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Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer in Porcelain Party 102 : Review, Price Swatches and NOTD

Now that Fall is just around the corner, I'm trying to use my spring stuff a bit before it gets pushed back in the stash even though I admit that this was perhaps the first year when my spring was too fall inspired (deep lip shades in summers were a strict no-no earlier...but now? Baaaahhhhhh!!!!) This summer I wore everything from bold lips to deep nails, I dunno just craved for all things bold and the consequence was..the summery stuff sat pretty waiting for its turn to be flaunted.
Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer in Porcelain Party was one such summery beachy buy. There's something about white nail paints that reminds me of beaches and washed out denims and just for that cool breeze-feel I got myself a white nail paint after aaaaaaages...!!

What It Is :
With trendy, super stylish shades, these nail colors add oodles of attitude to your overall look. Presenting 40 attractive shades, the Maybelline Color Show Range let’s you mix, match and experiment with color!

Nail colors have a gel-based formula for increased staying power
• Is chip-resistant and comes with an easy-flow brush
• Available in 40 different shades

How To Use/Apply:
Step 1. Apply a clear base coat to help prevent your nails from yellowing and to extend the life of your nail polish color.
Step 2. Brush one coat of lacquer from the center of your nail starting from the base to the tip.
Step 3. For the cleanest look, leave a small space at the base of the nail, then apply polish to the rest of the nail.

Price: INR 110/6ml (initially 75/-)

It comes in a regular round, glass, Color Show bottle with the shade name and number on the cap. The bottle is nice, cute and travel friendly. However, I'm not a big fan of the brush. The brush is responsible for its streaky application (and the formula could be as well). I've noticed its not with every Color Show nail polish. The other shades I own from the same range have a decent brush too (I just love the brush of Lakme Gel Stylist nail paints though,they are fluffy enough to paint your nail in just one coat...aaahh)

The texture is nothing to boast about. I didn't like it at all.You don't get nice, smooth and opaque finish even in 2-3 coats. God knows how I managed to take decent pics in which I have 3 coats plus an additional touch up one finished with a top coat. Though it dries fast, It is very streaky..Period!

THIS was the reason why I gave it a shot. I have been wanting to try a China Glaze White Out/White On White, Sally Hansen White On, O.P.I Alpine Snow/Non-Stop White etc. but when I came across this in a store I though let's try a budget version just to see how white looks on me..I have no problem with the shade though but the Nail polish is disappointing.

Staying Power:
Another disappointment!! Even after putting so much effort to get a clean finish..Porcelain Party gets scratchy and dirty on the very third day. It looks so tacky that you wouldn't have it on even if it doesn't start chipping..and no my hands weren't put to much labour..still!!

My Take:
I would not recommend Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer in Porcelain Party even though the white is a nice white simply because of the its finish and longevity as discussed above.
Sad??? No, I'll give the ones in my wishlist a try now :D

Rating: 2/5



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