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A Liebster Again :)

Exactly a year back I was awarded a Liebster and its same time of the year and the Liebster pours in again :)
This time its by Natasha of My Little World of Makeup..Thank you sweetie for the award! Sorry it took me long to do this post..I noticed I'm tagged yesterday only as I was MIA !!!
Over to the Question/Answer round now!!!
My answers to Natasha's questions:
1. Your thoughts about the beauty blogging community?
Ans. A whole new world of like-minded people!!

2. What was your first make up item?
Ans. A lakme nail paint in silver.

3.  Do you prefer high end make up or drugstore?
Ans. Who doesn't want high-end makeup,but I can't burn a whole in my pocket to powder my nose...plus I'm BUDGET Belleza ;)

 4. What would you prefer blush or bronzer?
Ans. Actually both..but still contouring is more imp. for my chubby face than a flush of blush!

5.  Name one brand's make up you feel is underrated? 
Ans. Can't answer that all the brands I love,are loved equally by others!

6. What is your most cherished make up product and Why? 
Ans. It would be my Boots No 7 Protect and Perfect Foundation for the flawless finish it gives.

7. Which actress you think in Bollywood does the most amazing make up? 
Ans. Well almost every actress these days has amazing makeup on..thanks to their MUAs but still I guess Priyanka Chopra has most natural looking matte makeup on her.
8. Name one brand which makes the best eye shadows according to you ?
Ans. I'm not much of an eyeshadow person,my 120 palette does the most for me!

9. Which is favourite lipstick color family?
Ans. I love a variety of shades but somehow peaches suit me best.

10.One make up item you cannot do without?
Ans. Lipstick only..brings a whole lot of change to the look.

11. Name one blog/website you love?
Ans. Niesha's blog Indian Beauty Forever 
Nivedita's Makeup and Chit Chat

Tags and Awards are always fun!!!


  1. i understand the delay.. loved no.3 u mentioned.. priyanka does have natural n flawless make up.also i am a lipstick junkie just like u... nice to read ur answers n congrats once again!!!!!

  2. Lovely answers sweets :)
    +1 I agree peach shades looks lovely on you <3

    1. Thanx dahling but not half the way u rock orange

  3. loved reading the answers! :)

  4. Loved reading your answers dear!
    Peach Lipsticks look great on you girl... :)

  5. very interesting answers...
    loved the Peach shade :)


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