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NYX Advanced Salon Formula Nail Polish in Purple Glitter: Review, Price, Swatches and NOTD

Though they are calling it Nail Polish..Its a Glitter Top Coat
to begin with..
When Mr.Husband gets you a beautiful purple saree (follow me on Instagram to get a glimpse) and your love for both the saree and the colour in particular is obvious,you just wanna pair it up with a similar nail paint..yeah?
Now I'm not particularly a big fan of having the galaxy on my finger tips (okay nails), I'm just contented with clear top coats (except glittery ones on black nail polish) But I didn't want to stay a glitter-virgin .. so this beauty came to my experience!

NYX Advanced Salon Formula Nail Polish in Purple Glitter comes in a huge, glass, square bottle of 15ml. It has all the necessary details like the shade name, price, manufacturing and ingredients list on the bottle and cap itself. It has a long,thick,synthetic brush that applies PERFECTLY..Love the brush! Love the whole bottle for that matter..!!

NYX Advanced Salon Formula Nail Polish in Purple Glitter 
has an almost transparent purple gel base loaded with pink and purple shimmers. Since the shimmers aren't chunky,you don't really have to look for an occasion to wear it on. In the bottle, 
the product appears quite opaque but it's actually translucent and needs a coloured base. In the swatches, I'm wearing it on a purple nail polish..!
 What I don't like about this is that it takes hours to dry..like half an hour is not gone anywhere!!
 NYX??? Are you kidding me? Today's woman is a goddess of multitasking and you think we have the luxury to sit blowing our nails and fluttering our lashes for half an hour to get it dry and avoid smudging?? Seriously..??
But once it sets,it solidifies your nail polish too..Longevity wise this is the best I've laid my hands on.. The shimmer and shine starts to fade the fifth or sixth day perhaps but the nail polish is good to go for more than a week..easily!!
So guys if you have the patience (AND the luxury to blow your nails and flutter your lashes and) to sit while it dries..
DO NOT miss this..!!

Price: INR 350/ 15ml

 Rating: 4/5

P.S. Now I want a purple lipstick too.
Pour in your suggestions in the comments below and no Tom Ford for a Budget Belleza plz :P :D ;)



  1. Purple lipstick ?? get Heroine 😋

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