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I'm Back and some Heart to Heart :)

Hi Lovelies..
It seems like yesterday when I announced about my Pregnancy and now you all must be knowing I had a baby girl on 10th of June,time I tell you has been flying with XXLwings ever since...

Remember this :)
Though I wasn't blogging this while,I was going through all your posts,I commented on some and couldn't on others.Facebook ,Instagram and Watsapp kept me pretty close to you. I received so many mails...tried replying to most of your queries and those left will be taken up now.
I was scared to death by relatives,aunties,neighbors,maids, relatives of maids...passer bys....e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e about how DIFFICULT it is to manage the second baby. Its not like your previous experience when you didn't have much to take care except your brand new bundle of joy. This time it is an added responsibility with the existing ones intact. IT DEFINITELY IS...but more than that its NOT as horrifying as I was told..
Slowly things are falling in their place,the schedules are set just like before...everything is kinda smooth-sailing now. I know once she starts crawling..phewwwww...alright!!
The joy has definitely been doubled. This is what our mornings are like now:

Yes she wakes up with a BIG smile every morning :)

We've given her a love name Maahi,the formal one is still in the pipeline.
Another thought in my mind is that the posts on Budget Belleza would be a bit few and far for some time,since both the babies need my time (the older one even more when he has to be emotionally secure...yes you have to face this too :)
Plus,my reviews won't be as elaborative as they were before..I would basically be stressing more on my findings of the product rather than the nitty-gritty. Blogging is my passion and my favourite activity and more than that it has win me people like YOU...So whatever goes on it keeps coming back......

Much Love



  1. OMG! Congratulations Aditi!
    Maahi is so cute (Nazar na lage) She has such a beautiful smile. God bless her always. Hope you are doing well and are fine now.
    Many many congratulations to both the parents and the entire family :)

    1. Thanks Naomi..yup I'm good and thanks again for such lovely wishes :)

  2. heartly congratulation to you and you family..she's such a cutie pie..god bless you

  3. Many Many congratulations to both f u and also to the entire family and loads of blessings to Maahi. Lots of love....Stay happy....


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