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Beauty Glazed Mars Palette - A Dupe of Huda Beauty Ruby Obsessions Palette: Review Price Swatches EOTD

Hey My Loves..
Here's hoping you all are doing absolutely fine. I'm really excited about today's review. Few years back eyeshadows were overshadowed by lipsticks and other colour cosmetics and those who liked to do eye-makeup restricted themselves from using bold/wild colours. Earthy tones were then everyone's best friend. But times certainly have changed. While we still love subtle tones ans smokey eyes, we aren't afraid of turning heads with bright colours. There are truckloads of bright and colourful palettes available in the market today from high end to the drugstore ones, one of my favourite being the Juvias Place Masquerade Palette
Off late the instagram is flooded with so many brands that are affordable, come in good packaging, provide their ingredient list and have great quality too.
While browsing through Youtube, I chanced upon Tammi Clarke's (owwhhhh I love her) video in which she compared HUDA beauty Ruby Obsessions Palette to a dirt cheap Beauty Glazed Mars Palette and man!!! I was hooked to this little beauty!
I searched high and low on the internet and below are my findings:

I generally just write the price of the product and leave it at that but this palette needs special mention. While it is being sold anywhere between 850/- 1000/ in the name of a Huda Beauty dupe. I purchased it for $3.8 (270/- approx) with free shipping from AliExpress.


The packaging of the palette very chic. I like the size of the palette. It fits into my travel makeup case easily. Its a perfect square with 9 matte and shimmery eyeshadows. The palette lid has magnetic closure. It has all the details and ingredient list printed at the back of it. It would have been convenient if it housed a mirror too but at this price...Absolutely No Complaints!!

Shades and Finish:

Since Beauty Glazed Mars Palette is a dupe of Huda Beauty Ruby Obsessions, the palette basically revolves around the shades of red. Let's dig into it one by one:
  • 1. Flesh - matte/ medium pigmentation
  • 2. Berry - berry with red undertones and has pink and gold flecks/ well-pigmented
  • 3. Bronze - foil finish/ bomb pigmentation
  • 4. Deep Burgundy - matte/well pigmented
  • 5. Berry - foil finish/bomb pigmented
  • 6. Deep Khakhi - khakhi with brown undertones/satin to foil finish/superb pigmentation
  • 7. Deep Coral - matte/well pigmented
  • 8. Peach - matte/well pigmented
  • 9. Cherry Red - matte/okayish pigmented
My Take in a Jiffy!
  • Super affordable.
  • No fallout.
  • No patchiness
  • No staining.
  • Superb pigmentation. 
  • Mix of matte and shimmer shades.
  • Has options for transition shade, lid and smokey options.
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free.
  • Cute size.
  • Sturdy packaging.

The brand has come out with 5 palettes in this series. Each palette denotes a planet and revolves around a particular colour. As of now I'm in love with this palette and I do plan to buy more of these ;)


  1. This looks so good!! And love the look you have created .

    1. Thanks a bunch. You can try these Shehrbano, they are very pigmented for the price.

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