this Legend Breather shoes. İ hope they
    are comfortable.

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