TBS Fuji Green Tea Eau De Cologne: Review

The weather is changing and with the change of weather our choices change. This is what keeps life rolling in an interesting way. Just like my lighter fabrics are making way for my warmer ones, my summery fragrances too are taking a back seat for woodier ones. But before I stack away my summer perfumes, I wanna wear this one favourite of mine a bit more. We’re talking about The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Eau De Cologne. The best things in life don’t last forever nor does this fragrance. It’s one of the much loved and raved scents by TBS and only God knows why they decided to discontinue it. 

Brand Description:
Awaken and revive the senses with the sophisticated aroma of our citrus fresh scent of fuji green tea eau de cologne. It’s the perfect blend of green tea, bergamot, lemon and mandarin top notes with a floral heart of camellia, jasmine and violet. Refreshingly light and crisp, it’s a classic scent for daytime sophistication. Discover more about the green tea ceremony.

My thoughts:


I can absolutely not get over this refreshing and long lasting fragrance. It is the “Helloo !!! Wake up!!” at the first spritz kinda scent. Green tea is loved as a summer scent and the added citrusy notes make it a perfect daytime perfume. It is a fairly long-lasting fragrance. I can feel it on me even after a whole day although it is very noticeable for the first 4 to 5 hours after that it starts fading beautifully.   The middle notes are floral and that makes it settle down beautifully because a lot of times I have fallen for the top notes and my love for it is lost after the first few sniffs but this one is love till eternity. 

Pro Tip: if You Are in love with a fragrance, try layering it up with the same range of products. In this case, I layer it on the Fuji green tea shower gel and the results are fabulous.

Pro Tip 2: by back ups of products, you love, because you never know when they’re gone :D


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