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Why I'm not regular with Blogging feat. funny busy-mommy images !!!

Hola Chicaaaaas...
You guys must be wondering why I don't post much on the blog these days..
Like I'm not MIA (I'm posting and commenting on other social media) still I'm not keeping up much on the blog front!

The reason is my 22months old daughter. She hates me to have any sort of electronic gadget around me. Basically she wants all of me,JUST for her!! 
So,I decided instead of waiting for THAT one fine day and pen my views on products,I would come up with mini reviews as and when possible.
Meanwhile I'm leaving all you guys with funny images of busy-bee mom life I found on google!

Its strenuous, its loss of freedom but its something super normal that everybody goes through (specially if you have nobody athome to give the child some company during your pee-n-poo-visits) and most importantly it is what I wished for!
I do miss blogging..HUGELY for that matter..but THIS is the time they need me...Priorities!
And this is how I work/type.. She on Me!!!!
I'm trying to make it up by staying in touch with all you lovelies on facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterst. Follow me there if you are still not following. Links are on top right corner!
Stay in touch for the upcoming baby reviews :)


P.S. the images have been taken from google and I don't claim any ownership.


  1. ahahah! such a cute doll she is ...Loved reading this.

    1. Hehe.. thanks Ana.. and don't go by the looks, there's a little devil behind it!
      Thanks for dropping by!


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