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Eyebrow Tutorial : How To Get Beautiful Thick Brows In 6 Easy Steps !!

 You Guessed it right..Its the Eyebrow Tutorial today!! 
And before I start, I would like to thank all of you for the love and support you have shown. All of you who have appreciated my work and came up to clear your thoughts or request a tutorial whether as direct messages on instagram or texts on facebook and even emails.. take this as a personal thank note !!
I have always felt that out of all our facial features, beauty passions, cosmetic buys and makeup discussions EYEBROWS have been the most underrated feature of our face. When we think of dressing up, makeup base (foundation), lip products and eyeshadows are our major concern and we quite at times overlook the fact that eyebrows are a very essential facial feature that needs due recognition. Eyebrows provide a frame to the face and if done properly ,they lift up your whole look. In the absence of neatly and prominently done eyebrows the face looks incomplete even if rest of the makeup is on point. 
And you guys..thick, groomed brows were the latest trend that came across even in the recent New York Fashion Week!!
So beauties...DON'T ignore thy brows!! 
Without further delay..lets get started!!

Things You'll Need (in order of usage) :
  • Tweezers
  • Eyebrow groomer brush (even a toothbrush works)
  • Small angled brush
  • Brow powder/Matte Brown Eyeshadow/ Matte Brown Gel Liner
  • Concealer
  • Flat Concealer Brush
  • Q-tip
  • Brow Gel/Hair Spray with a Spoolie

1. Shaping : First of all you need a clean slate to work on. Any amount of precision would not look beautiful if tiny little hair are sticking out of the brow line. So pick up your tweezers and pluck all the extra hair to get a clean brow area. Also generally when we do things ourselves,we tend to ignore the area above our brows and concentrate mainly on the brow bone zone. Don't do that,take out the extras from below and above your brow.

2. Brushing/Grooming : Now that you have cleaned your brows of any extra hair, brush them with an eyebrow groomer to make them smooth and to expose the areas that need to be filled in the next step. If you have a well-practiced hand then you can even cut any hair that's sticking out of the brows. But leave this step if you don't have a steady hand. In case you don't have an eyebrow groomer brush,you can use a baby brush which serves the purpose just right.

3. Filling : Third step is the main step...Filling your brows. Now there's a plethora of eyebrow filling products from the good old eyebrow pencils to brow powders and wax to even brow mousse with a mascara like (spoolie) wand. Traditionally, we rely on eyebrow pencils to fill our brows but i find them looking too harsh on me. Truly speaking you can use ANY MATTE DARK BROWN EYESHADOW OR BRONZER for a natural looking fuller eyebrows. 
I personally alternate between a slightly dry dark brown gel eyeliner, The Balm Bahama Mama bronzer or even the dark brown eyeshadow from the Maybelline Chai Latte Quad. 
With an angled brush draw a defined line below and above your brow if you have sparse eyebrows (in case you already have thick brows, just draw a line along the brow line). While filling your brows, apply very light strokes on the inner and outer end because it looks really unnatural if you do the beginning and end heavily. You can apply with a little heavy hand on the arch of the brow though. 

4. Clean Up The Mess: This is easy..take a q-tip and clean up any product that has come out of the brows (below and above).

5.  Highlighting: This is an underrated yet very important step. Once you are done with shaping and filling your brows,take a concealer that is one or two shades lighter to your skin tone and highlight just below and above your brow. Blend it well (you can totally use your fingers instead of the concealer brush). This will pop out your brows beautifully and give a nice frame to the face.

 6. Apply Gel and Let It Set: Now that your eyebrow is groomed, filled and highlighted, apply some gel on them and brush with a groomer or spoolie (or again..a baby brush) so that they stay in their place and don't budge. There are various options in the market for brow gels, however I use Patanjali Aloevera Gel and it does its job. A spoolie sprayed with a hair spray is a popular budget hack to replace an expensive brow gel.
TaaaDaaaaa...You're done!!!
Here's the complete look:

I tried incorporating everything that I personally do for my brows though there are much extensive ways of doing it.
Hope you guys liked it :)



  1. Loved the tutorial. I never thought of using aloe gel for setting the brows! Need to try it asap!

    1. Thanks you Swati..Haha..although its not as efficient as a brow gel but it works for me and at that price..I'm not complaining!

  2. I never knew patanjalli aloe vera can serve as a grooming gel :D Thanks so much!!!

    1. It does babe,just takes a bit more time to get dried and set :)


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