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Maybelline Pink Alert Lipstick in POW 4: Review,Price and Swatches

I have always been very firm about the fact that the yellow in my skin makes me run away from cool toned pinks..more so if they are bright and neony. Still I took a plunge into Maybelline Pink Alert POW 4.

Product details are in the pics below:
Price: INR 425/-

The packaging is similar to other colour sensational lippies,just that these have bright pink bullet case with the shade name .
The shade is a bright coral pink..a very in your face kinds. It's bright enough to lean towards neon.
It is shiny in no matter which light you wear it in.

It kinda sits on my lips and I carry the feeling of something on my lips all the time.. it's sticky and transfers to the cups and spoons. Not one of the formulas that I like for sure.
Pigmentation wise it fairs pretty well. It does form an opaque layer even on pigmented lips.
Neither the shade nor the formula makes me go ga-ga over it,plus I'm superbly into matte phase these days..So No!

Over All Rating: 2.5



  1. Love those swatches...poutyness ahoy!

    1. Thanks Shubha... words from pouty beauty make me happy ;)

  2. The shade is pretty, but I've never been a big fan of sticky lip products.

  3. Your lips are the most perfectly shaped ones I have ever seen. I had the POW1 I think and I liked it. Does that mean this range is inconsistent? Or have they changed the formula? Either way, a product not working is nothing but wastage of money. :(

    1. Awwweeeiii Niv...U shower me with beautiful words..ALWAYS!! Love you!
      I like the MAT range but this POW one didn't go well with me :(

  4. I think I have 2 shades from this range but don't remember the name. Your lip swatches here looks really beautiful :)


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