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Beat The Monday Blues - And Here's How !!!

Comes Friday night and we feel so energized,positive...happy! We either make plans of going out and having oodles of fun or just look forward to a relaxed and laid back weekend. Weekend passes in a blink of an eye and Sunday night brings along an unsaid pressure of waking up early to meeting the deadlines.
Here's how to make a Monday as good as a Friday :)
1. Have A Rocking Weekend:
Now "rocking" is different to different people. Some might like to spend their weekend going out,watching a movie or shopping..while other just want to cuddle up with a book. The idea is to spend the weekend doing what you love. Try to unplug yourself from work/emails/calls,have a techno-free weekend. The more saturated you are,the lesser monday blues.

2. Get Organized:
Prepare for Monday on Friday itself. The clothes you'll wear,the things that need to be done(in their priority order)...chalk out the monday plans in advance. An organized monday morning is less likely to be hated!

3. Sleep Early:
Try to avoid alcohol on a Sunday night..c'mon you don't want to start your week with a hangover! Have an early dinner and switch off the lights a little before than usual. You'll be surprised to see what effect a good night's sleep has on your mornings.

4. Wake up a little Early:
Wake up 10 minutes earlier on a Monday morning and you will be surprised to see how the otherwise rushy mornings have become such calm and relaxed ones. But for this you need to first follow Step 3!

5. Dress up Monday:

This is what I came across while preparing the post,Dress up Mondays is a new trend spreading in American companies where casual attire is the company dress code. Employees are encouraged to dress fancy or dress formally. Now you can definitely not change the company policy regarding the dress codes but what you can do is perk up whatever you are wearing. If you have new clothes,wear them on Mondays. Bring out your favourite handbag or shoe..We know how therapeutic it is...don't we?

6. A Positive Monday:
Its the first day of the week,start it with an attitude of gratitude. Mondays aren't all that bad and neither your job. Recognize and appreciate things that you like about your work!

7. Keep Monday's Light:
Yes its a Monday and you have tons of pointers in your to-do-list but don't make the mistake of piling up things for just this day. Distribute the work load throughout the week paying special attention on keeping the Monday schedule light.

8. Spread Happiness:
I may sound preachy but no..its not an Art of Living class.. We often underestimate how making someone else happy lifts our spirits. People around us most of the time exude happiness and positivity in reciprocation to our behavior. But before implementing this make sure you have pulled up your socks on Step 6.

9. Post-work Plans:
Mondays can be Fridays..
Hard to believe but true..Keeping in mind you keep your Mondays light (Step 7),you can always plan something with your colleagues or friends after your work hours. Go out for shopping,visit a nearby  mall for fun or just hit your close-by coffee shop. Imply this and see..you'll wait for Mondays :)

10. Don't Live For The Weekend:
Life and fun is beyond weekends. Settings all fun things aside for weekends and all serious stuff for week days gives birth to twin babies..Monday Blues and Monotony!
Keeping the TGIF factor aside,spread your enjoyment throughout the week so that you don't sit doe-eyed waiting for a Saturday!

That's pretty much all I can think about at the moment!
Happy Monday :)
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  1. That's a nice read on a boring Monday afternoon...:-)

  2. Nice post! sleeping early and waking up early helps a lot. :)

    1. True...even waking up 10 min.earlier than usual helps !!!

  3. Forgot to congratulate you dear!!
    Congrats for the new domain name.:)

  4. Such an awesome post :) I usually suffer Monday Blues ;) but yes a great weekend does changes the complexion ;)
    Loved reading it - great tips girl <3

    1. All of us do Vipz.. I too feel saturated after a nice weekend:)

  5. hahaha...that is a list of some great ideas...lol..but me too lazy!!

    1. Me too..
      Waking up early seems to be a mammoth task.
      thanx Shubha.

  6. This is a nice post with some good ideas dear :)

  7. Good read :) Mondays sould never come only :D

  8. vow... this article was a refreshing change... really i feel its all in the mind... n ur tips really make sense :)


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