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NYX Girls Round Lipgloss-Pinky Natural

Nyx..now who wants an introductory paragraph on this?A makeup lovers love,Nyx is synonymous to loads of color choices, excellent pigmentation, and affordability. Nyx Girls Round Lip Gloss was my second buy from Nyx,the first being Nyx Round Lipstick in ULLYSES. Nyx Girls Round Lip Glosses are available in a total of some 36 shades I think of which only about 5 are non shimmer, non frost.
Coming to the Lip glosses..I'm basically a lipstick person :) From nudes..to pinks..to peachy,ORANGY,corals..to even REDS..I love'em All :)
I only search my stash for a lipgloss when I am going for smokey eye.
Now let the lips do the talking:

 What NYX Claims:
"NYX Girls Round Lip Gloss has 36 pretty shades to highlight the sexy pucker of yours. Feels silky smooth, long lasting and the color in the bottle is the color on. NYX Girls Round Lip Gloss is a must have for all sexy girls."

Price: INR 225/- (I got it for 158/- on discount)

Quantity: 2.5ml/0.085oz



Nyx Girls Round Lip Gloss in Pinky Natural comes in a transparent circular tube with a classy twist open black cap.It has a sturdy doe-foot sponge applicator.The colour and amount of the gloss can be seen from outside..The black cap has the shade name sticker on the top.All in all very practical packaging.No cons at all!

The Shade: 

Pinky Natural is what the name says..its a very natural pink. Its not bright shade,infact I could say its a very subtle natural pink with slight mauve undertones. The shade is light enough to require two swipes to cover pigmented lips.
You can see the swatches of other shades on this amazing blog

Texture: Nyx Girls Round Lip Gloss in Pinky Natural is a non-shimmery,non-frosty lipgloss.Its very smooth and moisturising.

My Take: Lip glosses are not something that I wear on a regular basis,neither alone nor on top of another lipstick.I'm not a big fan of glosses basically because of two reasons:
a) I generally don't drool over shimmery lips.
b) Lip glosses don't stay put for as long as lipsticks.
But when I saw Nyx Girls Round Lip Gloss on offer on a online shopping site,I couldn't stop myself from giving it a try. Pinky Natural was the chosen one because its a very natural everyday kinda shade..infact its the perfect daytime gloss (generally I don't come across glosses that can be worn during the day as well..blame the shimmers). You can wear it to work without being the oh!so blingy girl :) Though personally I would have loved a little brighter pink.
The texture is smooth.It has the glossiness but no dancing glitters.Coverage wise its quite decent. It gives opaque coverage in a single swipe,though I need two swipes of it to cover my pigmented lips.The colour isn't much buildable only the opacity goes on increasing. Nyx Girls Round Lip Gloss is non-sticky.Its consistency is good for a gloss neither very thick nor runny. Pinky Natural has a strawberry flavoured bubble gummy fragrance to it,but it goes within 15-20min. The staying power of this gloss isn't very impressive though.It stays on me for 2-3hrs without meals and when it goes..it goes completely ;) No one will be able to make out you were wearing a gloss a li'l while ago :(

My Likes:
1. Pretty neutral pink shade
2. Moisturising
3. Affordable
4. Decent coverage
5. Non-sticky
6. Tasteless
7. Cruelty free

My Dislikes:
1. Staying power isn't  great. 
2. Sold at higher prices in India.
3. Bubble gummy fragrance might be a con for sensitive noses.
4. Too light a shade for my like.

Last Word: Considering its price its a great buy

Repurchase: Definitely not this shade..I'm eyeing on other shades for sure!

Overall Rating: 3.5/5


  1. lovely swatch and shade...... :) I have used two shades from this range

  2. Your lips looks so beautiful!! I had given this shade a thought, but on checking online swatches skipped it as I felt these are too light for me too

    1. Thanx Nivedita..though they are not as luscious as they look in the closeups ;)
      True..I agree,had the shade been a tad bit darker I would have given it a 4.5 :)


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