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How To Stay Organized On A Low Budget: Makeup and Non Makeup (Personalized)

I still remember my "single status" days, when my room was small and the bed was huge and the study table could well be swapped for a four seater dining table. The huge furniture got the area cramped and there was less room. But it still was the best place for me in the whole wide world. It also taught me how to stay organized and make the most of the given space.
Talking of organization, I have incorporated a few stuff that makes life clutter free and organized.
Let's take a look:


1. Handbag organizer: 
For all those who have multiple handbags and prefer matching them to their dress or shoes.. Your life is sorted now!!!! This alone has made things so easy and mess-free. I set up everything I need in this and keep it ready at all times. When on the go,I just slip it into my handbag without the last moment hustle-bustle of transferring things from this bag to that. Available at a quarter of a price of the handbags, it keeps me sorted!

2. Lipstick organizer/stand:
I was eyeing this for a long time and finally got it. It has 24 compartments that have room enough to make all your lipsticks fit in well. Keep the lipsticks up side down so you can read the labels/shade names. Since I have got this,I have stated using the ones that were left hidden somewhere in the stash. You can also make your concealers mascaras and eye liners stand in this. And if you think it has more compartments than you need, you can go for one that has 12 compartments. Helps me come out of the makeup rut as well,simply place the lesser used lippies infront to reach out for them more often!

3. Multi-Utility Drawers:
Available at most of the plastic stores,these multi-utility drawers are true to their name,they are multipurpose. You can store your makeup, accessories, watches, fashion jewellery etc. You can also divide it's sections into skin care products, makeup products and accessories... Whichever way suits you and your stuff collection. 
Well on a different note right now my boy uses them to store his hot wheels collection :P

4. Makeup Brush Holders:
From pinterest to instagram to the local markets,the ideas of using glass jars/plastic containters/pen holders are oozing out. I bought two to keep my face brushes and eye brushes separately and they definitely make the life easier. 
The price...??? I got each for 10bucks.. 
Plan to hoard them and use as pen stand,menus organizer,my boys colours...combs..phewwww....!! Basically hoard them :P

5. Organization Apps:
It's a tech savvy world and we are all slaves to this technology. On one hand it makes our life comfortable and on the other organized. So make use of the various apps available on your phones,tablets,laptops...to keep you organized. From to do list makers to expense organizers, you have all at your dispense. I personally use Google Keep to jot down things. It's simple, and allows you to colour code your sticky notes,set an alarm,add notes,make lists,check done jobs plus it takes voice commands..... 
Long story short, it runs my household, my work and me :)

These are few of the things that I incorporate and they keep me put together. Do not forget to add your favos, that help you run things smoothly in the comment box below... I'm all ears..!!!



  1. That's such a informative post... Thanks for sharing. ..

  2. very informative post ..really like it a lot..

  3. I have those drawers and make up brush holders bt damn they are not enough :P
    bt yes i dnt buy stuff i wont use so m smart now. hehe
    nice post dear :)

  4. I need to get a lipstick organizer stand for myself!! These are some awesome tips Aditi...Thank you for sharing!

    1. Owh it's great help Richa.. And looks nice too.. Go get one!!
      And thanks for appreciating :)

  5. Great ideas! :) Love your post! Time to organize makeup now!

  6. omg...i use almost all these products...i too have a small room and keeping everything organised sometimes becomes really difficult...


    1. Nice to know you have a similar liking swati :)


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