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Elf Mini Nail Polish in Nude:Price,Review,Swatches and NOTD

I love earthy tones on my lips and nails and if I am to churn out my favourite nail paints..Nudes would win hands down! The nail paint in question today was actually a part of the Elf Necessary Nails Collection which had in all 15 shades for $15..easy Maths eh? The one on my nails is in the shade Nude!

I love Nude nail polishes on my hand. They suit every outfit, look classy and at times if I may say..save you from going over matchy matchy. Thus this Flesh-toned Nude shade was a love at first sight..it still is!!
The application part didn't seem a task. It gives absolutely opaque finish in two coats. It dries up pretty fast,I was good to go in 10 min. BUT BUT BUT...the brush is streaky! Beware!

It is by far one of the most flattering nude nail paint that I have ever tried besides Maybelline's Bale Classico. 
Now that you have heard good things about it,lets tell you the bad! It sucks at staying power (sorry for the lingo,but nothing else would describe it better) Three coats of it could not last for a day and NO I didn't do the dishes!! So much so that if I was the scratching-the-chipped-nail-paint kinda person,I wouldn't even have required a polish remover.Yeah..that bad!! A top-coat would be its oxygen,it won't last without that!

Crux of the Matter:
  • Lovely flesh-toned Nude shade
  • Suits our brown skin well
  • Goes well with whatever you wear
  • Dries quickly
  • Affordable
  • Streaky brush
  • Bad staying power
  • Needs a top-coat
  • Not available in India
Over All Rating: 2.5/5



  1. I know what you mean ....These are really pretty but the staying power is too low which isn't worth it at all...better to skip it & a Lovey review dear :)

  2. U got it Richs.. too pretty a shade but sad it goes in a day!
    Thanks sweets :)

  3. I totally understand the pain of streaky polishes. Some colours look so pretty in the bottle & on the nails.. disaster! :/

    But this shade looks wonderful on you :)

  4. Absolutely Smriti..thankfully it looked okay on the nails though!
    And thank u so much !


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