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R & G Facewash and Face Serum with Vitamin C: Review

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In the current covid situation when we are almost heading towards another lockdown one thing that keeps me happy is taking care of my skin. Some time ago I got a chance to try  Rose and Gold skincare products like their face wash and their serum with vitamin c and here is my review of it.
R&G Face Wash:
All skin care routines begin with first cleansing the skin. There are tons of products available in the market termed as a face wash and face cleansers and I have tried a bunch of them during my blogging journey. I have been very particular about my face cleansers given the fact that I have a really dry skin which becomes dry in this cool winter months. The sum always on the lookout for hydrating cleanser which to not dry out my skin further. My experience with Rose and Gold Facewash has been an amazing one. From the packaging to the product there is nothing I can complain about. The packaging looks classy and it's very practical. The formula is neither too thick not too runny. It has a very refreshing mild fragrance of roses. It does its job of cleansing the skin really well without leaving it dry. I would like to sum up my experience in the following points:
⚪ It comes in a beautiful rose gold packaging.
⚪ The tube is convenient to use and travel friendly
⚪Feels like an high end product on skin
⚪Smells of rose water
⚪Lathers up into a dreamy smooth foam
⚪Cleanses well
⚪ Is gentle on skin and doesn't dry out
⚪Gives a luxurious experience
⚪ Suitable for dry to normal skin

R&G Face Serum with Vitamin C
Serums are quite a rage in the skin care routine in today's age. There are a bunch of serums available in the market which cater to different skin care needs. Rose and Gold Serum with Vit C is clearly one of the best and most hydrating vitamin C serum that I have used so far. It's quite runny and thus penetrates easily into the skin. With regular use of it, I noticed the brightness and suppleness in my skin. It cleans to provide an even skin tone and reduce dark spots as well. I'm happy to incorporate R&G Vitamin-C Face Serum in my Skincare routine. I am explaining my experience with the vitamin C serum in the following points for your ease:
⚪ Comes in a glass bottle with dropper
⚪ It is quite runny in consistency
⚪One of the most hydrating serums I've used
⚪Faint rose fragrance
⚪Brightens skin
⚪Visibly healthier looking skin
⚪ Leaves the skin well moisturised
⚪I'm definitely gonna repurchase it

I had an amazing experience with rose and gold products. The products are hydrating brightening and gave a really the luxurious experience. Highly recommend them and will surely repurchase.

Do not forget to follow the brands page on Instagram @roseandgold_india

You can use the code FACECARE10 to avail 10% discount

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