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Juvias Place Masquerade Palette: Review, Swatches, FOTD

Juvias Place has made a special place for itself in the beauty world of colour cosmetics. All it's products including eyeshadows, highlighters, blushes and lip products are quite popular among the beauty enthusiasts. but the one product that the brand is actually raved so much about is it's eyeshadows. The brand is owned by a beautiful lady of colour and that could be a reason for it selection of fearless and bright shades. The palette that I'm going to talk about today is The Masquerade Palette.

Price: $25

 Just like shade selection, the outer packaging of this palette is bright and beautiful. The 16 pans of gorgeous eyeshadows are housed in a shocking pink outer case and a bright yellow inner one. The packaging is quite sturdy but I do miss a mirror considering it is a huge palette and could have incorporated a decent size mirror easily. The eyeshadow pan size is pretty huge and hitting pan is nowhere in the scene.

Eye shadows 
The Masquerade boasts of an amazing amalgamation of warm and cool toned eyeshadows. It has everything from bright greens,blues,purples and pinks to muted and deep warm neutral tones. Having said all the nice things,there's one shade that i absolutely miss in this paltte and that is a matte black eyeshadow.
Let's get down to the shades breakup:
  •  CHI- Royal Blue / Satin finish / Very pigmented
  •  MALI- Sea Green / Satin finish / Very pigmented
  •  DALIA- Deep Turquoise / Satin finish / Bomb pigmentation
  •  ZOLA- Mid tone turquoise with green undertones/ Satin finish / Bomb pigmentation
  •  MAKEDA- Bright purple / Satin finish / Very pigmented
  •  ZOBO- Deep Magenta / Matte finish / Very pigmented
  •  CALABAR- Cranberry with red undertones / Satin to foil finish / Super pigmented
  •  BORI- Hot pink with fine gold flecks / Matte / Very pigmented
  •  GIZA- Shimmery Cream,great for highlight / pressed pigment kinda bomb finish
  •  BURKINA- Mid tone muddy brown / Matte / Less pigmented
  •  CAIRO- Burnt orange with gold flecks / Matte / Very pigmented
  •  ADA- Deep Terracotta / Matte / Decent pigmentation
  •  DAHIA- Warm Champagne / Satin -foil finish / Very pigmented and is a beautiful highlighter
  •  ZULU- Mid tone warm brown / Matte / Okayish pigmentation
  •  CASABLANCA- Coppery gold / Foil finish / Bomb pigmentation
  •  FULANI- Deep brown / Matte / Very pigmented
My Take:
Juvias Masquerade Palette is my all time favourite eyeshadow palette. It is very reasonably priced for the quality and quantity that it offers and can come under the umbrella of drugstore eye shadows.

I personally love the versatility of the palette. It can easily be divided in to a warm neutral palette and a cool-toned colourful one. While the top two rows have bright  and bold colours which give so much opportunity to let the creative juices flow and come out with innovative eye looks, the bottom two rows have beautiful warm toned shades to create everyday eye looks without much schbang.
The two highlighters are good enough to give that blinding glow and I love reaching out for them not just for the brow bone but also as a general face highlighter.
The texture of the eyeshadows is buttery soft. In the pigmentation department they are unbeatable. 
Now coming to the cons of the palette, I really miss a mirror in it. Given its size, it could have easily housed a mirror and that would have made it so travel friendly.
Secondly, it is totally lacking a matte black eyeshadow which is so much needed to intensify the look. I have to reach out to another palette just to smoke out my outer corners.
Thirdly, the shade Bori which is a bright hot pink stains a bit but somehow I've noticed that with all my pink eyeshadows.
Lastly and unfortunately, it's not available in India. You can buy directly from its website or through Instagram sellers ( who obviously charge much extra than its actual price..but...)
So yeah keep your eyes open when some friend/ relative/ or you yourself visit abroad next time :P
Final Word:
 Get it if you can...it all you need!!
LOVE it!


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