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Happy Valentine's Day To all You Lovelies :)

Its that time of the year again..when passing by the road I see kids on the red lights selling heart-shape balloons, the-not-so-privileged little girls selling bunch of red roses to the bikers who have girls clinging to them..and off course the clinging girls who give a nasty look to the boys  who had to rush their bikes without the roses given the appearance of a Green light  ;)
Its people wearing RED...Cards and gift shops all packed with RED and Hearts...
After all its the celebration of Love..the feeling that runs the world around !!!
So, Happy Valentine's Day to All of you in love...and those who haven't fallen in love yet.....Mannnnn!!!! You're really missing on something huge!
Leaving you with some not-so-red and not-so-hearty images...You'll come around them through out the day in any case :P
P.S. Images above have been googled and I don't claim any ownership


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