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The Versatile Blogger Award :)

Awards...accolades...appreciation...are they eveeeeer enough???
A new one in my kitty is The Versatile Blogger Award by Supriya of The Purple Notebook.
Thanks dear...it always makes me happy :)
Heading on to the RULES:
1) If you are nominated, you are awarded the Versatile Blogger Award!
2) Please thank the person who gave you this award (courtesy!). 
3) Include the link of her blog (courtesy, again).

4) Nominate other bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award. 
5) Finally, tell the person who nominated you & do tell 7 things about yourself (ex. What all u love/hate….like/dislike) etc.
All right now seven things about me:
Before starting I really wanna say that I like answering questions about me rather than randomly talking about myself... (Lazy bums always look for short cuts :P)  
Secondly many of my answers...okay all my answers would match to somethings I have said before...c'mon I can't be novel with my personality traits,they're pretty permanent!!!
Bring it on:
1. I am a makeupaholic+shopaholic but a budget friendly one.. (Budget Belleza you see dahling!!!)
2. I love making to-do-lists (though I hardly follow the chores in that order)
3. I secretly cry in all emotional movies.
4. I love dabbing my favourite Itars on my pulse points.
5. I am a foodie and a reasonably good cook...now you know where that double chin comes from..yeah!
6. I am a sucker for peachy nude lipsticks.
7. I am obsessed with Coral these days :D
I nominate all those who are reading and commenting...consider yourself tagged :)


  1. Loved the post!! Congrats dear! I cry too, when there's an emotional scene. :)

  2. Nice answers.. congrats dear .. double chin.. Lol....

    1. Seriously Nats...its become an inseparable part of my personality ;)

  3. Congo Sweets :)
    Loved reading your answers :) Me too obsessed with Coral these days ;)
    Hi-Fi for being a Foodie :D

  4. Congratulations :)
    I am getting obsessed with coral too :)


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