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BBlunt Back To Life Dry Shampoo: Price and Review

Dry Shampoos work by absorbing oil from your hair,and making it look and feel freshly washed again. It is not meant to replace your regular shampoo and water hair wash but only to use as an on-the-go product on certain days. 
Now this was new for me..I wasn't into dry shampoos earlier!!
BBlunt Back to Life Dry Shampoo was sent to me along with the BBlunt Anti-frizz Cream.

Brand Claims:
Instant freshness is now a spray away.This dry shampoo(no water required) does a smooth job of absorbing excess grease and grime and revamps your hair in seconds.Don't leave home without it.

Directions for Use:
Shake well before use.Hold the can in an upright position,six inches away from the hair and spray evenly,close to the roots. Leave on for 2 minutes.Massage and brush thoroughly.

Alcohol Content:
Ethyl Alcohol (95%v/v)7.65 w/w with 5% Isopropyl Alcohol

Like I said...I'm new to this,hence my views are based on JUST this product sans any comparison to its counterparts from other brands. The Dry Shampoo comes in a spray bottle I used this on my unwashed hair of two days and to be true my dry hair doesn't get greasy easily to see how bouncy they turned out after the usage. Volume has never been an issue with me,taming the frizz has been. Moreover, I don't really advocate the idea of pouring a chemical in the roots and on scalp. Add to that the smell and content of alcohol (isopropyl alcohol is drying for hair) 
But the fact still remains,that dry shampoos could be bliss for women on the go specially if  you have an oily scalp. Get this if you have busy mornings and hate to tie your hair!
For more hair products,check out BBlunt.com
Over All rating: 3/5

Press sample! Honest review!

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