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Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream: Review and Price

Everyone wants to retain a youthful skin for as long as humanly possible. Using a night cream should be an integral part of everyone's skin care regimen for that youthful skin, but it is often overlooked. During sleep,our bodies are healing, re-energizing and renewing and our skin is no different.At night,our skin shifts into a restorative mode,working to undo some of the damage done during the day.
Shifting focus to the product of the day- Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream. I was sent a few new launches by Himalaya Herbals in the skin care department and this was one of them.

I got this a while back and was busy testing.The pics were clicked as soon as the package was received..I'm happily hitting bottom now.
Price/Quantity: INR 200/50gm

My Take:

Hey..like I said in my previous post..I'll be doing less detailed reviews given the fact that my daughter hates me to sit with any gizmo...One Demanding Gal She Is....so,to cut the story short..read on my Views:
Till now all the night cream I've used comes in jar packaging (I haven't used a bucket full though..still) and I often wonder how about a night cream in a sweety,squeezy tube? You are in control of the quantity,its unbreakable and it screams take me along when you are travelling!!! But...but...but...jar packaging again and that too glass jar!!
The texture is smooth. It spreads on skin like a dream and gets absorbed nice and quick. It smells really refreshing..like my son notices everytime I have this on! So gals..MEN LIKE IT ;)
It boasts of white lily and tomato but it does have a few chemicals (I couldn't find parabens though)
It is highly suited for oily/combi skin. Though it is hydrating,its not greasy at all.
It gives me a soft,supple,plumped up skin in the morning.
Easy to spread,quick absorption,nice smell,hydrated skin...I don't ask for more!
Probably one of the best in this price bracket!
Over All Rating: 4.5/5


  1. I have been using this cream for years now and I couldn't praise more highly. I guess I am never tired of the great quality.
    Completely agree with you Aditi.

    1. I so want the under dogs to get their due Nivs..LOVED it!
      Nice to know you have a similar experience..much love !

  2. Really?
    is it that good?
    then to I am Pakka trying it :)

  3. This sounds quite perfect for my oily skin. Definitely checking this out.

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