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Now get Glowing skin without harming it: Press Note

Now get Glowing skin without harming it

Dr Swati Srivastava, Dermatologist, Mumbai

Whether we like it or not, fair skin is in! We just need to have a look at the market shelves bearing beauty products in any cosmetic products outlet. Right from a moisturizer to soap to facewash, every other product claims to be laden with capacity to provide flawless fairness. 

However, even as we all would love to be the proverbial ‘fair n lovely’ beauty, we would not like to harm our skin with harmful ingredients and chemicals. It would always be better to use products with more natural ingredients than not.

Almost everyone of us who uses a skin bleach to lighten the color of the skin and the fine hair on it have felt the tinge and burning sensation that comes with it. For long, we have taken it for granted that the harsh on skin experience is a given by-product of a bleaching cream. As soon as we get rid of the cream, we rush to apply a skin soothing ointment, hoping the rashes and the sensation would not stick for long.
The burning sensation is not limited to the skin, it also sometimes causes burning in the eyes and leads to teary eyes.
Yet, bleach is an important part of our beauty regime and along with waxing, threading and cleansing, it cannot be done away with.

It not only masks the appearance of fine hair on the face and neck, it lightens the skin tone and makes you look fairer and brighter. It is also a cost effective way of getting a lighter skin tone.

Among the ingredients in skin bleaches is ammonia that is considered harmful to the skin. What if you could keep the goodness of a bleach and do away with ammonia?

Saffron has for centuries been known for its skin lightening ability and has been used in various forms in different ages for its benefits to the skin. Dabur’s FEM fairness naturals bleach is the first skin bleach to use saffron rather than ammonia to lighten the skin.

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The latest FEM bleach range is devoid of any ammonia, unlike other skin bleach creams, and is hence the safest option when it comes to skin lightening. Moreover, its natural content including vitamin E, turmeric and milk ensures that the fairness comes with a natural glow to the skin.

The new range from Dabur FEM comes in four categories - bleach for Fair skin, Fem Fairness Naturals Pearl for darker skin, Fem Fairness Naturals Gold Bleach for special occasions and Fem Turmeric Herbal Bleach.

Acting in a natural and soft way, the cream bleaches the facial hair around your cheeks, on the upper lip and is not harsh on the skin and the eyes. The bleach not only effectively bleaches facial hair, it also removes tan on the skin.

Other products that claim to lighten skin include creams that also come with bleaching agents. While there is nothing wrong in desiring a lighter skin tone, but make sure you chose the right product.

No more teary eyes, no more burning to the skin, when it comes to bleach, you can go natural now.


  1. Sounds nice! I do get teary eyes at times! now i know the reason!
    Will switch to safer option soon!

    1. No more teary eyes is a big promise I know Garima.

  2. This post is very informative, loved reading it.

  3. Very informative and nice post!!

    Have a wonderful week ahead!! :)


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