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The Perfect Red Lipstick: L'oreal Colour Riche Lipstick-Decked In Red 351

Red lipstick is a universal classic and has yet to go out of style.Red: The color of passion, the color of love. It's probably the sexiest color around and when painted on your lips, it's dynamite.Famous celebrities like Christina Aguilera,Scarlet Johanson and Dita Von Teese can rock their red lipstick on the red carpet, but can you pull it off everywhere else!The fact is despite being such an iconic colour,but it is also one of those colour,many women are hesitant to wear despite the claim that there is a red for everyone.
Or for that Matter.... ;)

I'm not a person who can wear red lips very casually..I mean I really really need an occassion for that..but that no way means I don't like red lips...I LOVE' EM..
Will do a post on my red lippies..but as of now :

Company Claims: Colour Riche® Nurturing and Protective Lipcolour is now richer, creamier and more moisturizing than ever before. In addition to nourishing ingredients like Omega 3 and Vitamin E, the formula has been enriched with Argan Oil to condition and soften lips. Your lips are kept soft, smooth, and ultra-hydrated. With a spectrum of new and improved 54 gorgeous shades in sophisticated new packages, Colour Riche® Lipcolour offers a shade that's perfect for every look and any occasion.

Price: It was a limited edition and priced INR 785/- (i don't remember exactly though :(

Quantity: 3.6gm/0.13OZ

 L'oreal Colour Riche Limited Edition Lipstick,Decked In Red 351 comes in standard golden casing with a pointer clasp which clicks when the cap is closed.It looks classy and expensive.

The Shade-Decked In Red 351:
This shade is probably the easiest to describe..its just- RED..its not pinkish red or coral red or burnt red...its plain and simple Red without any significant undertones..And that's what makes it special..If I have to try really hard to say something other than Red..i would say its a Bright Warm Red.The pics here though show a pink undertone but its not so in reality.

Texture:  L'oreal Colour Riche Limited Edition Lipstick,Decked In Red 351 has a creamy finish,no shimmers and not dry matte..its a very moisturizing creamy lipstick.

My Take: To begin with as mentioned earlier i love red lippies,though I gathered the courage to wear these only post  wedding.This is one colour that is absolutely Indian and yet so very western. L'oreal Colour Riche Limited Edition Lipstick,Decked In Red 351 is one of my favourite Red Lipstick.Its suits my yellow undertones well.The formula as mentioned earlier is quite creamy,so its perfect for both summers and winters without the need of a lip balm underneath.Its super-duper pigmented..put it on and it refuses to budge for the next 7-8 hours and even after that it leaves a uniform stain.It doesn't bleed the way normally creamy red lippies do..so a lip liner is actually not required.Its odour-less,tasteless and that's a big boon.
Brightens up my face,the moment I apply it..a li'l blush and lots of mascara and i'm good to go.I'm sad the camera is not picking up the perfect red colour of this lipstick,its weird its showing pink undertones in the swatches when there are none :(  The tube though is showing the real shade.

In the pigmentation department ,L'oreal Colour Riche Limited Edition Lipstick,Decked In Red 351 absolutely rocks..it stays put for 7-8 hours straight.

My Likes:
1. Creamy
2. Highly pigmented
3. My lovely red shade :)
4. Classy packaging
5. Love the shade name- Decked In Red
6. Awesome Staying power
7. Taste less
8. Odourless
9. Does not bleed

My Dislikes:
I guess its the price and secondly this particular shade might not suit duskier beauties for its super bright..no other dislike!

Last Word: More Likes less cons..wonderful lipstick,awesome shade.

Repurchase: It would reach its expiry date before it reaches its bottom :(

Overall Rating: 4.8/5


  1. loved the color !! :D u think it will be available online by any chance ??

    1. Hey Upsi..i got this from Australia a year back..I'm not sure if it wud still be available considering it was a limited edition :(

  2. Looks gorgeous on you. Wish this wasn't a limited edition. I'm still trying to find 'my' red.

    1. Hey there,I can very well understand the hunt for the perfect red lippy..Thanx so much..wish u all the luck in chasing urs ;)

  3. hot hot hot ........love reds :)

  4. Gorgeous red! It looks good on you. I wonder if I can find a shade like that in a different brand? since its a limited edition.

    1. Hey Reena,since I'm not a red lipstick addict finding a perfect dupe would require a li'l research on my part:)
      Will post you as soon as I find one.
      (Though Maybelline moisture extreme in Brick Rose is a similar shade minus the shimmer and plus a li'l redness *confusing..isn't it*)
      Wish u luck in finding the shade!!!

  5. I did some research too . Wow! Thanks. Keeping my fingers crossed on this one. Have a great day=)

    1. Good You did..and where did you land?
      Did u see..Brick Rose?


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