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How to fix a Broken Lipstick in 5 easy steps: DIY,Tutorial with images

Out of all the hell that can break on a beauty junkie, two things top my list (tell me what makeup mishap you have experienced)..  
One- a missed sale and Two- a broken lipstick...!!!
To me a broken lipstick is directly proportional to a broken heart,worst still if you splurged on it! But Boy Oh Boy! We fixed it!!
See How!

Things You Will Need :
  • A broken lipstick off course.
  • A hand sanitizer
  • Paper towels/Tissues
  • Candle or lighter
  • Match sticks (if you are using a candle)
  • Cotton buds
  • Refrigerator :P
1. Wash your hands,sanitize them and spread a paper towel on your work station as it might get messy.

2. Slightly heat up the tube from where the lipstick got uprooted over a candle or lighter. Similarly heat the bottom of the lipstick bullet too. Make sure both the ends become flat.

3. Apply a little pressure and fix the lipstick over the bullet and refrigerate it for 2-3 hours. I place the lipstick in deep freeze for half an hour though.

4. Once fixed, take the lipstick out of the freezer and clean the bullet with a tissue.

5. Now roll the lipstick bullet over the candle flame for 2-3 seconds to achieve a ridge free,seamless finish! Voila..!! Done!
Hope it Helps..!!


  1. Yes! My Moist matte had broken as well and I fixed it just like this! I wish there were silicon lipstick moulds available in India.

    1. Seriously Nivs..but I'm afraid I wud have customised and recolored all my lippies then :P

  2. Wow i am definitely gonna try this method!

    1. Glad u liked megha..it surely saves our hard earned bucks

  3. Great tip! I will keep this in mind :)
    I hope I don't need to use it ever though :D

  4. I have tried this method dear....one of my new lipsticks from colorbar broke as soon as I opened it....This trick really fixed that lipstick for me.... :-)



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