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Makeup Forever Professional Powder Blush No.130: Review, Price,Swatch and FOTD

How's everyone doin' ? I know its been quite sometime but if you guys follow me on facebook and instagram them I'm sure the distance wouldn't seem so long :)
 Before I begin to talk about the product,I would like to tell you guys about the recent phase that I'm in (yes I do have fashion phases that may/may not comply to the contemporary trends) So right now I'm totally drenched in my so called ethnic phase. I'm loving everything from apparel to accessory to shoes and bags that screams ETHNIC..and and and..not to forget the makeup looks too..!! Now there's one product that goes extremely well with almost all my warm traditional looks and that is the Makeup Forever Professional Powder Blush No.130
 This review, I would call the lonnnnnngest pending review. I've been wanting to talk about this beauty for such a long time now....aaaahhh FINALLY!!
Though none of my makeup look is complete without a blush..lemme admit I'm not a blush hoarder. I somehow feel that adding that rosy glow to your cheeks makes you look vibrant,healthy and happy but at the same time its not something that makes or breaks a look. Also its not even easy to tell a shade from another until and unless they are absolutely contrasting! Nonetheless,I love blushes specially the warm toned ones :)

This MUFE powder blush comes in a beautiful,classy and very sleek packaging. There's a long transparent slit across the black packaging just so that the blush shade is visible..Practical! Though for the price paid I definitely expect a mirror for an easy touch up.
The texture of the MUFE powder blush is a dream to work with.
Its very smooth to touch and this smoothness aids flawless application. It blends really easily. It is neither matte nor glittery. It has very finely milled shimmer (actually just a sheen)
Coming to the shade...yay,the plus point...!!
 Its a muted warm burnt orange kinda shade. Its one shade that would look completely different on different skin tones. On pale/lighter skin tones it could even double up as a bronzer whereas on medium to dark skins it would come up as very warm terracotta. It compliments our Indian skin tones and its warmth very nicely. I like to wear it whenever I wear ethnic clothes. The very minute sheen that it has imparts a beautiful glow and and goes well with the embellishments and zari of my clothes.
Pigmentation wise it rocks..its like insanely pigmented..And that shows a red flag to the paler skin tones...Use a LIGHT hand and either blow or tap your brush after picking up the blush to remove the extra product!!
And not just the pigmentation but its staying power is awesome too. It stayed on me for around 4 hours easily without budging and sheen was intact too.
Nothing left its place and traveled elsewhere :P 
And this is how it looks on me:

 Here, I have used it as a bronzer only and it did justice. Man! I tried the falsies for the first time and how I'm loving the way they change the whole look. On my lips is the much loved Miss Claire Lip Cream !!
Overall, I love the MUFE Powder Blush no.130 but the Budget Belleza in me seriously wishes they provided a mirror if not a brush for $16.

Rating: 4.5/5



  1. The lashes, I noticed them before I read the post.. you hv such a chiselled face and man, those brows.. makeup war won! 👍👍

  2. Haha..I texted you almost the same time i uploaded..
    Chiseled? Chubby it is..contouring is my escape goat babe..
    U inspired for the lashes dude..love yaa!


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