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Technically My First Hot Pink: Avon Ultra Colour Lipstick in Hot Pink: Review and Swatches

Though a lipstick lover, I'm so unamused to find myself stuck in a rut where shades are concerned. I'm basically a peachy nude lover and sadly enough I quite at times buy similar shades in different finishes from different brands. The reason is not the obvious one...not coming out of my comfort zone or playing safe or being hesitant to wear brights....the reason is my love for eye makeup that ends up in me going for subtle lips and bold eyes...but..but..but!!!
Not anymore... here's my plunge into the HOT PINK love :)

Also this Avon Ultra Colour Lipstick in Hot Pink is my first from the range:

Company Claims:
Comfortable wear lipstick with stay-true rich colour, makes lips feel smooth, moisturized and soft.
Pigments reactivate when lips are pursed together for colour that keeps on going.
Self Renewing colour.

Price/Quantity: INR 359/3.8gm (currently on offer-249/-)

Avon Ultra Colour Lipstick comes in a shiny black square case (I love lippies that don't go rolling down coz of there roundness) The cap click locks. The shade name is mentioned at the bottom end of the lipstick. The top end of the cap is see-through.


The shade is what the shade name is.... its Hot Pink!!
Not a warm shade for sure. Its a pink with blue undertones,but somehow it still suits my warm complexion. Its a beautiful bright pink that brightens up the whole look.

You can make out from the lip swatch above its super creamy and gives a lip butter kinda feel. I prefer these kind of textures in winters only,in summers they give a melty sort of feeling.

Staying Power:
Well it lacks in this department,the staying power isn't that awesome given to its buttery texture. Its highly transferable and every time you eat/drink or do any other lip job ;)...you loose a bit of it :(

Now some Lip Swatches in different lights: 

My Likes:
  • Very Creamy..boon for dry lips!
  • Beautiful Hot Pink.
  • Good packaging..packaging wise its travel friendly,texture wise not!
  • Top end of the cap is see-through.
My Dislikes:
  • Prone to melting in summers...so refrigerate!
  • Not travel-friendly..will turn gooey in your purse.
  • Needs a pencil outline,otherwise might feather.
  • Wear time isn't impressive.
  • Though a very bright shade,still it fails to pack pigments onto your lips.
  • Highly transferable.
  • Availability.
Last Word:
A beautiful shade,I just wish it was less creamy and had a better wear-time.


Over All Rating: 3/5



  1. I love the shade... pretty lip swatches aditi..

    1. Shade is nice Teji..and thanks u liked the swatches :)

  2. OMG ur lip swatches are amazing.. the shade is pretty bt wish it was more matter.. nice review :)

    1. Thanks Nats...and yes I wish exact same..way too creamy!

  3. Looks so gorgeous on you! Loved the way color!

  4. Indeed its a HOT Pink color - Looks Gorgeous on your pout ^_^


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