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Winter Skin Care Favorites

Now when winters are about to say buh-bye and the the products which proved to be saviors in the chilly winters are almost hitting bottoms..I guess I should say thanks to all stuff which helped me keeping me clean,moisturised and supple.
Lets take a look :
These are my random face and body care favorites in no particular order:

1. Jolen Whitening Face Wash Gel:
This was a recent invention by the brand and a discovery by me..Though using gel based cleansers isn't the best option for me in winters,but this one..it didn't break me out,cleansed all makeup thoroughly,didn't make me dry and was on a buy one get one offer.

2. Lotus Herbals Apriscrub:
An old friend of mine..I'm not a great fan scrubs with super-miniscule granules..they do nothing to me..This one's neither too abrasive nor too mild..just apt!

3. Himalaya Herbals Fairness Face Pack:
This works well on me..gives me brighter face and instant glow and is creamy too .So yes,this was a good winter friend :)

4. Avon Care Nourishing Cream:
I have been using the fairness cream from the same range as a regular day cream for the past 3months and I was pretty happy with it,so thought might give this one a try and I like the way it keeps my dry skin moisturised for quite a long time.The smell is little over-powering though!

5. Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline Body Lotion:
This one's a perfumed body lotion .I love love love its smell and how light weight it is on skin.
Read full review here.

6. Patanjali Aloevera Gel:
There are very few products which have the capability of being an all-weather favorite..and this is the one! Yup it was ther in my summer favorites list too.But back then I had no idea that it will have a role to play in the chilly weather too. I used it often right after bath on my face,it kind of sealed the moisture and it did lighten a slight pigmentation on my right cheek..love it !

7. The Body Shop Body Butter in Strawberry:
The smell,of this body butter (the USP of all TBS body butters) is very yummy and edible..kinda very sugared strawberries like.The colour of the body butter is soft pink,as if natural strawberries have been whipped with the butter..smells yum,feels yummier!!! About to hit bottom shows how much I love it!
Read full review here .

8. Homemade Body Oil:
Last but technically the first in usage and liking. This is my dry skin saviour actually. Used everyday post bath. Can't survive without this. Its is 2parts coconut oil,2parts olive oil and 1part almond oil mixed together 9and stored in an old clean and clear face wash bottle)
Absolute necessity!

These accompanied with a sunny afternnoon,a hot cup of cream coffee and a lovely book to read..mmm I'm already day dreaming!!!!


  1. Nice list :)
    I haven't tried most of them :(

    1. Thanx Neha..I like them and use'em like everyday :)

  2. Quite uncommon stuffs... but that's what Budget belleza should all about <3 Thanx for sharing such good deals !

    1. Awww Sukanya thanks so much..how r the preps going on ur side?
      I'm glad u liked the post :)

  3. aah - no. 6 and the last one my fav too - though i mostly used olive oil. Body butters are difficult for me because of the strong aromas they carry - so i stick to only the angy flavors! the himalaya face pack is an all season fav and so is teh apri scrub from lotus - haven't tried the others :) I'd add glycerine and rose water mix to my list though :)

    1. My mom swears by glycerine rose watermix..I guess I shud start using too..
      We have a lot in common :)

  4. Since I learned more from your blog, I am really grateful that you shared so much useful information with us about skin care.


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