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An eyeshadow mousse that works as a primer too..Bys Eyeshadow Mousse: Review and Swatches

They say mousse eyeshadows are perfect to use as highlighting agents & eye shadow bases. They aid in making colors appear more vibrant and pop. Though the purpose behind getting this eyeshadow mousse wasn't to use it as a base/primer,it now serves that purpose even better than what it is meant to do..
yes we're talking about the BYS Eyeshadow Mousse in Gold.
Pardon the broken lid,shows how frequently its been taken out of the stash!
Company Claims:

This lightweight whipped mousse formula blends effortlessly over your eyelids for long lasting even coverage.

This mousse eyeshadow features a beautiful gold shade that will just make you look amazing whenever you wear it.

All that glitters is this BYS Gold Eyeshadow Mousse.

Price vs Quantity: $3.95 for 3.5gm

Shades Available:





The shade I have is Gold,its not the yellowy metallic kinda gold but a very subtle pale gold with beige undertones.
Above are several swipes of it to make it show on camera. But when blended on eyelids,it gives a very pale gold shine to them. I would call it a Day-time Gold!!!
The texture is dream-like smooth,just as a mousse should be. The super-soft texture makes it naturally and effortlessly blend into the skin tone.

BYS Eyeshadow Mousse comes in square glass-like plastic tub with a round black lid. The lid has the shade name over it.
My Take:
Oh well..where do I start from...this is my HG eyeshadow,when nothing works,this baby does!!!
I more often use it as an eyeshadow base and no matter how powdery or fall out prone the eyeshadow is...it just sticks to this,that too without giving me those sticky lids.
The colours look better and stay lonnnnnng....without creasing!
Need I say more?
My Likes:
  • Super-smooth formula.
  • Dream to blend.
  • Can be worn during day or night.
  • This particular shade works wonderfully well as an eyeshadow base/primer.
  • Makes colours pop out.
  • Prevents creasing.
  • Takes care of the fall-out issues.
  • Makes eyeshadow last really long.
  • Blends perfectly.
  • Very affordable
My Dislikes:
They should increase their shade variants.

Last Word: Awesome!!!

Repurchase: Sure!!!

Over All Rating: Nothing less than 5/5

P.S. Click here for Bys website link.


  1. Sounds something really interesting... would love to try this :)

  2. That seems like an awesome product. Where did you get it from?

  3. Wow this sounds really great :D Nice pics and review

  4. Last time I went to Mumbai, I did not locate these at the counters and had I known, I would have really liked to pick p one for myself. In India, are we not eternally looking for a cheap or at least multi tasking primers?

    1. Nivedita,I wonder if its available anywhere here,coz I got it from Australia,after my kins were going gaga over it..
      And I totally go by what u just said ..eye n face primers are so-so over priced that I often compensate it with my Aloevera gel :P

  5. It sounds amazing, I need to get my hands on this soon as I can't afford to miss this product :)

  6. i so need this one..in india its not available na?:(

    1. No re bidz..thats the sad part..
      Wait I'll attach the website link in P.S.

  7. The shade is perfect for Indian skintone but I have never seen it in India, online or offline :(

    1. U're right Preeti.. Its an Australian brand actually :(

  8. After reading the review!! I really want to try it! :)
    but availability:(

    1. Same pinch Nish...keep an eye on all ur frnds n relatives who visit Australia :P

  9. these sounds so good...the shades are gorgeous!

    1. Yup Rachna that's true,look at grey n green...beautiful they are!


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