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What to do when you buy powder/compacts darker than your skin tone? Savvy by DB !

Well there are times when you get certain cosmetics as gifts and then you spend a great amount of energy in finding a perfect use to it. Though it happens rarely with me,but when it does.....this is what happens!!!
I got this Savvy Pressed Powder in dark as a gift from Australia,the shade being way to dark than my skin....read on to know how I made it work for me:

Product Description:
Savvy by DB is an Australian brand and is available at Priceline. Though the packaging says its made in China. Visit the link to know more. 

It comes in a deep plum,round,plastic case. The see-through sttached lid has the brand name. The pan is sturdy enough and the lid click locks. Is comes without a mirror/brush. 

Shade,Ingredients and Weight:
This is the issue...since it was a gift,the exact matching shade wasn't even expected. But this was at-least 2-3shades darker than my skin tone. Applying it all over my face makes me look sun burnt :(

How I Made it Work for Me:
The shade being darker like I just said made me look sun-burnt instead of sun-kissed ;)
But the formula and staying power tempted me to use it. So I thought it would be best if I used it as a bronzer instead of powder. This being matte does full justice as a bronzer and is perfect for the day time when you want to look a bit chiseled without being OTT. I wore this in my No-Makeup Look Post,and this is how it looked on me!
Sorry for not posting a new pic..I somehow didn't feel like doing FOTDs..will compensate this with something else in the upcoming posts :)

Till then:



  1. i think as a bronzer it looks nice on u.. i liked it.. nice review Aditi :)

  2. Good that you didn't chuck it away, great idea to use it as a bronzer :)

    1. Hahaha..I try not to waste as far as I can and as safe as it is Esha :)

  3. I totally agree with you Aditi, it can be best used as a bronzer! :)
    I bought a darker shade of compact from MUA which I use as to contour and surprisingly, It works brilliantly without making me look muddy!

  4. Aditi look at you!!!! You look absolutely stunning, outrageously gorgeous and beautiful!! I think it worked amazing as a bronzer!! <3

    May your weekend be bliss!

    1. Oh Charu... u're so good with ur words,n yup it did..
      Same t'ya dear :)

  5. I am actually on hunt for a face powder darker than my skin tone that I can use as a budget bronzer :D
    Any suggestions Aditi?

    1. Swati,I need to know ur mac skin tone to suggest..meanwhile U can give Lakme pure rouge blusher in Honey bunch a chance..
      see the swatches here:

  6. Wow this sounds good and you looks pretty <3

  7. i do the same dear...I use them for contouring. Lovely post Hun! :)

    1. Hai na..they work great this way richa..
      Thanx sweety


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