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Nail Paints To Try This Christmas Beyond Red: Peacock Blue and Royal Purple: Review, Swatches, NOTD

When everyone is going gaga about dilli ki sardi, let me confess I don't really like winter. Winter was good when I was in college and the food department was mom's job. Winter back then meant studying in warm quilts, having coffee and hot snacks sitting in the sun in college, all covered going for evening walk with my bestie and mom serving delicious hot food right infront me.Now I'm a mom..leave alone work, these days getting out of the bed in the morning seems like a warfare preparation.
Thus, no big winter chill fan, I enjoy the weather for it makes us bring out the brightest clothes and the deepest makeup out...WITHOUT hesitation. Lately, I've been going all deep and bold with my lips and nails since I end up wearing so much black in winters somehow or the other that a pop of colour is much needed. Often Christmas is synonymous with Red colour,be it the attire or makeup. But these nail paints from Revlon will make one come out of the box and try blues,greens and purples for the very mentioned pop!!!
 Brand Claims:
Revlon Nail Enamel with Chip Defiant Formula for flawlessly smooth, gorgeous color. Streak-free flawless application.
Special features :
  • Provides a protective fast drying finishing coat to nail enamel.
  • Looks in color, offering superior shine and chip resistance for up to 9 days.
  • Formaldehyde & Toluene free- less irritating.
  • No bubbles, no streaks, no brush marks.
  • Unique double barrel brush for smooth, even and precise application.
  • Gel-like shine
  • Gorgeously smooth, chip-resistant nail color.
How to use product
  • Apply favorite Revlon Base coat.

  • Apply two coats of Revlon nail enamel and let dry.

  • Apply favorite Revlon Top coat
 Price/Quantity: INR 190/8ml

Revlon nail enamel comes in a variety of shades. The shades I picked up are Peacock Blue and Royal Purple
Peacock Blue

I really like the how Revlon names their nail paints. They try to stick to the basics and be true to colour. Peacock Blue is just what the name says,it is a beautiful blend of green and blue though green is somewhat more pronounced than blue. Because it has a blend of two colours ,it goes on really well on an array of colours. It has minuscule blue glitter which gives it a beautiful metallic sheen. The polish is loaded with pigments and two coats of it render a glossy opaque finish. The staying power is good. Chipping of tips starts after four to five days depending on how much work your hand goes through. The gloss remains intact and like other nail varnishes it doesn't go
straight flat soon.
  What I dislike is that it takes a comparatively longer time to dry and being a mom of two I find sitting pretty and drying my nail paint a sheer luxury ;) Secondly, when you try to take it off it bleeds REALLY bad and spreads all over your fingers. So keep tons of remover and cotton handy for the same!!
 Royal Purple 

To begin with , Royal Purple was the shade I was more excited to wear and because I got this, I paired it up with Peacock Blue to get two. The shade in the bottle is what I love more than that on the nails. Its a more pleasant purple..more vibrant even though it is deep. Let me admit, I'm not really pleased with this pick because firstly it is too sheer  and the effect is that in order to pack pigments onto your nail you have to apply several coats of it and thus you go on turning a beautiful purple to a patchy deep purple.  It takes longer to dry than Peacock Blue which is a dud thing. Even multiple coats do not provide a seamless opaque finish and despite  the multiple coats the chipping starts the third day.The glossiness also goes off in two-three days. All in all more  cons than pros!

That's all folks.. :)


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