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Its Liebster this time :)

Hey guys..the pouring of awards is even more effective than the monsoons themselves in the blogosphere:) and this time its Liebster Award by Samannita of makeup and beauty. Thank you so much for the award dear!
The rules are :-                          

  • Post 11 things about myself
  • Answer the tagger's questions            
  • Tag and pass the awards to 11 other bloggers
  • Create 11 questions for the bloggers to answer
  • Go to the bloggers page and inform them about the award.
So right away to .. 11 things about me!
  • I am a makeupaholic+shopaholic but I won't break my bank for it!
  • I love making to-do-lists (though I hardly follow the chores in that order)
  • I secretly cry in all emotional movies.
  • I love dabbing my favourite Itars on my pulse points.
  • I am a foodie and a reasonably good cook :)
  • I absolutely love chatting (read talking)
  • I am obsessed with Coral and Mint colours these days.
  • My biggest wish at the moment is to loose weight :(
  • I love hoarding nail paints and lipsticks.
  • I am a sucker for coral lipsticks :)
  • I like reading,though the stuff varies!
My Answers to tagger's questions!
 1. Favorite Blog?
Ans. I like reading all the blogs I'm following but IMBB and Wiseshe provide a huge variety.

2. Kohl or eye liner?
Ans. Eyeliner!

3. Morning person or a Nocturnal?
Ans. Nocturnal for sure!

4. Ice cream with soda or Ice cream with cake?
Ans.With cake any day:)

5. Beach or Hill station?
Ans. Beach..hills are exhausting :\

6. Preferred outfit for Winters?
Ans. Dark colored skin fit jeans,jacket and boots..with a muffler or scarf around my neck just to add colour!

7. Favorite neon color you flaunt on your nails?
Ans. Currently an orange but it makes my hand look dark and so does any other neon shade..I guess its not for me!

8. Rs. 20000 ---- Shopping for clothes or jewellery?
Ans. I guess clothes and shoes and bags and makeup :)

9. Sms or call?
Ans. Depends who the person in question is ;)

10. Active or lazy (Common, admit it!)?
Ans. Genetically lazy (I wish I was more like my Mom:(

11. Best quality about you?
Ans. I admit my shortcomings :) with a smile!

Now I pass on this award to:
Namita of http://lifeisafairytale-mithy.blogspot.in/ 
Ritu of http://www.theindianbeauty.com/ 
Shilpa of http://ourexternalworld.blogspot.in/ 
Nisha of http://beautyandthecheap.blogspot.in/ 
Preethi of http://cutepinksandpurples.blogspot.in/ 
Shourima of http://makeupfashionandeverythingilike.blogspot.in/ 
Agnibanya of http://agnibanya.blogspot.in/ 
Shalini of http://www.bbeautilicious.com/ 
Coral crue http://coralcrue.blogspot.in/ 
Divassence http://divassence.blogspot.in/ 
Anju of http://www.indianmakeupways.com/ 

And my questions are:
1. One makeup product you cannot leave the house without?
2. Red lips nude eyes or nude lips smokey eyes?
3. Best budget buy till date?
4. Do you follow a night time skin routine religiously?
5. What 5 things your everyday makeup bag would have?
6. Favorite skin care brand?
7. Favorite makeup brand?
8. Given a chance would you like to hoard on lipsticks or eye shadows?
9. Most pocket friendly international makeup brand according to you?
10. What would you gift your boyfriend/husband when on a tight budget?
11. Shoes or bags?

So all you tagged ladies ..I'm dying to read your answers!

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