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Pumps,Peep-Toes and Moccasins..A Mini Shoe Haul :)

Hey All..
We love Shoes don't we? Add to that the disloyalty towards any particular style or brand and u have me ;)
Yup from my good ol' sneakers to the recent pumps I love them alllllllll..and no matter what I'm not ready to part with them :)
So,here's a sneak peak what I bought recently :)
The White peep-toes to welcome the summer...
And the other two..well there's a story behind:
I went to a shoe store searching for something in nude.. medium heel pumps or even nice nude flat shoes..but as my luck would have it,I strolled down the store not to find one I was searching for. Just when I was about to leave,my eyes stuck on these black beauties .. and I became completely oblivious to what I came searching for :P
I asked the SA about the price and I was told since they are planning to shift the showroom from Delhi to Gurgaon..they have slashed the price of all their stuff to 50%
*eyes rolled..screaming inside..*
As if a poor gal who's not eaten for 12 days is invited to a buffet dinner at Taj :P
To cut the melodrama short..the whole store had 50% off so I got myself the Black pumps and the Moccasins above for the price of one. I found the pumps to be cute and classy whereas the Moccasins are as comfy as my sneakers..Love'em both :)


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