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My Mini Summer Haul :)

From the times immemorial *tries to sound literary* all of us are facing bad weather,be it heat,cold or wetty sticky rains..we are in the habit of talking about it as if its happening for the first time to us.No seriously,guests come and I ask them:

Me: What would you like to have? Coffee,Tea Or something Cold? 
       (no not ME,I'm reserved;)
Guest: Oh c'mon do u want me to die of this hot weather?
           (Something Cold.. would have been easier to answer..but no!)

Travel in a Metro (those in Delhi can get this well enff..) and the baju wali Aunty goes on and on and on about the heat.Oh Boy! So annoyed as if I were to be blamed for it...
I agree its very very HOT..I mean who can pass pleasant smiles in 46 degrees :(

So in this messy hotty sweaty weather,apart from air conditioners,another thing that can make the fairer sex happy is buying some goodies..

So right on to the haul now..and its my first haul post :) 

This includes both online and offline shopping.
Look what I got for myself:

Clean and Clear Face Wash- Pocket friendly,travel friendly and does the job well :)

Summer Favourite Nailpaints- I have included some of these in my earlier post on My Summer Loves..

Finally Got hold of the much talked about eyeshadow pallete Maybelline Chai Latte Quad..and let me tell you i'm not much of an eye shadow person..but this one is so subtle..I absolutely love it..looking forward to get another variants of it!

Though I admit I don't use much eyeshadows but I'm head over heels in love with coloured eye pencils/eye liners..So got two recently:
Faces long wear eye pencil in Navy Blue
Colorbar I glide eye pencil in Prunella
And let me take the liberty of saying..Faces one is much much better!

Hobby Body Wash is one product out of all that I did not like much..reason you ask?
The smell..its very very very sweet..too sweet to handle :P
The purple colour of the packaging gave me a Lavender kind of feel and I went ahead and bought it online..but now its making me diabetic ;)

Thats all gals..I'm planning to restart my sketching and painting..Do click on the Random Loves above..It would be a great motivation if you guys like it :)
And do not forget to comment if you've had a rendezvous with any of the mentioned products..



  1. nice..from where did you find chai latte quad?

    1. Thanx Parita..this was the last one at a closeby cosmetic shop which has a maybelline counter..I checked the expiry..and grabbed it :)

  2. i have chai latte...its my fav quad :)
    do make a review on the pencil liners :)

    1. Its my first and I'm loving it already Bidz..will surely review the eyeliners soon :)

  3. Hey BB nice haul <3 . . . couldnt find chai latte anywhere online :( :( . . . And yes waiting for eyepencils reviews :)


    1. Hey Doc..Thanxy..I know Chai Latte was discontinued few months back,I'm happy i got it when there's still time for its expiry :)
      Will review the pencils soon,keep in touch..

  4. Nice products here and i am using clean and clear , that is always a good product from Johnson's and don't effect skin in any ways. Soft to use also.

    1. Thnks..Yup,its affordable and does the job well without making my skin dry :)

  5. Nice haul.. I was eyeing on the Hobby body wash, thanks for the heads-up :)

    I wish I stayed near by the cosmetic shop who had Chai Latte :(

    1. Thanks yaa..owing to individual differences you might like what I did not,but Hobby Body wash has nothing great to offer..not even a refreshing smell :(
      I'm glag I somehow grabbed it!

  6. Great shopping!! :)

    Pass by sometime and follow if you like. :) xx

    New outfit post:
    Missingsparkles.com: Outfit of the Day

    1. Thanks Minna..Love ur Blue jacket and pearl string :)

  7. I used to use the Clean and Clear one in high school. Ohhh I miss those days!

    1. Hey Reena,I was switching between ponds and Everyouth in school days :)
      But Im quite liking this now!


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