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Blackbeard And His Treasure Hunt! feat. #colgatemagicalstories

A few days back I received 4packs of Colgate Toothpastes,
each having a series of pictures. My son is great lover of the Under water world and became too excited to create a story with all the characters he had!
Here is his version of the story:

Blackbeard And His Treasure Hunt!
  A pirate called Blackbeard comes to know about an underwater castle in the deep sea.Being a pirate he decides to go and find it hoping to get some treasure in return.

Sadie his friend also decides to accompany him along with her parrot.

They boarded the ship and left for the treasure hunt. On their way they came across a number of sea creatures that they had never seen earlier like Dolphins,crabs,sword fish and star fish.
After sailing for many nights and days,they saw coral reefs. There sat a beautiful mermaid. Blackbeard and Sadie could not believe their eyes and went to her to see if she was real.
They gave the Mermaid a beautiful silver necklace and asked her if the Treasure story was true.
The Mermaid became happy and gave them a Treasure Map which would lead them to the hidden treasures.
They took the map happily and dived deep into the sea. After much swimming,they saw an Underwater castle that was guarded by Puffer Fish,Barracuda and Lion Fish.
Close to the Under water Castle was a Shipwreck where the Treasure was kept.
But reaching near Shipwreck wasn't easy because it was guarded by Shark and Orca Killer Whale.
Blackbeard fed the shark with the poisonous food he had kept for his safety and the shark became unconscious.
Now he had to beat the battle with the killer whale in order to reach the Treasure. When the killer whale came to attack Sadie,Blackbeard slit her with his little sword. Frightened the whale backed off and Blackbeard and Sadie reached the Treasure...
They carried all that they could and came back happy :D 

Note: This story is written by my son (edited by me) for the indiblogger #colgatemagicalstories contest.



  1. Aww... so adorable :)


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