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My bestest MLBB,My favourite N*de Lippy: Faces Go Chic in Hazelnut: Review and Swatches

My eternal search for THAT perfect mlbb shade ended here. Where do I begin from..I can almost write an epic on this particular shade Hazelnut from the range Faces Go-Chic....

Brand Info: (from an online website)
‘FACES’ was founded in ‘Toronto, Canada’ in ‘1974’. It is a proven business with an established history of nearly 40 years within the international cosmetics market. FACES offers high-quality, extensive and affordable color cosmetics, skin care, anti-aging products and spa services. The diversity and depth of its color range appeals to all skin tones.

Company Claims: (from an online website)
Long stay, extra-shine lip colors.
Super stay, easy to apply Lipstick gives uniform coverage.
Repair your lips against climatic changes.
Get ready for rich, long lasting color in just one swipe.

Price Vs. Quantity: INR 199/- for 4.5gm
*on some websites the price mentioned is INR 249/- as well :(

Faces Go Chic Lipstick comes in a classy round shiny black casing,with a silver ring around which has the brand name on it. Its petite for the quantity of product it has inside. It click locks,won't open inside your makeup bag. The only problem is that round lippies,go on rolling when placed on a flat surface. I'm scared of breaking it,so try to place it vertically.

Shade: Hazelnut
Now here comes the major part..the reason why this baby is a constant repurchase..The shade Hazelnut is a beautiful Peachy Brown and trust me when I say I haven't come across anything that is as perfect an mlbb for me than this. Love Love Love the shade.Very subtle,everyday kinds that neither turns eyes nor makes you look dull.

My Take:
Well..basically I'm not a repurchase person to begin with. I love trying new things because you never know when you come across something better than what you already have. But this lippy is a exception for sure. I have bought another similar shades from other brands only to find a dupe of this with better staying power .... but,I have to end up repurchasing this only.

The texture is buttery soft,glides on easily. The pigmentation is really good considering its a nude shade,two swipes and full on colour. The staying power isn't something very awesome. It stays for 2-3hrs,but then don't forget that's true with any moisturizing nude lipstick.
So no complaints at all!!
and yes...it rocks as in ROCKS with a smokey eye..

My Likes:
  • My perfect n*de lipstick.
  • Smooth and Moisturizing.
  • Goes really well with heavy eye looks.
  • Well pigmented.
  • Good packaging for the price.
  • Very affordable.
  • Click locks.
  • The range has many shades to choose from.
  • Mild Coconut-Caramel fragrance.
My Dislikes:
None I can think of,given the texture,shade and price.

Last Word:

Till I get a budget dupe with better staying power.

Over All Rating: 5/5


  1. Love it!! ur swatches sold me this lippeee!!

  2. The shade truly is one of the perfect N*de I ever saw till date !
    Looks Amazing on Your Pout <3 .. You have swatches the hue soo perfectly dear :)
    Lovely Review too :)

    1. And ur comment makes my day Vipz..
      I love peachy nudes to pinky ones...and this one though appears more pink its actually perfect peachy nude :)

  3. Stunning lip swatches dear! The shade is lovely :) xo

    1. Glad u liked the swatches Gowthami...Love the shade too :)

  4. oh wow i totally forgot about the shade and kept staring at your beautiful and luscious lips! More than that shade I think u make it looks pretty!

    1. Awww Lisha...equal credits to the shade as well..it makes the not-so-luscious lips look like one...thank u :)

  5. This is lovely adi...

    ur lip swatches are killer... do add an FOTD as well darling

    1. Thanks Tarry...will surely come up with an FOTD in the next post dear :)

  6. Wow it' a gorgeous shade, love how it look on your pout, totally pretty :)

    1. It is the one made for smokey eyes Arzoo..wud look pretty on u too :)

  7. This is such a beautiful Mlbb dear! And youre lip swatches are simply stunning :)

  8. I love the shade and the lip swatches are gorgeous! :)

  9. Oh my god! You have such gorgeous lips! I think the color looked better because YOU were wearing it!
    You have the most perfect lips, I have seen! :D

    1. Aww thanx Naomi...no the creamy texture n the shade itself makes them look okay :)

  10. Wow pretty shade n grgs lip swatches dear ♡♡

  11. vow.. beautiful lip swatches.. great review.. i shall check this out soon :D
    Do check out my latest post too.. Thank u ♥

  12. such stunning lip swatch nd love d shade!

  13. Wow! Your swatches!! Love!
    It looks like a great colour.. I must try it out :)

  14. I love your lips Aditi, they have beautiful shape. I liked the shade but wanted it to be a tad more on the orange side. still looks lovely on you!

  15. It's so pretty and at 199 it's a real steal :)

  16. That hint of pink makes the lippie look so gorgeous..and those lip swatches Aditi ...SEXY ;)

  17. Loved the swatches. It looks good on you :)
    Greetings from:- http://naturelbellefemme.blogspot.com

  18. Omg what a stunning lip swatch and I think I have fallen in love with this shade..just now!! I would say thanks for letting me know about this wonderful shade <3

    Happy tuesday :)

    1. Awww thanks..Im so glad u liked the shade Charu :D

  19. Hi Aditi,
    Feel stupid commenting here after almost 8 years but guess thats the beauty of internet . Just wanted to know whether you found a dupe for this in any other brand? Or what is your favorite MLBB shade now... Because i have been in love with this lipstick and its discontinued. I have been scrapping out the last remains of this shade from the tube for months now. I am sure its expired but no shade has ever come even close to this. help me!!!

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