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Spotted!! Dupe of Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream at dirt cheap Price: Incolor Matte Me Ultra Smooth Lip Cream: Review,Swatches,Price,LOTD

Matte is the way to go these days and as soon as the trend is catching up,I'm falling for it at the same pace. I have always been a lover of satin/creamy matte lipsticks. They sort of allow you to play up with colours still keeping things subtle.
Anyways.. so it was just another day when I was in a store laying my hands on a few skin care stuff that you saw in the recent haul post,where my retinas landed on something that looked EXACTLY similar to Sleek Matte Me Lip Creams.. Needless to say I jumped on it and got to I know it was Incolor Matte Me Lip Cream. Now how similar you think a dupe can be in terms of packaging? see yourself:

Beat That..??
LOL.. Its like Incolor used the same container altogether :P

Product Description:
I couldn't find the product or website online

Price vs Quantity:
INR 250/6ml


Like I said,the packaging is identical to the sleek matte me lip creams. The container is sharp edged squarish which gives a neat look. the cap is matte black and non flimsy.I'm not too impressed with the wand though,its too straight.A little doe-foot is always more convenient.

Shade: 407
Bummer!that they don't have shade names but numbers. The one I have is in 407 and is a *turn -ur-heads-this-side* kinda orange based red. Its super bright and not for the ones with a faint heart. It instantly brightens up the face and perks up the whole look but you really need to go subtle everywhere else when you have THIS on! Its tailored for the warm Asian skin tone!


Its super-duper pigmented. You can see in the image above that there is no difference in the opacity of the single or double swiped swatches. Infact it is so pigmented that it requires a hell lot of precision while applying coz if you go wrong wiping it off would be a task.

Staying Power:
Till you have a cotton dipped in makeup remover in your hands...like literally! It just won't budge. You can have a 5 course meal,three times a day and it-won't-budge and I really like that coz with this formula touch ups are a distant dream,you will have to wipe it all out and reapply otherwise. So I'm happy it stays till the time you would probably want it to.

Now this is a bit confusing. I mean,this is my first matte lip cream and I really don't know to be honest if they are all drying or just this one.The formula doesn't feel very comfortable. It gives me a oh-I-have-something-on-my lips kinda feel. Or maybe its just me...

And now the lip Swatches in different lights to give you a better of the shade:

The one in the daylight is true to the colour. I tired to pair it with a clear clear gloss to see how it looks and feels and here are the results:
Even after applying the gloss,the staying power wasn't affected instead the lips definitely became moist..but then what's the point of a matte lip cream if you apply a shiny gloss over it..Point! Eh..?

  • Super Cheap 
  • Dupe of Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream
  • Fantastic bright Orangy Red shade
  • Provides a super matte finish
  • Stays on all day long
  • Suits warm skin tones
  • Very pigmented
  • Drying
  • You need to exfoliate well before applying this
  • The applicator isn't that amazing
  • Accentuates fine lines
Give it a go if you wanna follow the matte lip trend..!
I just so wish they had a dupe of Fandango Purple! Sighhh..!

Over All Rating:



  1. wow...thats a very close dupe....nice swatch :)

  2. Wow... its so pretty. .. is it available online??

  3. WOW! Looks so fabulous! I wish it was avaliable online :(

    1. I know..I hope we'll get to see this online soon since shopping sites already do have Incolor stuff Swati :)

  4. Amazing.. and you are not kidding right when you said it can survive 5 course meal 3 times a day :O if something like this exists then I'm gonna hunt it down because that is exactly i need :) killer lipswatches babe..

    1. Thank you Anubhuti..and no not kidding..this brand,this range n this particular shade lasts morning to night on me.

  5. My Instagram feed is flooded with small entrepreneurs selling these but I had my doubts. I guess buying 1 or 2 of these wont hurt. Lovely swatches babe..

    1. Really, I couldn't find it online..yeah u cud give them a try n thanks dear :)

  6. This shade looks very pretty on your lips! Great review! Shall check them out if I find them! :) xx

  7. You really rocked the shade. This is a Great deal to try such matte lip colours :D

  8. First of all, your lip swatches are so gorgeous that I just died! What beautiful lips Aditi!

    And, then, I so want the lip cream now that I could cry! On a different note, yes, most lipcreams are fun, but you do feel it when it started to set, more so, if you have dry lips and usually go with creamy ones.

    Now I am going to keep my eyes and ears and everything open for the lipcream!

    1. Haha.. you are always super generous with compliments Nivs.. love you! And yup I'm loving the mate fever too :D

  9. Beautiful shade. Loved your swatches. Wish they were available online though.

  10. What a lovely post ! I ordered three shades from this range after reading your post ! Thanks dear :-D

  11. Hey! do you know where to find these in Bangalore?? Please do let me know. :)

    1. I recently found these on ebay and shopclues..you can check out there :)

  12. Hi there plz suggest some shops where we could get Matt me and other incolor products in bangalore, as they cost too much online.

    1. Hey,sorry but I've no idea of Bangalore,I got it from Lucknow. But as u say they are available online and on instagram.

  13. I don't like dry lipstick on my lips. So, i confused about buying it. Some time lips becomes flaky.

    1. It is drying for sure Naina,its better to skip if you are uncomfortable with it..
      Thanks for dropping by :)

  14. yes you are right.. even I'm getting that "theres something on my lip feeling", its not just you !!
    The texture is really dry, and also when I smudge with fades away somehow !! its too powdery !

  15. Hey amazing review. I m searching for party pink shade (sleek matte me) in incolor matte me, so which shade number u think it looks like?? :)

    1. Khyati I haven't come across such asheda in the store but going by the online swatches No.417 looks close


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