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Colorbar Instant Cover-up Stick Concealer in Caramel Treat: Review and Swatches

Concealer is one of the most important make-up products to have in your make-up bag. Personally for me, it not only conceals under eyes and blemishes but also helps to create a base for the eye shadow.
Concealer,I guess was the last makeup discovery for me. I neither required (Good Ol' days) nor used it in my makeup routine..Alas!now the story is different,not only do I need it for covering up the ever-growing dark circles but also for the stubborn acne spots that refuse to go :(
Heading on to the product in question today... Colorbar Instant Cover-up Stick

Company Claims:.
The package has this to say:
  • Chamomile for soothing and vitamin c for anti oxidant benefits.
  • Soft and creamy with high color payoff.
  • Handy for instant concealing.

Price vs Quantity: INR 425/ 1.6gm

Shades Available:
  • 001 Apricot Crush – light
  • 002 Caramel Treat – Medium
  • 003 Almond Coffee – Dark 
The one I have is Caramel Treat 002,its is medium shade out of the three. It matches me well and has yellow undertones,which is a boon for my warm complexion. This particular shade will suit medium to fair skin tones.


The packaging of Colorbar Instant Cover-up Stick is similar to one of those jumbo pencils (though a lil' less jumbo for that matter). Its a silver pencil with a colour coded end. The shade name and other details are there on the pencil itself. It has to be sharpenend.

Colorbar Instant Cover-up Stick concealer is very smooth to apply..no tugging at all. Due to its smooth texture blending it to the skin tone is a cake walk. Really speaking ,I wasn't expecting such a creamy application from a pencil concealer,but it proved me wrong.

My Take:
Colorbar Instant Cover-up Stick was my second brush with concealers,the first one being the Garnier Eye Roll-on which I had a very bad experience of. I was in search of a budget-friendly,smooth to apply and blend concealer. After researching on the net,I got hold of this and I must say this hasn't disappointed me yet.
The ease of application is its biggest USP. You can conceal your spots and under eyes in a jiffy with this product. Just squiggle a few lines and blend patting with your fingers and you are good to go.
I personally use it above foundation because it provides only medium coverage. I like it for being travel+pocket friendly.
There are a few cons as well like the shade being a tad bit deeper on me,loss of product due to sharpening and stuff...

My Likes:
  • Creamy to apply.
  • Easy to blend.
  • Hassel free application-squiggle..tap..blend..and go!
  • The shade matches me (though not superbly).
  • Hides average dark circles.
  • Travel-friendly .
  • Shade-coordinated packaging.
  • Yellow undertones will suit a lot of Indian skins.
  • Pocket-friendly.
  • Works okay as an eyeshadow base.
My Dislikes:
  • Provides medium coverage-not for intense dark circles and spots.
  • Product wastage due to pencil sharpening.
  • The sharpener is to be carried around along with the concealer.
  • Caramel treat is a tab bit deeper shade for me.
  • For everyday use and not for special occasions.
Last Word:
Colorbar Instant Cover-up Stick is a hassel-free,mess-free,travel friendly concealer that works well on dark circles and spots that are not too intense. It provides medium coverage and is good for everyday use.

Though I'm currently liking it, I'm looking forward to get Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch,once this gets over.
Gals plz suggest budget friendly,good coverage concealers in the comments below. I'm all eyes and ears :)

Over All Rating: 3.5/5


  1. This sounds average, I'm happy with the Oriflame concealer, loved your detailed review dear :D

    1. It sis average Arzoo..the ease of use makes it gain a few points :)
      Really...is oriflame one good?
      Drop a link here if u have reviewed it!

  2. I'm a huge fan of Colorbar Concealer. I have the Colorbar Full Cover Concealer and it really does work wonders!
    I'd be sure to pick this up next :) Nicely reviewed!

    1. Really Lee..u mean I shud get full cover one for better coverage?
      And skip the lumi touch one?

  3. i dont like the pencil form ....Nice review...

    1. I know.. I myself might shift to something other than pencil :(

  4. I have really wanted to try this one out since so long! I guess I will go get it now that I have seen your pictures. :)

    1. Go get it Swati if u're looking for something with medium coverage and everyday use :)

  5. nice product...but yea..sharpening is a let down.. :(

  6. heyyy!! I've heard the lumi one is not that great..
    I've heard good things about healthy mix concealer & mac ones are really good too! ^_^

    1. Really Manpreet,thanx for the info..but as of now,I'm planing to go for a lil' less expensive one..
      but thanx anyways :)

  7. sounds an average product...Now m using oriflame one and quite happy... Planning to buy colorbar full cover concealer.... nice review...


    1. Snigdha after all those recos even I'm planning to buy colorbar full cover one :)

  8. This sounds good but sharpening would lead to lot of product wastage as it is a chubby pencil :( nice review

  9. Amazing review!

  10. I am yet try concealers :) Nice review dear

    1. I'm fairly new in the department as well Radha :)

  11. sounds goodfor daily use types....but obviously not a heavy duty concealr....i have also been eyeing on dream lumi vl get this time!

    1. Yeah Rachna,but now colorbar full cover one is also in the race ;)

  12. Really loved your detailed and honest review!! In the begining I thought may be this is going to be my next purchase and thanks to your review, its average coverage isn't going to work!! Thanks love for the review :)

    1. I'm glad u liked it Charu,yup even I need better coverage :)

  13. Looks a decent product ...I m using mac select cover up concealer quite happy with that....try that one dear...expensive but totally worth the price. .

    Great review dear..
    My recent one : http://www.cosmochics.com/reviews/inglot-eyeshadow-ds-square-504-review-swatches-eotd/

    1. I agree Tej,this one's an average in terms of coverage,will try the one u suggested .. Thanx. :)

  14. Nice Review Babe :) .. It looks a decent product tough - I would stick with the Clinique one :)

  15. i think only damn expensive concealers work now a days,, nice review dear :)

    1. Thnx Natasha..this one's good for average under eyes n daily use only !

  16. Nice review!!
    This one looks handy and nice!
    Check out my ongoing giveaway!


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