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Lakme 9 to 5 Matte Lipcolour in Rosy Sunday: Price, Review,Swatches,LOTD

If you follow me on instagram and facebook, you would've already seen me wearing this yesterday..if not head there for a FOTD :P
When asked about the favorite lipstick that's affordable too,Lakme 9 to 5 matte range pops up in my mind in a nano second!
I have used and reviewed Oak Table from the same range when they were launched and wasn't the biggest fan of it then,since I wasn't into the matte-love-phase like I'm now.
To cut the story short..head on to the pics:

Price: INR 450/- /3.6ml

I have always been totally in love with their packaging..its slender,it click locks AND its rosegold!
The texture is best one could gt at this price range..its creamy matte..doesn't tug/pull or dryout and settles to a matte lip cream kinda finish.
The shade Rosy Sunday is a total winner!! Its a warm muted pink with peach/brick undertones. Its a pink for those who LOVE pink and a pink for those who DO NOT LOVE pink..at the same time. it will suit one and all and will go with whatever you are wearing..SAFE shade!!
It stayed 4-5 hours on me with meals and I don't ask for more :D

Over All Rating:5/5



  1. pretty shade...ill surely grab this

  2. I love Lakme 9 to 5 range. This shade is gorgeous.

  3. I have this and i like rusty tones this shade has...it looks great on almost all skin tones...agree with your review..loved the lipswatches..

    1. Glad you think on similar lines.. and thanks :)

  4. I used to love Oak Table until a friend of mine so loved it that I gave it away. I still have the Mauve Paced ( Love!) and Red Coat. I have now my eyes on this one.

    I am always going gaga on your lips!

    1. I have oak table too Nice.. yet to see the swatches of mauve paced tho..have you reviewed it ? Red coat is on the list already, just that I have a few reds and I don't wear red often is what is stopping me to buy it..ánd a BIG thanks :)


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