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Giordani Gold Lipstick in Eternal Red: Price,Review,Swatches and LOTD

There are certain things you are in awe of as soon as you encounter them. The beauty takes over your senses and you are left dumbstruck. Such was the beauty of the Giordano Gold lipstick in Eternal Red. To start off.. I'm a simpleton!! If the product justifies its price and comes in a practical packaging, I'm generally sorted. But a packaging like this takes me from sorted to sold..!!!!
Company Claims:
Cashmere-soft lipstick featuring a powerful blend of moisturizers for beautifully conditioned and hydrated lips all day. Intense colour in classical shades with a lusciously creamy finish and medium coverage that lasts for hours. Presented in an exquisite golden designer case, this is the true jewel of your handbag. 

Price/Quantity: INR 749/4gm


I can write a whole post on just the BEAUTIFUL packaging of it. It comes in a round metallic golden case, the bottom of which has a carving sort of details on it. Even though the size of it looks small, it is heavy for a lipstick. The one end of the bullet case has the brand logo engraved and the other end has the shade name and details.It locks pretty well! There is a thing with round lipstick packagings, that they go on rolling once places on a flat surface, this irks me at times. But none the less, Giordano Gold lipsticks win hands down in the packaging department! Its LUXURIOUS!

Eternal Red is a tricky shade to capture on camera and since I wanted to show you the difference in the appearance of the shade in different lightings, it became a TASK. Even after umpteen attempts the shade looks entirely different in outdoors clicks from the ones clicked indoors with flash. 

Still I would say judge the shade from the daylight image coz that is closest to the real shade.
Eternal Red is a warm tomato red with hints of maroon !!

Not my kinda Red!

All you matte lippy lovers out therrrrrrrre...!!! You can stop reading the post NOW because this is a super glossy lipstick in a gold case! I have dry skin..dry lips...and I would like to call this lipstick a highly pigmented lip balm!!! Yes its that hydrating and when it wears off it leaves behind supple juicy lips. But ahaaan!!don't forget lippies like these are first to melt in your stash..fridge is her home!

Here is where the story takes a twist. Sold over the packaging...gaga over the hydration and pigmentation is a BUMMER! Its pretty sheer in the first swipe but then its buildable.

Staying Power:
Pretty low :(
I didn't even get a chance to check if it survives a meal..A cup of latte and it was gone. Hardly two hrs it stayed put.
Need I say more?

Oh Yes! Even I read the online claims of beautiful tint left behind.. I didn't :( 

The Good :
  • Luxurious Packaging
  • Super hydrating
The Bad:
  • Bad staying power.
  • I dig for velvet mattes so this lip balmy hydrating isn't me.
  • Melts in summers.
  • Has an over-powering lipsticky smell..you know the artificiality...
  • Feels more like a gloss than a lipstick.
  • Expensive! More-so, when I notice a price rise every year.

Over All Rating: 2/5 (for a highly tinted lip balm of 749/- ;)



  1. I love you lip swatches a lot!!

  2. I agree with ya....these lipsticks are gorgeous in bullets but hardly impressive! Lovey Review Babe :)

    1. Isnt it..!! I was disappointed at the staying power.. Glad u liked the review!


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