# 4.5/5 # Facial Hair Removal

Ta-Daaa Facial Hair and Sayonara Parlour visits: Dono Super Stick- Review

They say a "stitch in time saves nine"..
I say a rip-rip in time saves time and effort for a parlour visit plus the jingles in your pocket.
Let's admit most of us visit parlours for our growths and  other beauty treatments follow eventually ;) While eyebrows can be helped with tweezers what about the upper lip growths?
Yes..now we have a DIY in that sphere too..the answer is... Dono Super Stick!

Description: (from a website)
This Facial Hair Remover is safe and easy to do at home without using cream or wax.
It pulls hairs directly from the root giving professional results and will keep your facial skin clean, smooth and tight so that beautiful make-up can be comfortably done in a speedy manner.
Carefully designed, excellent for use.
Pen size and light weight, take it wherever you go.
No skin darkening.
No batteries or electricity needed.
Removes hair from root & won’t remove skin.
No more waxing or painful tweezers.
Unlike waxing, this epilator does not remove a layer of skin.
Suitable for removing hairs on forehead, cheeks, and chin
Should not be used on eyebrows.
Total length: approx.19.5cm/7.7"; handle length: approx.4.5cm/1.8".
Material: PP (Polypropylene) and stainless steel
Color: Assorted (Pink, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow)

Directions for Use:
Bend the Remover into an upside down U shape and then place against the skin.
Holding the ends with your thumbs and forefingers, roll the Remover backwards and forwards in a continuous motion.
The hairs are trapped between the tightly coiled spring which grips and removes them in one swift movement
Clean your face, and then make up with cosmetics which you often use.

Price: Around a dollar..don't remember exactly!

My Take:
Dono Super Stick is a dupe of its costlier counterpart
REM spring only at a nano fraction of its cost. It is a spring with plastic handles on both the ends for easy grip. All you need to do is bend the Super Stick in an inverted U-shape,bring it closer to the skin where you want to remove hair,make it straight again and roll upwards...Ouch!

Yes it hurts..specially if its your first time! But we ladies are genetically designed to handle pain better..aren't we?
After all we tolerate so many pains everyday..for eg. pain due to our high heels,pain of our well manicured nail breaking,pain due to those huge danglers (God bless our ear lobes)pain due to waxing...pain pain pain...Bring it On!
This makes me think..this pain handling capacity we have could have been a catalyst behind giving us the power to carry a child and bring her into this world..

Ok..back to square one!
I got it from buyincoins,though its available at other sites as well. (I couldn't find it,else would have posted a link to it).It did hurt in the beginning but now I'm kinda conditioned to handle it! It picks up even the tiniest of hair and leaves the skin smooth. I just rub some ice post application or astringent some times. It has never broken me out or given rashes.

 My Likes:
1. I love DIYs.. makes me independent!
2. Very affordable.
3. Picks up the tiniest of hair.
4. Leaves the skin super-smooth.
5. Excellent for last minute emergencies.
6. Available at many oriental websites.
7. Never broke me out.
8. No rashes,redness...nothing! 
9. Easy to carry.
10. Doesn't need any battery or electricity.

My Dislikes:
It hurts in the first few uses.

Last Word:
Its a wonder product for me!

Its pretty sturdy .. what's gonna happen to this one?
Over All Rating: 4.5/5


P.S. For any doubts regarding its usage,you can see this video..Even I went through it before using the Dono Super Stick ;)


  1. i am scared to use this bt will surely get one for upper lips,it may b a saviour for me... we get these here for arnd 50 bucks or so out here bt havent picked one yet ... nice review :D

    1. Hahaha..I was scared too Nats..infact the first trial gets me scared everytime..but after that its a cake walk :)
      Thanks yaa !

  2. nice will check if I can get it in Pakistan:)

    1. Thanks for dropping by Huda..
      I hope u'll get it,else order from buyincoins.com

  3. I agree with you word to word on women power Aditi :)
    Coming to this stick, just tell me 2 things-how much time it takes for upperlips, how many days it keeps you hairless!!

    1. Yo Charu ;)
      1. Might seem a lil' tedious in the beginning,now it takes me 5-6 min.
      2. Depends on individual growth..it lasts me as much as a threading does.

  4. I have this too and it works amazing! saves time. I love it.:)
    I agree Aditi, we can bear a lot more pain as we have the power to create an bear a child. :)

    1. I've been thru ur review when it was posted Nish :)
      We Rock!

  5. THis is great!! But i haven't tried it yet :( :( gotto try it soon

  6. I am chicken in handling physical pain. I shave my legs in order to skip waxing. As much as it tempts me to try, I dont think I will be able to use it :P But as you pointed out too, it is an amazing product as I have heard everyone raving about it :)

    1. U better stay away then Preeti ;)
      I've got pretty accustomed though :D

  7. Hey thats a cool stuff ;) Nicely reviewed girl :)
    Thanks for sharing - Must give it a look soon ;)

    1. Its a fab DIY for sure Vipz..
      thanx for dropping by :)

  8. Nice stuff....bt im scared to use this!

    1. Hehe..Dar ke aage jeet hai Rachna;)

    2. ha ha...lolz...where did u bought this, i have never seen this!

  9. I am so hunting for this now :)
    Will be so convenient na!

    1. Absolutely Swati..
      U can get it from buyincoins dear!


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