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How to Create a Lip Pot out of Leftover Lipsticks: DIY,Tute and Swatches

Hola Bellezas...
This is for all you beauties who wanted to know through Facebook and emails,how I did a custom-made lip pot out of leftover lippies..
Lets begin with the outcome first :

Makeup can get expensive. And being a BUDGET belleza,I have a hard time trashing anything... specially the lippies that were once my favourite. So,I generally used to fix the broken lippies rather than throwing them out..But this time I went a step further and used even the leftover lipstick in the tube,which had no future otherwise..
I've always known that when you hit the plastic base of the lipstick, there is always some product left over in there. Sometimes, if it was a color I loved, I would take a lip brush and use a little bit more. I was thinking it was just a wee bit that was left in there.But no,last night when I inserted a toothpick inside the tube,it was half way in there. There was so much lipstick in there..!!!!
Here's what I did:
Note: Since it is a requested post,I could not click pics step wise. The pics are combined to make the post comprehensive!

From a Leftover Lipstick to a Moisturizing Lip Pot:Here's How
Things you will need:

  • Broken or leftover lipsticks (Do check their expiry date before using) 
  • Leftover lip balms/ Vaseline.
  • Microwave safe container/ Metal plate.
  • Microwave/ Candle.
  • Orange stick/ Toothpick.
  • An empty container with a lid/ Sample jar/ Old lip balm pot.
  • Tissues.
  • Rubbing Alcohol.


  • Take a microwave safe container and clean it using some rubbing alcohol..let it dry. 
  • Scrape out the lipstick from its plastic base using a tooth pick/orange stick and collect in the container. I used my finished Avon Simply Pretty in Mango Mania and Maybelline Moisture Extreme in Pure Plum.

  • Now scrape out the lipbalms into the same container. Incase you don't have leftover lipbalms,you can use vaseline as well.
  • Adjust the quantity of lipstick and lip balm according to your needs. I wanted a hydrating lip product thus I added more lipbalm.
  • Microwave the container for a min. Keep a check on it every 20 seconds. It should only heat up enough to get mixed well and NOT boil.

  • Now take an empty jar which has a lid. It could be an empty single eye shadow container,a sample jar or an old lip balm pot. I used my empty Lotus lip balm pot. Clean it well using some rubbing alcohol in a tissue. Let it dry completely.
  • When completely dry transfer the liquid lipstick from the microwave to the Lip pot.
  • Keep it in deep freeze for 30 minutes.
  • And you have your very own custom made,super hydrating lip pot :)
The lip swatch is more true to colour than hand swatch!
The lasting power is around 2-3hrs. If you want more staying power,add less lip balm. Moisturization and longevity are inversely proportional in Lipstick Chemistry :P
Hope you liked it as much as I'm lovin' it :)
P.S. If you don't want to microwave,you can collect the scarped out material in a metal plate and melt it over a candle..Simple!!!

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  1. this is such an awesome idea! and the shade you've made is AMAZING!! <3

    1. I'm loving the shade too Deeps... searching for broken/used lippies in my stash :D

  2. Loved the post Aditi. Normally, I am too bored to use the left over of the lipsticks. But, not a bad idea to avoid wastage even further.
    Your lips are so perfectly shaped!

  3. Nice post dear!!

  4. Oh! That's so good way of making something good out of ur favorite leftover shades!!!

  5. Awesome method and Nice Lip swatch <3

  6. The resulting colour is really interesting! =)
    Thanks for the tutorial =)

  7. Loved the shade you have made!! Amazing idea <3

  8. Girl you are very creative yaa
    Btw i loved the color and the lip swatch.. so lovely!

  9. Thank for sharing this dear! I am totally doing this with my leftovers! :)

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