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Does Inveda Whitening and Depigmentation Cream actually fights out depigmentation? Review

They say good skin is the best makeup..And I for one never realized its importance when I was blessed with a spotless skin..It was only after the kids and the slight pigmentation on my face that I thought something needs to be done.
This thought introduced me to Inveda's Whitening and De Pigmentation Cream.

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My Take:
First things first..it has a beaaauuutiful packaging. The chocolate and gold packaging looks too yummy. I smell Moroccan inspiration on the lid. Jar packaging though isn't a hit with everyone,I didn't mind much since its just me who is using it so hygine is takien care of.

The texture of the cream is buttery smooth and its very light weight. I love how it gets absorbed in my skin within seconds and actually hydrates it.
The next good thing is that it smells Aaaahhhmmmaaazing! I can really not make out the notes but a sniff of it does remind me of musk and jasmine. Its really spa like refreshing!

Now lets come to the real job that it was expected to perform and for that I had to hit the bottom...FAST Forward to now!
I was really blessed with an almost spotless skin but post my son's birth I stated noticing pigmentation patches on my skin. I was told they were due to the hormonal changes and that they would go off soon.. They didn't :(
This made me try a bunch of products from gels to creams to oils and the hunt is still on.. This hunt made me land here. Used it diligently only to be happy just with its moisturizing effect and nice fragrance. Infact I find it very good as a night cream rather than depigmentation cream. I woke up with a hydrated calm skin every morning as if there has been a rain shower on a dry earth.

Crux of the Matter:

Inveda Whitening and Depigmentation Cream is one of the most smooth,soft,refreshing and hydrating cream that has reached my skin but it didn't work to diminish my pigmentation.

Over All Rating: 3/5



  1. From what I saw of the texture, I think it might be a nice day cream.
    Don't worry about the pigments. Emily Noel also has similar issues post-partum. But, after about a year of her delivery, the patches are now clearing away.

    I hope your's clear away faster. :)

    1. Its been 6years babe..they wont go on their own anymore :(
      Do tell me if something good reaches ur ears though :)

  2. What about the Fab India de pigmentation cream? I have read some good reviews about it and it helped my mom to a certain extent too

    1. I went by the reviews too Swati and it broke me out badly..I smelled great though :P
      Used it up as a hand cream ;)

  3. Awwww :( I was eagerly reading it to see if it worked :( Anyway, very good review and fab packaging truly :D

  4. @budget Belleza:Do share,if you will find anything which will help you to get rid of the pigmentation


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