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My Top 10 Most Used Makeup Products Of 2014

I know.. I know.. Technically this should have been a December last week or January first week post, but don't forget I'm a mom of a super-desperate-to-walk baby.. So yeah! On my toes!!
I wanted to do a 5 most used beauty products post, but the rest five gave me a cold stare sitting in the stash..rather jumping out of the stash! So presenting the 10 most used (read loved) beauty products of 2014:
(In no particular order)

1. Patanjali Aloevera gel
Multipurpose is it's middle name. Works well as a primer, acne soother, face pack base, depigmentation gel, night treatment, hair pack base. On and on and on....

2. Maybelline dream mouse liquid foundation in creamy natural
Love it. Easy to apply, easy to blend, gives airbrush kinda finish if applied with a stippling brush. No cakeyness no dry patches. C'mon it's just a foundation not your husband, you can't expect more!!!
My go to contour powder. Without you I look like a pumpkin ;)

4. Oriflame giordani gold mascara
The perfect mascara to give those falsies kinda effect. Best I've evaaa come across!

5. Colorbar Peachy Rose Blush
Almost hitting pan. It's peachy pink with a nice sheen. Not matte not shimmery. Apt for every day wear!

6. Faces long wear eyeliner pencils in navy blue and forest green
Epic!!! I'm sold to these!
Pretty peachy nude.. Wear it during the day or pair it up with smoky eyes at night for that sizzling effect!
Efforts of creative eye looks would have gone down the drain if not for this baby!
All those creative eye looks would have gone wasted without this baby..

9. Maybelline Chai latte quad
Total love! Gimme any dress, any occasion, day or night and I can make this work.
Useful tip- The darkest shade in the quad doubles up wonderfully as a brow powder!

10. Makeup brushes
Well,technically these are not products but the rest of the products would be nothing in the absence of makeup tools.
Stippling brush, angled blush/contouring brush, angled eye-shadow brush and eye brow groomer...you guys are my oxygen!

That's it for today beauties....



  1. WOW!!! all are very cool products <3

    1. Oh most of them will make to the repurchase list Rads :)

  2. Great products :) I am really intruiged by that gold mousse! Any idea where I can get it?

    1. Thanks Swati.. I don't think it is available here, I got it from Australia :)

  3. such an amazing post :)


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