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Nail Of The Week- Avon Speed Dry+ Nail Enamel in Twilight Blue:Review Swatches NOTW

Here is another NOTW and this time its from the Speed Dry range of Avon.
Check it out:
Company Claims:
  • New improved formula with Flash Dry Technology.
  • Provides full and even coverage and high shine.
  • Stays colour true and resists dulling.
Price/Quantity: INR 165/8ml (almost always on offer though)


Avon Speed Dry+ nail enamels come in square glass bottles with a black screw cap.I like their square shape and more than that I like that the shade names are printed on the bottle itself rather than a cap sticker. All in all good packaging.

Shade: Twilight Blue
Twilight Blue is a deep dark blue with shimmers !!

My Take:
This is not a recent purchase. I picked this up about one and a half year ago. The shade was obviously the reason behind..it a very deep blue almost leaning towards black. The texture is not smooth,the brush screechy and the staying power crappy :/

My Likes:
1. Nice shade..makes my hand look neat!
2. Comes cheap on offer.
3. Like the glass bottle shape.
4. They have names..and that too names printed on the bottle itself!

My Dislikes:
1. Starts chipping withing 24hrs.
2. Brush is screechy.
3. The formula isn't smooth

Last Word:
No matter how affordable a nail paint is and what all wonderful shades it has to offer..I still expect it to perform its basic task i.e. applying smoothly and staying long,which this product doesn't seem to do!

Never a nail paint that doesn't stay for even a day...oh its rhyming :)

Over All Rating: 2/5


  1. Stunning shade - Shade looks gorgeous on your nails <3

    1. I agree shade is nice but staying power....duh :/
      Thanks dear :)

  2. Gorgeous shade! Nice review Aditi....:)

  3. Lovely and looks pretty on your nails Adi :)

    1. Thank u Radha..n yes my son's name is Aadi too :D

  4. Great shade!! Wish could have been the same in terms of the staying power.

  5. Beautiful blue shade. Love your nails!

  6. Gorgeous blue shade and lovely nails u have


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