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Lotus Herbals Tea Tree Clear Face Pack: Review,Price

Lotus Herbals Tea Tree face Pack- INR 295/120g
Home Alone....a mason jar full of Mint Mojito...Music of my kind..Dimly lit house... THIS is vacation for me!! Add to that a warm foot soak and a pack on my face..THIS gets EXXXOTIC!!!
And this brings me to the product of the day---->Lotus Herbals Tea Tree Clear Face Pack

A few pictures to get to know the product below: 

I've been using Lotus sunscreen/sunblock for as long as I can look back and a few of their other products have gone well with me but a face pack from them was fairly new to my experience.
 The packaging is simple and practical.
Texture wise,it is smooth and the consistency is thick. I personally like thick layer of masks/packs, so I use it just that way. If you like spreading thinner layer you could add a bit of water,make it a tad bit thinner and apply. Any which way it will last you for a long time.
It gives a cooling and tingling sensation in the first few seconds of application.
Now the worst part... It smells awful!
Like I had a real tough time to compare the smell to something known to explain to you guys and the closest I could get was Phenoyl!
I know eeeeekkks..but that's how it smells :/
It does clarify the skin and since I'm having good skin days (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....Touch Wood!) I can't really say how it fares on pimples and acne blemishes.
Its HERBAL and it has PARABENS..get the pun..?????
That's All!!
Over All Rating: 3.5


P.S. I'm loving mini reviews,keeps me connected atleast. Are you finding these okay?


  1. I don't know why I dont want to try lotus products. I cant remember clearly but long time back I tried some sunscreen from this brand and it turned out to be the worst cream ever for me and from that moment I had never bought any lotus product.

    1. I have used and repurchased their 3-in-1 SPF 40 sunblock and loved it but this facepack wasn't amazeballs Nausheen!

  2. I like tea tree for my acne skin. Have you used TBS tea tree face pack. I found that it worked well on my acne.

    1. I'm currently having good skin days dear..TW.. ;)


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