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Skincare By Do More Always: Face Wash, Sunscreen and Moisturiser: Review and Price

Good skin is the best makeup. I would have never believed in this saying more than I believe in it now. A beautiful healthy skin is all you need to glow and look fabulous. The market these days is flooded with skin care products,a new launch everyday. In a scenario like this, it becomes really difficult to figure out what is really good for your skin and whether the claims made by the skin care brands are actually true. A while ago I was sent a few skincare products by the brand DO MORE ALWAYS to try and share my experience. 

Let's talk about the :
Always cleanse face wash comes in a very convenient pump packaging. Its packaging makes it easy to use and travel friendly to since there are no issues of spillage here. The consistency of the face wash is very runny and almost like water. It doesn't lather too much. It claims to have Neem, aloevera, arabica coffee oil in it, which I must say is really impressive. It cleanses the skin really well. The best thing about the face wash is it doesn't dry out my skin. It has very mild to almost no fragrance. It is paraben free and silicone free.
MRP 400/- 60ml

ALWAYS hydrate moisturiser has Niacinamide, vitamin B5, vitamin e, shea butter and coffee oil. The moisturizer is very lightweight and feels comfortable on the skin. It hydrates the skin really well and the hydration stays on for a long time. I am not really a fan of fragrances in my skin care products and this moisturizer has a very mild fragrance, which almost goes unnoticed. Just like that face wash the moisturizer also comes in a convenient pump packaging which makes it really easy to use and easy to be carried along. It is paraben free silicone free and mineral oil free.
MRP 500/50ml

The Always Protect Sunscreen has spf 50+. It contains vitamin B5. The sunscreen is lightweight and non greasy which was a pleasant surprise. It can be worn as a sunscreen and moisturizer. It can also be worn under makeup. Like all other products this also comes in a convenient pump packaging.
MRP 500/50ml

Overall Experience:
From the product packaging to the ingredient list, I quite liked all the three products. They are travel friendly and they don't have strong fragrance to them. The products are paraben and silicone free and do what they claim to.
Don't forget to visit their website or click on the links mentioned in this post to buy the products at amazing discounts.


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