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Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline Lotion pour le Corps Body Lotion: Review

Winters would be here in few months and this reminded me to peep in the stash to check the body lotion have's and make a wishlist for have not's. While going through the stuff,this pretty beauty caught my eyes. I’m pretty sure that you are familiar with the Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline perfume. It’s a very nice perfume with a very light and fresh scent. This is the body lotion from the same range. Lets talk about this love of my life :)

Company Claims:
Omnia crystalline is inspired by the perfection of crystal. It is delicate and gentle like the touch of flower petals. This sparkling Eau de Toilette captures the essence of frosted flowers. The top notes bring aery bamboo and exotic Asian fruit Nashi that has a very original and specific fresh aroma, similar to both apple and pear. The heart is ruled by soft and feminine notes of lotus blossom, while the base brings elegant woodsy notes. The fragrance was created by Alberto Morillas is 2005. Bvlgari introduces Omnia Crystalline, a delicate floral woody experience. Capturing the glowing clarity of crystal light, Crystalline illuminates, reflects and reveals a woman's radiance, luminosity, gentle sensuality, and graceful femininity.  A sparkling jewel of light.
Notes:  Bamboo, Nashi (Japanese Pear), Lotus Flower, Balsa Wood

Price: I got it in a gift set with the Omnia Crystalline EDT for $78 on sale.

Quantity: 75ml/2.5 fl.oz.


The packaging of Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline Lotion pour le Corps Body Lotion is surprisingly simple. It comes in a white hard plastic bottle with a flip-open cap which fits pretty well! But considering I generally don't pamper myself with such luxurious items..I definitely expected some beauty and not just practicality in the packaging!

My Take:
Those who have gone through my posts must be knowing I have a dry skin which becomes combination in summers and superdry in winters..yes complicated but common! Though I have to heavily moisturise my skin in winters,in summers my skin isn't that demanding on moisturisation part as on the cleansing part and this body lotion is just perfect for this season.
Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline Lotion pour le Corps Body Lotion is a perfumed body lotion. Its milky white and is neither thick nor runny in consistency. It has an awesome fragrance. To me it smells floral with a hint of sweetness..ummm yeah its a floral,woody,musky kinda fragrance that's definitely not mild (in case you have used the Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline EDT,its exactly the same). After an hour or two,the floral notes subside leaving behind the woody and musky notes. I generally cannot smell my perfumes on me outdoors,but this body lotion..oh boy! it stays with me in the house,in the elevators,in the car and outside..this is definitely better than even vodafone network,just doesn't leave me :)
It sits close to the skin. I like it very much. And the scent stays on me for a long long time. The lotion itself I’d say is for normal skin. It’s not greasy. It absorbs into my normal skin quickly but oily skinned beauties will love it even more. You apply it and it vanishes leaving behind a supple skin and a beautiful fragrance! I know it sounds gross but this body lotion is so light and oil free that I love using it on my face as a moisturiser ;)

My Likes:
1. Oil-free
2. Light on skin.
3. Get absorbed quickly.
4. Wonderful,classy,feminine fragrance.
5. The fragrance stays all-day-long.
6. Travel friendly packaging.
7. Right consistency.

My Dislikes:
1. I don't know the exact price,still its way to expensive for me in a 75ml packaging.
2. I expected a fancier packaging at this price.

Last Word:
Most wonderful perfumed body lotion I've ever used. I’d say it’s a luxurious product for me, which I use only for special occasions.

*mushy eyed waiting for someone to gift it to her*

Overall Rating: 4.8/5


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